Life is Rolling Along.

Wow. There is so much going on in my life, I’m so thinly spread, I can’t even tell you. I haven’t written – not just here, but much of anywhere in WEEKS. MONTHS, probably. I write bit by bit in my journal.

Money is probably the biggest stress. So much to pay, so little to pay it with. I’ll find a way to take care of things, I always do.

I’ve given up on my favorite small business. I just didn’t have the…..enthusiasm? The…..confidence? The…..magic something? To build it. I’m not giving up, I’m not admitting defeat – but there times when you just have to admit and realize when things are just not going to work. Such is so with my marriage – such is so with other parts of my life. I love the business, but I’m just not cut out for it. Thank goodness I didn’t put as much into it as I could have.

My writing is where I need to focus. My little family (me, my son, and now a boyfriend🙂 ) is where I need to focus.

I’ll be back. I ache to write, I ache to participate, I ache to reach out and build something, those castles in the sky again.

I’ll come back soon with the Round of Words in 80 days again, I have to set up goals.

NaNoWriMo is just around the corner (and my boyfriend has joined in!!!)

Grandma’s Yarn – 100 Word Challenge 07/13/2016

I did actually sit down last night and start this post. I ended up not feeling well and nearly passing out sitting here at the laptop working on it. I’m thinking the culprit was a certain piece of carrot cake that was omg so sweet! I have to admit, I really didn’t like it much, especially after I pretty much had to sleep it off, and it didn’t feel like my pill was working at all😦 Too bad, carrot cake is my FaVoRiTe!

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but yarn is a big thing with me. I’ve been knitting and crocheting since I was 11. That means I’ve been doing it for almost a third of my life, and it’s something which is automatic with me, working the yarn and making a pattern. People – at work, when they come to visit me, or when I’m working on it pretty much anywhere I’ll bring it – will sit and watch me and marvel at how fast my hands work, and how half of the time I don’t even have to look at what I’m doing half the time. I just go. I have to remind them of the fact that I’ve been doing it for so long, so it’s something that’s been trained into my brain.

So, in some ways this post is almost a no-brainer. It’s quite obvious I’m going to have SOMETHING to say about the subject, I should have no problem writing something about yarn, right?

Of course I did, but not necessarily what you would expect.

As I said, I’ve been knitting and crocheting since I was 11, when I asked my Grandma to teach me how to knit. She taught me to knit, alright, but never how to cast on. I had to teach myself that later in life, when I got over it and had finally at least taught myself how to read a crochet pattern. Shortly after my Grandma taught me the knit stitch, I picked up a hook and taught myself how to crochet, and the real love affair with yarn started then. For years, my Grandma was what I got to call after a while my “yarn dealer” – she’s the only one I got yarn from for years, and even today if she finds some she thinks I might like, or she finds some that she no longer wants, she’ll still give it to me. Albeit, it’s a whole lot more difficult now.

So, this piece came out of the years that I would sit and watch her knit – not quite marveling in the same way co-workers and others might with me – and just be amazed. Until I was used to doing it, too, and then I knew how it felt to be that automatic when my fingers hit the yarn and hook or needles. Grandma and Grandpa’s relationship wasn’t quite like this – but that’s why they call it poetic license, eh?

This week’s entry for 100 Word Challenge (a little bit late, oops!):

Grandpa could spin quite the yarn about anything – the size of the fish he caught on his fishing trip or about doing donuts in the fields in his father’s truck at 11.

My cousins would be mesmerized for hours. But as I got older, I watched grandma rocking in her chair. Her hands worked her yarn with a life of their own as she watched grandpa.

He’d look at her and a look would pass between them.

I see that look again in this hushed room.

Then I meet eyes with my husband, my heart swelling, knowing what she always felt.

Check In – I’m hoping to keep this progress.

I think I did pretty good for these last couple days, it being just a start. Oh, something I didn’t mention here and that I made it a point of doing because they had started to collect up and my daughter and her wife had done for the most part since they got here except for the couple days their traveling companion took care of them – I put our dirty dishes in the dishwasher! It felt good to do it all by myself! LOL, such simple things….now to get people to clean up the house during the rest of the weekend!

I’ll do a link dump – I’ll have to look up what I used to call that – with every interesting thing in my tabs on here tomorrow. Link Lovin’ I think it was.

1. Writing Prompts:
– Daily: I wrote in my journal again today. Not very much, but it was something at least. I also worked on…..
– Weekly: The prompt for this week at 100 Word Challenge is already on it’s second draft. The word is yarn. It was unbelievably easy for me, as should almost be expected – but it’s not quite what you’d expect, either. I’ll have the explanation when I post.
2. Networking: baby steps. I’d put BS (because really in a way it is), but that would just be too funny. from now on, baby steps is what I’ll put for those things I haven’t gotten to yet.
3. Getting my work out there: baby steps.

