What I’m up to – Fractured MMO

I have still been around, I just haven’t posted anything. Been a little busy, but truly not enough to keep me from posting anything. Sorry. I’ve been keeping up with Curious and the crosswords there. I like the tidbits of information you can get, but playing the crosswords is a sufficient mental exercise to makeContinue reading “What I’m up to – Fractured MMO”

Catching up on the old, and finding new- Link Lovin’ #3 Series 2

I think I’ve made it clear over the last couple days that there are things that I have fallen behind in doing, like my writing, so now I’m blogging. I’ve not opened my laptop very often over the last couple years, in part I think because once I got done working and going through allContinue reading “Catching up on the old, and finding new- Link Lovin’ #3 Series 2”

A familiar place, that looks different

Today is going to be a post that I might have to pull out of myself. I’m committing to posting, and that means I’ll try to find something to talk about. It might be mundane, it might be boring, but I will write something, because I’m putting myself out there, bit by bit. Half ofContinue reading “A familiar place, that looks different”

Link Lovin’ #2 Series 2

If you don’t know anything about me yet (although you’re here and can just look up at the tag line to see this), I’m a crafter. There are a lot of things I want to do, projects galore, all of which frankly are filling up my Pinterest folders. I want to make more friendship bracelets,Continue reading “Link Lovin’ #2 Series 2”

Link Lovin’ #1, Series 2

In an effort to put SOMETHING up, I want to tell you about a website that I have found interesting. It’s called Curios.com. It’s got little tidbits of information and learning. You get a daily goal of 8 CQ with the free version (I haven’t done the paid one yet), and it doesn’t take muchContinue reading “Link Lovin’ #1, Series 2”

Putting a pin in it

I guess that’s what I’ve been doing this whole time? Many things have been on hold, and I haven’t liked that. A lot of which has been my writing. I’ve been doing things – living life, joining in on games with my boyfriend, working, a whole lot of working, crocheting here and there, knitting hereContinue reading “Putting a pin in it”

Life is enriched by games, Part 2

So, as I said, the title(s, now), says it all. My boyfriend is pretty much (He says Himself) King Nerd. I loved playing games with my parents when I was a teen. My favorite was Miles Bourne, a French card game that’s basically a roadtrip. I’ve got the copy my parents had, it’s probably olderContinue reading “Life is enriched by games, Part 2”

Life is enriched by playing games

I told you before that I would let you know what I’ve been up to lately.  Really, the title says it all.  I’ve told you I’ve got a wonderful, nerdy boyfriend.  Well, His 2 favorite things are karaoke and gaming (even before me, I’d say.  Which I get because He’s known about them longer.)  HisContinue reading “Life is enriched by playing games”