What I’m up to – Fractured MMO

I have still been around, I just haven’t posted anything. Been a little busy, but truly not enough to keep me from posting anything. Sorry.

I’ve been keeping up with Curious and the crosswords there. I like the tidbits of information you can get, but playing the crosswords is a sufficient mental exercise to make me feel like my brain is still working properly. I feel like I’m so filled with adrenaline with work, and it all drains away when I get done, that I do worry about my mental acuity when I’m not working.

The other thing I’m up to (and that I mentioned in the post title) is the online MMO Fractured. I don’t get involved in a lot of MMOs (I was going to say “I don’t get involved in a lot of games,” but I literally have the 2 phone games I play pulled up with me right now, one on my phone and the other on my tablet, and there’s a reason why I won’t play Pokemon GO – because it would take over my life). I think the last one like this that I played was Envoy (?) some 10 to 12 years ago, but my boyfriend has been into this since he contributed to the Kickstarter way back in 2017, has been playing it, plays it on his Twitch channel when our house internet isn’t taken over by me working, and he’s gotten not just me, but his sister-friend before me into it.

It’s in Alpha testing right now, and you have to have a certain level of package, or a testing key to get into it, but we can talk about it (hence why he’s playing it on his Twitch channel every single chance he gets), show it off, and recruit people for it.

Besides just linking both things I’ve mentioned today, I’m going to specifically link my recruiting links here:



I hope the rest of you have a happy weekend, and I will do my best to return again soon!

Catching up on the old, and finding new- Link Lovin’ #3 Series 2

I think I’ve made it clear over the last couple days that there are things that I have fallen behind in doing, like my writing, so now I’m blogging. I’ve not opened my laptop very often over the last couple years, in part I think because once I got done working and going through all the emotional stress that comes from working in a call center, then drove home and had to deal with whatever I had to handle at home, then had to get up the next morning to do it all again. Add on top of that dealing with physical illness and learning to manage my diabetes (still working on that. And have I yet mentioned over my last few blog posts before I stopped blogging at all, last year, that I had the starting stages of uterine cancer thanks to my PCOS, and had a hysterectomy last year? Yeah, that was a thing.), and now my hip/sciatica….well, a lot of internet-y things went by the wayside.

I have blogs I was following, I’ve added so many to the list besides. I haven’t and don’t really put the time into them that I should. Some things I feel like it’s just for digital storage (Just A Pinch Recipes is one email I subscribe to that I mostly just save the emails – so the recipes and/or links to them are saved), some for later perusal to research/develop/decide on my next step for a “side hustle” to grow into my main hustle. One of my biggest dreams is to build up our editing business, but until such point as we’re really working on that, and to really get up my confidence with posting such things (oh boy, dealing with my lack of confidence is really something I need to work on), I want to find SOMETHING to bring in some money on the side. Be forewarned, I’m going to do affiliate links on this blog at some point.

Anyhow, with how little I have been on, things have changed some.

I used to participate in the 100 Word Challenge over at the Thin Spiral Notebook (used to be Velvet Verbosity), but like so many other things, they have slowed.

I used to go to Cake Wrecks on occasion – that’s still there!

PostSecret is still going. I will forever be sorry I missed going, I once could have because he visited my college back home, a few years after I was done with college, because I didn’t want to go alone. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to see him live. I’ve got several of his collections of them, that he put out as books.

I have to admit, I’ve been mildly addicted to Reddit.

I am working on becoming an Amazon Affiliate.

Youtube and I have always been friends. Right now, from Epicurious videos to cake decorating, to painting, to Worth It on BuzzFeed and true crime videos……

Finally, to leave you with a thought, our lives have phases, and for each we have a guiding principle, something we’re learning. I feel that we are always to be learning and growing.

I’ll leave you now with a quote I saw while doing my curious.com workout this evening:

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. – Nelson Mandela

A familiar place, that looks different

Today is going to be a post that I might have to pull out of myself. I’m committing to posting, and that means I’ll try to find something to talk about. It might be mundane, it might be boring, but I will write something, because I’m putting myself out there, bit by bit. Half of my Pinterest pins I’ve saved recently are “don’t do this”or “best suggests” for blogging – but while I’m going to clean up my folders and start researching things because I can concentrate from the relief of my hip/sciatica, we all have to start somewhere. And while once on the internet, always on the internet, I’ll clear posts out if I have to, to reconfigure the blog.

