Yummy Carrot Soup before the ROW80 Check-In 3/4/15

I’m going to be right on time with this ROW80 check in! Yippee!

General progress – 4 days and I haven’t logged into Facebook once. I uninstalled the messenger from my phone, logged off on both my laptop and my cell phone, and removed the game on my phone that I play. Games are a big time suck for me, so it’s great that I’m not staring at my phone anymore. Nope, now I’m staring into a box full of beads, sorting out the ones I have in my box (re-sorting I should say, as these were sorted out once, but I decided to toss them all together to make room in my big box for other beads.). That way I can do the rainbow bracelets that I mentioned before. This will be posted on my Facebook, I think, but that’s something unavoidable right now. I was going to set up posts for my business page, but I didn’t get to them before March started. And holding to transparency – we talked about opening an account for a fellow vendor/friend so she can get her business out there, but that was stymied because none of us know her birthday! So I almost did, but not for me! And I did fuss about it!

I’m still unhappy with this weather. I’m sure that’s a constant theme. I’m nervous about having to attempt crossing ice rinks all over the place. There is a bucket of sand at the store that we use in front of the store – I asked to take some, and put it between my door and my car. Anywhere I go, I feel some distraction at having that last trek 😦

So, enough of the complaining, on to the check-in:

1. Writing Prompts: As soon as I’m done here, I’m going to go visit my bestie at work (if she’s there) and do some brainstorming/writing for the current #Writestuff challenge and an original (ha ha) idea I had that some ideas popped up in my head for.
2. Networking: Missed this week’s (it’s on Tuesday) #writestuff on Twitter – I know about the challenge because there’s also a Google group for it.
3. Personal: I did some writing, I forget what day – or maybe I didn’t. But that’s one of the things I’m going to do when I leave.
4. Getting my work out there: Haven’t looked anything up.
5. Editing: All old stories are still packed away in the closet.
6. Preparing for Missouri: Nothing since Sunday – tho it was actually 2/3 of the boxes that I brought in.
7. Read something: Haven’t picked anything else up, tho I had that itch!
8. Crafting: Sorting beads, like I said. I talked to a friend who had gotten my doilies at the auction for church year before last, who had asked me to do a table runner. She picked one out from the pattern book I found.
9. Tarot: I did a reading for that thing I mentioned last time, which I’m pretty sure resulted in a very vivid dream about someone. One of the things I need to write about in my journal.
9. Cleaning: No major cleaning.
DAILY – Like I said – working on it.

You may not remember, I don’t think I’ve said anything about it recently – but I’m sticking to being vegetarian. I found a recipe on Pinterest for Vegan Carrot Soup With Caramelized Onions. Very good, well worth cutting my thumb for! I love how you can taste the onions, and that the blended up carrots and potatoes give it a wonderful base.

Off to write now!


    1. It was a small cut, and really sort of my own fault, I was thinking of something/someone that made me upset so my mind was off of the subject just long enough for the oops. It is a GREAT soup, I’m definitely making it again! I also look forward to trying a few of your other recipes (such as the cauliflower gratin). It was a slight flesh wound, my thumb is fine – I put pressure on it immediately, it was a small lesson for my son – and a chance for him to use what he had learned through Cub Scouts 🙂

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