ROW80 Check in 1 since moving to Missouri

I think we seem to be settling in some. Our son started school last week. It’s both a good and bad thing for him. He’s in 5th, and they’re giving them more independence, but it’s not at the middle school yet, so he doesn’t get blown away by the full experience. They didn’t have that for us when I was his age – I went to the same school he was going to before we moved, and they were going to do the same thing for them, really, that they do here, only the kids know that place way better because they’ve gone there forever. But, that’s okay. Back then, middle school was 6 – 8. Now it’s 5 – 8, and in 5th they’re really not that ready. Here, middle school and elementary school aren’t in the same building. We’re in a place with enough people and children to have multiple districts! Mind blowing!

My husband and I are looking for jobs. I have my resume brushed up and cover letter worked up for my dream job, which there happens to be an opening for locally. I’m not going to say much more than that. My husband is kinda going “what do I want to do?” As one might imagine – he doesn’t want to clean for his whole life! But that’s what he’s got the experience (13 years worth!) in! On top of all that, his brother is now also looking for a job. But this family always lands on our feet, so I know everything is going to work out for our best! :-) <3 I have faith in the 4 of us adults, and the universe!

On to check in:

1. Writing Prompts: The tab that I had open with Toasted Cheese prompts? Resulted in a story that is still developing, and 2 days of writing this past week (hey, from nothing to 3 whole days altogether? That’s not bad!)
2. Networking: Yes! I participated in the #writestuff conversation on Tuesday! And I plan on doing so again this week!
3. Personal: Not since we left NY. But it and a pile of other things is on the table next to our bed/my head. That’s a start.
4. Getting my work out there: Nope.
5. Editing: Nothing. Other than the Writer’s Notebooks and my journal, everything else is packed away into the storage unit, to be honest.

I’ve got so many other interests and things that need done, so this is that part of the list:

No need to prepare for Missouri anymore. We’re there (here? Moved).
7. Read something: Working on Moon Spinners by
8. Crafting: Working on a baby blanket.
9. Tarot: Did a reading for a friend, have to finish interpreting it.

DAILY – Some days I get to bed at a better time than others. But damn I still feel tired. Working on drinking more water – but that does mean peeing more! And I found some salad mixes at Sam’s Club that I really like. Wish I could find more, but I guess I could try to work on my own, creative person that I am! Drinking water usually helps wake me up, at least for a little bit. It’s so hot and humid here!

Settling in, and starting from square 1 – ROW80 – 8/9/15

It’s roughly a week and a half since we arrived in Missouri. On the getting sleep angle – I can’t tell you that I’m completely caught up – even tho I’m actually sleeping from when to when I want to thanks to being in a house with small children again (11:30 pm/12am to 8 – 10 am), I have years to catch up on, and wow the heat these last few days. I’ve stayed in the house as much as I can during the day, except for the first day and today for church, but it’s still kicking my butt. Because of being out today (not sure if it’s just that or getting lunch as well), I ended up taking a 2 hour nap after we got home. That’s even with having a full 8 hours, and an extra half hour nap before we headed off for church!

And not everything that needs to be complete for transitioning here from NY – registering the car here, switching my driver’s license here and enrolling the young man into school – is complete, but it’s well on it’s way and I anticipate having the majority of it done tomorrow.

But, otherwise I think we’re settling in. We don’t often go off to the storage unit because (1) it’s a good 8 miles or more away, on the highway – I’m not a fan of driving thruway like roads to get ANYWHERE unless I have to, but I do have an alternate route I have’t tried yet thanks to the heat, so hopefully that will go easier next time – and (2) I want to live as simply as I can, and living in someone else’s house with little actual room, I’ve seen, is a great way to do that.

But it’s editing time. Time to clear out old, invalid goals (such as prepping for Missouri or cleaning a whole house – I throw in help as often as I can), and maybe come up with new ones? Not likely, but here we go – pretty much the same list as before, so I’ll just pick up where I left off. :-D

1. Writing Prompts: Not yet, but I’ve got the prompts from Toasted Cheese’s Sunday Brunch open in Twitter in another tab.
2. Networking: Zip. Zero. Nada
3. Personal: Not since we left NY, guess I gotta get that notebook out of the bag, huh?
4. Getting my work out there: Nope.
5. Editing: Nothing. Other than the Writer’s Notebooks and my journal, everything else is packed away into the storage unit, to be honest.