The familiar place was work. I’m one of the lucky ones who get to work at home. I logged in, and my adapter for my headphones didn’t work. I don’t talk on the phone often, and usually only to IT or our Billing helpline – but I also need to hear when a member comes in so I can prepare, or my team lead answers a question.

Link Lovin’ #2 Series 2

If you don’t know anything about me yet (although you’re here and can just look up at the tag line to see this), I’m a crafter. There are a lot of things I want to do, projects galore, all of which frankly are filling up my Pinterest folders. I want to make more friendship bracelets, those Kumihimo braided bracelets, I’ve got an I-cord knitting apparatus (not sure what to call that) that has been kicking around in my things for ages, and of course having a crochet hook or knitting needles attached to my hand(s) since I was 11.

The thing about this sort of post, just so you know, is that it will end up being a list of links.

So what I saw that looks interesting today/lately, besides all the new links you can find on my Pinterest, are these paper clip earrings. Will I make them? I don’t know.

Not crafty, but something to advertise that I’m involved with, is my boyfriend’s Twitch channel.

He’s a gamer, so he’ll play different MMOs, right now Runescape, I think the old and new version, and a new one he was a Kickstarter for called Fractured. He also puts on his RPG College show twice a week. He’s a 42 year DnD player – he’s played since he was 7 (!), DMing most of the time, but also of course as a player sometimes, too – so he has A LOT of experience to draw from.

This evening, he’s playing Runescape even though the most recent Fractured Alpha-test was supposed to start this afternoon. I think they had some sort of technical difficulties. Anyhow, I’m a moderator, being the girlfriend. Half the time, his broadcasts end up being the “Doc and Sophia show”, so named because my name is Sophia on there, and we banter back and forth sometimes.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll probably have something or other more to point you to later.

Otherwise, have a good evening!

Link Lovin’ #1, Series 2

In an effort to put SOMETHING up, I want to tell you about a website that I have found interesting.

It’s called Curios.com. It’s got little tidbits of information and learning.

You get a daily goal of 8 CQ with the free version (I haven’t done the paid one yet), and it doesn’t take much to earn those. While there are apps that I’ve tried that are supposed to exercise your mind, I liked this when I came across it.

First you get an “interview” to help figure out where to start, and you’ll get pretty much daily emails with suggestions.

I haven’t opened my laptop every day for various reasons for quite some time, a practice I am breaking to keep my email inbox clear, and to write on here again – but it will be there when you want to dive back into the information. And if you click on an email from say a week ago with something that interests you and read or listen to that, you get the credit for those CQs towards your daily workout. Many tidbits are worth 1 or 2 CQs, not many, so you can find out about several different things in a day. You can also do puzzles, like a daily crossword (started one once, I didn’t do well, but I do want to do more to exercise my most important muscle when I’m not working), or KenKens.

So far I’ve learned about a pay phone that used to be in the middle of the Mojave Desert, I’ve got the basics of sewing half watched in another tab, I’ve read snippets of information about the ancients and Napoleon and various words. I’ve learned science things, I’ve heard new words, I’ve been reminded about things I have forgot.

If you use this link, you can get $25 credit for signing up, and I’ll get $5 for the first 10 of you to sign up through my link. Like they say on the page for the share link – that’s a win win, I think.

Do you have any suggestions for me for sites you’ve found interesting this week?

Putting a pin in it

I guess that’s what I’ve been doing this whole time? Many things have been on hold, and I haven’t liked that. A lot of which has been my writing.

I’ve been doing things – living life, joining in on games with my boyfriend, working, a whole lot of working, crocheting here and there, knitting here and there, working some more (really, I feel like my life is all working. And now I’m working from home with this pandemic, so work is home and home is work.), but not doing what I really want to. Don’t get me wrong – I want to spend time with my boyfriend, by myself, and I’ve made a special point of spending time with my son since he’s getting older (15, already?).

But I also have loads of dreams. I have lots of things I want to do.

I still want to make money from my own creative efforts.

I still want to get my divorce. COVID stopped me from doing this. I was going to file on the first Tuesday I had off, early in March, but between my sciatica acting up, which it has been doing since the end of February, and the courts closing due to COVID, I didn’t go in.

