Catching up, and something a touch perplexing – ROW80 3/1/15

So, I haven’t done the Round of Words check-in – well, in far longer than I thought.  Did February really just go by in a puff of wind?  Or, more appropriately, a cloud of snow? I thought I had only missed a week or so – it looks more like nearly 3! Ouch!

Well, I’m hoping what might be a touch perplexing will help me get my head on straight. “What is that?” you ask. (and if you don’t, let me dream, okay?) Well, I decided half way through last week to take the month of March off. And it might be perplexing for you – if you found this by way of Facebook. I was up late yet again – about 2am I believe – and I thought – you know, I sit here so long, scrolling scrolling scrolling, maybe knitting or – right now – beading, and playing silly games. But I don’t really feel like I’m getting much of anything done. Facebook really does seem to be the problem. So, despite the fact that depending on my phone’s temperment some people can’t always get me by calling or texting but can by messaging me on Facebook’s Messenger, I decided -I’m taking a whole month off. No games, no posting, no scrolling, no messaging anyone (even my best friend or if I need to talk to someone about things.). If it’s really that important, I can either go see them in person (like, stopping by my best friend’s work), or we can text or call each other. Or my husband (who complained when I told him that he can pretty much always get me through Messenger but can’t always with the phone’s own stuff) can wait until he gets home or my phone decides to be nice.

Now, to the check-in:

1. Writing Prompts: Still haven’t done a writing prompt, not even the one from the #writestuff group on Twitter. I hope to pick a prompt or two up this week.
2. Networking: I went to the #writestuff chat this week, but I didn’t really participate much. I was tired. (as a matter of fact, I am now, too)
3. Personal: Nothing really. I have some thoughts in my head I want to get down, tho.
4. Getting my work out there: Haven’t looked anything up.
5. Editing: All old stories are still packed away in the closet.
6. Preparing for Missouri: I haven’t sorted anything else, but I did take 1/3 of the boxes already sorted and packed for donation to Salvation Army, as well as the box of books.
7. Read something: I picked up and finished a book! The Reincarnation of Peter Proud by Max Ehrlich. (Underlining a book title might seem old fashioned to some, but I really prefer it.) Not sure what the next one will be, but I do have so many….Elegant Universe is still a candidate.
8. Crafting: Nearly done weaving in ends of the cotton yarn soap savers I’ve made – I think I’m done with all of the large ones. I’ve also picked up my beading supplies and have been working on ladybug styled spiral bracelets. It’s a pattern I found before my mom died, and I made one for me, my mom, my sister and my daughter not long before my mom passed. I’ve adjusted how I do the spots, but I am most definitely enjoying the process. I’m also looking over beading patterns on Pinterest. I’m not totally sure what non-spiral pattern I will tackle next (tho doing stuff with peyote stitch sounds intriguing), but I’m thinking I might do something of a rainbow pattern with the spiral pattern.
9. Tarot: I interpreted the 13 Moons spread. Interesting, and I might be able to get back into Market America. I’ve got something else I’d like to ponder, and I’ve been looking at tarot spreads on Pinterest in that vein as well.
9. Cleaning: I can’t say much major cleaning has been done, but I’m trying to work my way through Mt. Washmore and keep the house generally picked up. I’m feeling so boxed in with this weather, I’m so looking forward to winter releasing it’s grip on this area, but I do my best and that’s really all you can ask for, isn’t it?
DAILY – Like I said, I’m getting off Facebook for a month, and getting to sleep each day at a decent hour is one big reason why.

Okay, so that’s it. I’m not sure what else to say, other than to tell you I wish you a good day/evening/night/morning.


    1. Thank you. Mt. Washmore is actually a Flylady thing. I’m doing really well, I think, with my Facebook celibacy (more to the point). It hasn’t been as much of a challenge as one might think, I uninstalled the messenger from my phone and logged out both on my laptop and my phone to avoid the ability to scroll. I figure, it will (and as) enrich my general internet experience and allows me to focus on things in real life more as well. The games on there were a real problem for me, so I’ve even removed the one game that I can also play on my phone. Day 4 and I’m doing fine. Maybe because I know I’ll go back on April 1st?

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