I’ve got so many other interests and things that need done, so this is that part of the list:

No need to prepare for Missouri anymore. We’re there (here? Moved).
7. Read something: I HAVE gotten a library card so far, and I have a small pile of books. Already got through 1 of them, also!
8. Crafting: Finished the Rambling scarf I started back in NY, have cotton yarn for dishcloths, the shawl in my purse, and yarn to make a baby blanket (finally!).
9. Tarot: I’m not ignoring them, but they’re not SCREAMING for attention. Never did a “how are things going to go?” spread before we left (I didn’t want the universe to think I doubted it would go well.), but should do it anyhow just to let them know I still love them.

DAILY – This is the biggest and best thing I’ve done so far, getting to bed at a decent hour.

And to tell you the truth, frankly, I think I’ve inadvertently lost some weight. Even with the heat advisory, I managed to get a walk in yesterday, in the evening after it had started to cool off. Up hill both ways to the store on the corner. Never quite got what that meant. But, my belly feels smaller. It’s a start.

Not sure of a title….

I’m sorry, I’m truly not sure what to title this piece, maybe it will come to me while I’m writing.

Anyhow, so I think we are settling in okay.

To be honest, though, it’s all very surreal. There was a point where I thought I’d never get out of that house. It didn’t really matter to me either way whether or not I’d get out of the area, either was okay. It’s where I was born and raised, so it was of course home. But new and different places are good too. Adventures are good. I’m in a place where I WANT to learn and grow (mentally, not physically. Physically I want to shrink!). But it’s kind of hard to believe we are out of there. And I find myself unable to shake the idea that we have to go back. That somehow we are still connected to that place. That I still owe something (other than a list of problems with the apartment) to anyone back there. I figure the landlord might need a lot of work to fix the place – but that’s most certainly not ALL our fault. There were a lot of things wrong with that house that we couldn’t do anything either way about. And I thought he was in talks with someone about them buying the property, which this person would be the very best thing to happen to that place.

But it’s all surreal. I didn’t like the place, I haven’t wanted anything to do with it, and I’m GLAD we’re gone. Yes, I understand the connection my children have to it – it’s where she grew up and he’s lived since he was born. But to me, most of it was a living hell. I hope it’s the last thing I need to do to get my mindset out of that. Or one of the big things. I just wanted for so long for things to get better – I’m cautiously stepping forward towards a time and place where they will. That’s my intention, and we will make it so.

I’m fairly impressed with the majority of things here in Springfield. I’m trying to be a good couch surfer to my brother in law and his family, I’m trying to help where I can, but I know sometimes I (we) will fail at that.

The size of this place is so much bigger than I’m used to. I keep saying, a simple trip just about anywhere, but especially to our storage locker, is like a trip to Buffalo for me! I’m nervous when I go over a bridge I have to go over to get there, which reminds me of the Scajaquada Expressway into downtown Buffalo. I’m going to try to time our trips either later in the evening or mid-afternoon. I wish I had mentioned about the storage units just up the street here, but that’s okay. If it was there, it would be too easy just to go get the stuff and fill up what limited space we have.

I’m eager to explore our area. Tomorrow is Sunday, so we will once again be visiting the local Unitarian Universalist church. I look forward to becoming an active member/friend.

After service I intend to look into a local natural foods store, Mama Jean’s. I asked a worker at the nearest WalMart Neighborhood Market about tahini, and the lady she checked with suggested that place. I was too beat by the heat and needed to get home to take my pill after we went out for dinner that we didn’t go then.

Speaking of which, my husband, son and I were particularly impressed with the service we received at Steak and Shake. Good food (I had a veggie melt, but I’m going to change out the pepper jack cheese for swiss if/when we go again), and very good and fast service!

And now I’m beat. It’s time to go to bed, and get up bright and early again so we can go to church. I find myself WANTING to get up bright and early. I wanted to back there, but there was just no real reason, everything there was too overwhelming. It’s simpler here right now.

Home Sweet Home

It’s still to early to really tell how this will go, but so far things look like they are going to go pretty well, as long as we all remember to be adults about this.

We’re in our new home, which is already my brother in law’s and his family.