I’ve got so many other interests and things that need done, so this is that part of the list. These are going to be worked into my life:

4. Read something: I read an article about the Dallas shootings. This is the only kind of mention you’ll get on current events, unless I’m really moved for some reason. I read a few pages in the book I’m working on, Blackberry Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke. So sue me, it’s the kind of book I like to read.
5. Research some interest: baby steps. I’m thinking about coming up with a specific list for this, tho.
6. Crafting: I just finished a basic crocheted hat, worked on it while sitting at my computer and in between calls at work. I’ll get back to the baby blanket I was working on before my daughter asked for a hat with this yarn color (figure I’ll finish up what I have and put it on Etsy), after I use up this color. I’ve got several project to weave the ends in on, and some will go to their rightful owners (co-workers) and some will go up on Etsy if need be. I think I’ll hold on to baby blankets tho, give them to people or sell them to people here at home. It’s always nice to get a nice handmade baby blanket, and even better if you can get it for a decent price from someone – just the cost of yarn, usually. Not trying to make a fortune yet.
7. Tarot: baby steps (gotta take a deck out to have at hand, instead of in my bag). I’d like to collaborate with someone one day on a deck of my own devise.
8. Budget: baby steps (gotta write next week’s budget).
9. Prep for other changes in life: baby steps.
10. Health:
– Sleep: Today is going to be a bust (I’ll probably get in and go to bed at 1 tonight, I’ve felt good enough I didn’t even take a nap today!), but the last couple nights have gone well. And then tomorrow night is Saturday, so… night!
– Water: At least 1 during the work day. I think it was 2 overall today.
– Exercise: So far, I’ve walked to the pool and back. And for the half an hour or so I was in the pool both last night and tonight, I was always moving – swimming (as best I can without putting my ears under the water, I so have to bring ear plugs), pulling my son through the water, just walking around the perimeter of the pool, swimming or walking on the edge in the deep end.

Round of Words Goal List – July 2016

Guess I’d better get this over with.

I haven’t been feeling well on and off.

I’m not sure what it is, it could be my teeth finally retaliating against me (my front ones do hurt right now, it’s a very scary prospect to get something done with them because I’m pretty certain it will end up being very involved.) I do sit and worry about them some, what’s going to happen with them when I finally get them taken care of, etc, but right now I’m pretty much just suffering with what is going on. I’m not really going to bore you with the details, but I’m managing the pain and that’s all I can really ask for right now. No, I haven’t always brushed my teeth daily or more so, but yes I’m working hard at keeping it going right now, because it does make them feel better for a while. It’s my teeth in front, that’s about all the more information I’m going to give you.

There are loads of other things it could be. It could be the emotional toll I put myself through every day: dealing with the members, something that isn’t always sunshine and roses. I don’t think anyone stopped for longer than a breath between calls today, other than making notes about the call in After Call. That’s what happens the day after such a major holiday with the weekend at the beginning of the month. Same happened with Memorial Day. It happens. It could be energy fluctuations in the universe. It could be my body getting used to my new medications, most specifically my diabetic medication.

I’m blushing some after the bit of praise for my new entry for the 100 Word Challenge. I thought it was a simple, fairly lackluster entry, the point of view of someone I know, or at least my assumption of their view considering the current situation. But I am going to keep up my entries to the 100 Word Challenge, because I do love writing so much.

It’s time to come up with my goals for the Round of Words in 80 Days. The biggest thing I want to set a goal for is to write. I need to express things, I need to express a LOT of things, and I need to do it with writing. I’ve got many things to go through – I don’t think I have a short amount of time to do it in or anything, but I want to get working on it. It’s really just easiest to go back to the list I used before, with some specific editing.

1. Writing Prompts:
– Daily: journal writing. I will move to specific daily prompts when I have managed to work writing into my routine every day. Right now I have been taking my journal to work every day and dedicating my last break to writing in it.
– Weekly: 100 Word Challenge; Round of Words in 80 Days (not a specific prompt, but a good check up on where I am).
2. Networking: Join Springfield Writers Guild. This is still a goal. No, I haven’t done it yet.
3. Getting my work out there: Participate in challenges, find contests to submit to. I intend increase the number of challenges I participate in a week.

I’ve got so many other interests and things that need done, so this is that part of the list. These are going to be worked into my life:

4. Read something: Read 1/2 hour of a book. Read others blogs, read and clear out email, read interesting things.
5. Research some interest: I have many interests. In order to grow, I need to learn more, and this includes all interests. 1/2 an hour for SOMETHING every day.
6. Crafting: Keep working on some project or another. Post progress on WIPs. Place items on Etsy.
7. Tarot: Do daily 3 card readings, to get used to doing them and the decks again. I tried to do a year one – I drew it, I just never finished interpreting it.
8. Budget: Write out budget each month. Find 1 bill to pay off, all or in part, each paycheck.
9. Prep for other changes in life: Sort bills; fill out paperwork, discuss.
10. Health:
– Sleep: Get good amounts of sleep at night. Generally don’t go to bed later than midnight. I have a bad habit of staying up late on my nights off and I go to the bar every weekend to listen to karaoke. I like it.
– Water: I intend to start consuming 2 full water bottles during working hours.
– Exercise: 1/2 hour of walking a day, somehow. It’s way too damn hot out though. Guess I have to use the pool more, huh?