That means our trip 1/4 cross the country is complete. Picking up threads and tying up loose ends has yet to be done, but I will get to all that. Today is basically a bit of a decompressing and making ourselves at home in someone else’s house.

I’m appreciative of how welcoming my in laws are. I know they’ve been in a place like we are now, so they understand how we feel. And thanks to the girls, I’ve been in their place as well. So I need to take my lessons from that, and do my best to be respectful of them and their home.

So far what’s ours here is the storage unit full of items we brought here with us in a 17′ Uhaul truck and my car. That was an experience – threading the needle when we got to Missouri, once we got through St. Louis, where it all got hairy.

I’ve never liked going through St. Louis (since we did it twice before, coming here 2 years ago to visit his family and continuing on to Colorado and Wyoming), and now that’s just going to be a swear word while driving.

But otherwise, things went well. The motel and hotel before St. Louis were nice, the one after was a Budget Inn and not that bad either. I now have a Dominos account, so I can order online, which I did in Indianapolis. Breakfast there was good. We went to The Tattooed Dog, an eclectic restaurant in Wentzville, where we bedded down outside of St. Louis, with my cousin. I had my first portobello burger.

I’m looking forward to all the rest of the changes we are going through. What I’m really looking forward to is more creativity because of less items to juggle. I guess getting of Facebook and games would help – but one thing at a time, and today I’m relaxing and decompressing from a nice long trip.

Hopefully more posts will be coming.

Also, I’ve got an idea I’m cooking up. This is post number 900 (though I think it might be 899, as there is one that’s private). So that means just 100 more until 1000. There has to be a way to celebrate that. Maybe a contest? Something knit or crocheted – maybe that scarf I’m working on?

Lot to come, a lot has gone.

I know it’s been quite a while since I posted on here, but that’s because a whole lot has been going on. I’ve had…..interesting issues. Not great, not bad, but it’s just kept me from getting online like I’d like.

But things are looking up.

And we’re moving. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my husband’s job becoming non-existent before – the company that bought the company he was working for closed the company he worked for. We’re really lucky in that he was one of the last to walk out the doors.

We will be moving – right now we’re saying we’re going to live with his brother, but hey if I can get a job in Colorado instead of Missouri, more power to us!

I plan on being on here more, so hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me!

Yummy Carrot Soup before the ROW80 Check-In 3/4/15

I’m going to be right on time with this ROW80 check in! Yippee!

General progress – 4 days and I haven’t logged into Facebook once. I uninstalled the messenger from my phone, logged off on both my laptop and my cell phone, and removed the game on my phone that I play. Games are a big time suck for me, so it’s great that I’m not staring at my phone anymore. Nope, now I’m staring into a box full of beads, sorting out the ones I have in my box (re-sorting I should say, as these were sorted out once, but I decided to toss them all together to make room in my big box for other beads.). That way I can do the rainbow bracelets that I mentioned before. This will be posted on my Facebook, I think, but that’s something unavoidable right now. I was going to set up posts for my business page, but I didn’t get to them before March started. And holding to transparency – we talked about opening an account for a fellow vendor/friend so she can get her business out there, but that was stymied because none of us know her birthday! So I almost did, but not for me! And I did fuss about it!

I’m still unhappy with this weather. I’m sure that’s a constant theme. I’m nervous about having to attempt crossing ice rinks all over the place. There is a bucket of sand at the store that we use in front of the store – I asked to take some, and put it between my door and my car. Anywhere I go, I feel some distraction at having that last trek :-(

So, enough of the complaining, on to the check-in:

1. Writing Prompts: As soon as I’m done here, I’m going to go visit my bestie at work (if she’s there) and do some brainstorming/writing for the current #Writestuff challenge and an original (ha ha) idea I had that some ideas popped up in my head for.
2. Networking: Missed this week’s (it’s on Tuesday) #writestuff on Twitter – I know about the challenge because there’s also a Google group for it.
3. Personal: I did some writing, I forget what day – or maybe I didn’t. But that’s one of the things I’m going to do when I leave.
4. Getting my work out there: Haven’t looked anything up.
5. Editing: All old stories are still packed away in the closet.
6. Preparing for Missouri: Nothing since Sunday – tho it was actually 2/3 of the boxes that I brought in.
7. Read something: Haven’t picked anything else up, tho I had that itch!
8. Crafting: Sorting beads, like I said. I talked to a friend who had gotten my doilies at the auction for church year before last, who had asked me to do a table runner. She picked one out from the pattern book I found.
9. Tarot: I did a reading for that thing I mentioned last time, which I’m pretty sure resulted in a very vivid dream about someone. One of the things I need to write about in my journal.
9. Cleaning: No major cleaning.
DAILY – Like I said – working on it.