Nothing has to be started/done right away. Baby steps.

I like to watch YouTube videos. This is an example, but I also like the Facts. channel very much because Irish people.

There’s no wrong time for this –

Never forget, it’s just a ride:

I told you I’m coming back, make ROOM for me! – 100 Word Challenge

I admit, I haven’t been doing much writing since February, and any real writing (read: fiction) since November, when I did about 20 Thousand for NaNoWriMo. I realize, I need to find a theme/story for this year’s NaNoWriMo, I’m not going to let it fall by the wayside, I love writing, and I love participating in that, even if none of my other books have yet to come to any real fruition.

I still have to come up with this round’s Round of Words in 80 Days, maybe I’ll hit on that before I go to bed, but I have worked out my first 100 Word Challenge entry in many many months, probably a couple years. To be frank, it does come from a personal place, I have to be able to see other’s point of views in what I do, even tho I have the question of the validity of my interpretation of their point of view. Who, then, is the unreliable narrator?

But, enjoy. I don’t know that it rounds out a real story in these 100 words, but it’s what the entry was refined to after some time and consideration. The first draft was put down Friday afternoon at work, and this is what I finished up with this evening, after coming home from the fireworks.

Worst fireworks display – the one given by the town I watched them in – ever. It’s a good thing that many people surrounding the park were setting off their own fireworks.

Entry for the current 100 Word Challenge:

Even with the clean room process he goes through every day, the feeling of filth was so palpable he could smell it. No amount of scrubbing removes it. Others may just smell old cigarettes and sweat, but he was worried everyone else could smell the filth, too.

The only thing that made him feel clean and whole was now gone, off doing who knows what with who knows who.

Thinking about it just made things worse. She claims to feel fresh and new, but he’s left behind to clean and pick up the pieces.

What will he do without her?

I’ll be back soon with my entry for Round of Words. Have a good week! I intend to be back with other things, too.

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth!

This is what I’ve been saying at the end of pretty much every phone call for the last few days, for obvious reasons. I like that the people sometimes stop and listen to my little bit of closing – thanking them for being a member, thanking them for their service (if they served), I also include if they are part of law enforcement or other first responders (I’ve had firefighters. Have I ever mentioned I have a soft spot for them? Probably not), and I will wish them a good day. And they thank me for it, and sometimes for my service. Because you know, it is serving doing the job I do every day, making sure they are taken care of, sometimes going and doing more than just servicing an account.

I have sat down and actually done some writing. This week, I’ve taken my journal to work and taken at least one break to write for at least 5 minutes, sometimes more. Sometimes less I’m sure. And not just about guys. I’ve also found that Velvet Verbosity has relinquished the 100 Word Challenge to Tara at Thin Spiral Notebook, and I’ve written my first entry. I want to write more. I had planned to do the Sunday Brunch Challenge on Toasted Cheese today, I even have a document open for it.

But I spent most of today sleeping. It’s either because I’m sick, or just because of all the energy and emotion I go through at work all day.

Things I will do this weekend (probably tomorrow now):

Round of Words in 80 days goals post.
100 Words Challenge post
More sleep! (of course!)

The good thing is, the cold I had at the beginning of the week is pretty much gone. I was starting to worry I had strep, because my son had it just before his sister, her wife and their traveling companion showed up. Their traveling companion has already headed off to his own adventures, their taking him along was just the catalyst for it. I have to admit, I do miss him a bit, but I’m happy to see him living life and growing in his experiences.

I very much enjoy the Facts. channel on YouTube. I find a couple of the people on there cute. I’ll let you guess which one(s). 😉

Coming back. I mean it….I’m going to come back.

I need to open up. I need to write, to express, and I enjoy having an online community. I’m going to be looking at going in a lot of different directions, ways I’ve been thinking about and things I’ve been working on over the years.

I intend to start back with the 100 Word Challenge, which has moved from Velvet Verbosity to Tara’s Thin Spiral Notebook. I’m working on writing in my journal daily at work. I have yet to get back to writing on, but I’m still paying for that subscription monthly, so I had damn better (it cost me $31 this month. Whoops). I want to get things up on my Etsy. I want to start on other personal tangents, branching out with my alter ego as well.

I want to continue to get well. I had a change in blood pressure medication which seems to be a great help, and I have to get things in order with my diabetes medication – stinkin’ high prices of medication in the US.

Prepare for changes. Prepare for me posting more. I need to prepare for me posting more.

More. Yay!

Especially wine. But that’s for tomorrow.