You may not remember, I don’t think I’ve said anything about it recently – but I’m sticking to being vegetarian. I found a recipe on Pinterest for Vegan Carrot Soup With Caramelized Onions. Very good, well worth cutting my thumb for! I love how you can taste the onions, and that the blended up carrots and potatoes give it a wonderful base.

Off to write now!

Catching up, and something a touch perplexing – ROW80 3/1/15

So, I haven’t done the Round of Words check-in – well, in far longer than I thought.  Did February really just go by in a puff of wind?  Or, more appropriately, a cloud of snow? I thought I had only missed a week or so – it looks more like nearly 3! Ouch!

Well, I’m hoping what might be a touch perplexing will help me get my head on straight. “What is that?” you ask. (and if you don’t, let me dream, okay?) Well, I decided half way through last week to take the month of March off. And it might be perplexing for you – if you found this by way of Facebook. I was up late yet again – about 2am I believe – and I thought – you know, I sit here so long, scrolling scrolling scrolling, maybe knitting or – right now – beading, and playing silly games. But I don’t really feel like I’m getting much of anything done. Facebook really does seem to be the problem. So, despite the fact that depending on my phone’s temperment some people can’t always get me by calling or texting but can by messaging me on Facebook’s Messenger, I decided -I’m taking a whole month off. No games, no posting, no scrolling, no messaging anyone (even my best friend or if I need to talk to someone about things.). If it’s really that important, I can either go see them in person (like, stopping by my best friend’s work), or we can text or call each other. Or my husband (who complained when I told him that he can pretty much always get me through Messenger but can’t always with the phone’s own stuff) can wait until he gets home or my phone decides to be nice.

Now, to the check-in:

1. Writing Prompts: Still haven’t done a writing prompt, not even the one from the #writestuff group on Twitter. I hope to pick a prompt or two up this week.
2. Networking: I went to the #writestuff chat this week, but I didn’t really participate much. I was tired. (as a matter of fact, I am now, too)
3. Personal: Nothing really. I have some thoughts in my head I want to get down, tho.
4. Getting my work out there: Haven’t looked anything up.
5. Editing: All old stories are still packed away in the closet.
6. Preparing for Missouri: I haven’t sorted anything else, but I did take 1/3 of the boxes already sorted and packed for donation to Salvation Army, as well as the box of books.
7. Read something: I picked up and finished a book! The Reincarnation of Peter Proud by Max Ehrlich. (Underlining a book title might seem old fashioned to some, but I really prefer it.) Not sure what the next one will be, but I do have so many….Elegant Universe is still a candidate.
8. Crafting: Nearly done weaving in ends of the cotton yarn soap savers I’ve made – I think I’m done with all of the large ones. I’ve also picked up my beading supplies and have been working on ladybug styled spiral bracelets. It’s a pattern I found before my mom died, and I made one for me, my mom, my sister and my daughter not long before my mom passed. I’ve adjusted how I do the spots, but I am most definitely enjoying the process. I’m also looking over beading patterns on Pinterest. I’m not totally sure what non-spiral pattern I will tackle next (tho doing stuff with peyote stitch sounds intriguing), but I’m thinking I might do something of a rainbow pattern with the spiral pattern.
9. Tarot: I interpreted the 13 Moons spread. Interesting, and I might be able to get back into Market America. I’ve got something else I’d like to ponder, and I’ve been looking at tarot spreads on Pinterest in that vein as well.
9. Cleaning: I can’t say much major cleaning has been done, but I’m trying to work my way through Mt. Washmore and keep the house generally picked up. I’m feeling so boxed in with this weather, I’m so looking forward to winter releasing it’s grip on this area, but I do my best and that’s really all you can ask for, isn’t it?
DAILY – Like I said, I’m getting off Facebook for a month, and getting to sleep each day at a decent hour is one big reason why.

Okay, so that’s it. I’m not sure what else to say, other than to tell you I wish you a good day/evening/night/morning.