Now I’m working Monday thru Friday again, and I’m pretty sure the courts are open again. My sciatica is still very much acting up, although it’s a lot better than it has been.

Now it’s time to take the pin out.

I’m planning on making serious, sweeping changes around this blog and in my life.

I definitely want to get back into this. I’m hoping to do much as my boyfriend does with his Gamerseuss Twitch Channel channel, and set up a schedule of what I’m going to post. And I’m going to renovate the look/layout of this as well.

One thing I want to start doing regularly are writing challenges again.

The 100 Word Challenge that has been fruitful for me often seems to be a victim of our current situation. Maybe I can find something else to take it’s place.

On my Pinterest, I’ve got a whole folder of different challenges. Most are 30 days challenges, and so will have to be over a month. I’ll have to review that folder and pick what I’m going to do.

At least one of my posts each week have to be WIPs. I’ve done my best, since with the current situation I can sit here and crochet or work some other craft a lot sooner during the day, if nothing else – or at lunch – or on breaks – or when things are slow – to keep up projects. My most recent are the bags I make that were at first at Doc’s request, a freeform cloak I’m making sort of to cosplay a D&D character or two, a blanket with my thin yarns to keep me warm at my seat, and today/this weekend (I’m going to finish it shortly) a plastic bag dispenser. I already have one on the kitchen end of the main room in my trailer, this one is going to be for the living room/”office” end of the main room.

When I was blogging regularly before, at least once a week I would have a blog post about interesting posts that I’ve run across, or videos that I’ve found/listened to. I don’t think you want to see the list of half of what I listed to on YouTube (usually it’s going to be Good Mythical Morning [I’ve followed Rhett and Link for years], some real life crime lists, food, or creating videos [things like cake decorating videos, or DIY videos]). But if I find something that truly moves me, I’ll put it in that list.

I’m also going to start putting affiliate links on my website. It’s an easy way to earn money, and I want to start getting a residual money stream, so that I can get into other things that I’d like to work towards, that cost money (training for proofreading, etc).

You may also get a top 10 list about something, or my review of something here and there. I’m not sure all besides what I’ve listed that I’m going to do yet, but I think all of these seems like a good start.

So, I’m back. I’m working on/through all the hang-ups/fears/mindsets that have kept me from posting before. But this is a post saying I’m going to re-establish myself as a blogger, as I feel like I got a lot of benefit from it.

I look forward to the friends I’m going to make on this journey. With the treacherous landscape out there now, I truly hope that there will be more friends than not!

Life is enriched by games, Part 2

So, as I said, the title(s, now), says it all. My boyfriend is pretty much (He says Himself) King Nerd. I loved playing games with my parents when I was a teen. My favorite was Miles Bourne, a French card game that’s basically a roadtrip. I’ve got the copy my parents had, it’s probably older than me. I’ve played a more recent version, and it’s nothing like the original. They’ve changed the rules a bunch. I’m not a fan.

That’s not the important thing. The important thing is I was going to tell you what I’ve been up to. Gaming has a lot to do with it. There’s a gaming convention in this area that we are a part of, my boyfriend has been on the board for years.

And we’re working with a company that develops games. They have one big one, which we are working on, that is a role-playing game without a Dungeon Master. It’s called Myythic (watchout, the site has music, for atmosphere). The dungeon crawl can be done online, the books are for sale in PDF form, on Drive-Thru RPG.

I’m new to role playing games and my boyfriend is an old pro, He’s DM’d for years. We both love this project. It’s fun and engaging for both brand new players and the old bards alike. Some components may be difficult to master for a new player, but it’s the kind of game that allows for the old guard to help a new player learn. Sure, things like D&D and GURPS are wonderful and allow for the same thing – and know I’m not knocking any DM I have met. But this game puts the power to control the game in the hands of the players.

I am working on a comeback. I have so much on my plate – work (same place for nearly 3 years now), a home life (child & boyfriend), kid’s activities (Boy Scouts, specifically, but if he/we come up with more things, well….), hobbies (I will NOT give up knitting and crocheting, despite it no longer being something we can bring into work), things connected to those hobbies (conventions, such as G*A*M*E, and any convention we have a table swap with that no one else volunteered for.), and anything that pops up (for example, most of July. Strep throat for me. Kid & boyfriend didn’t get sick, thank heavens. Then, I pulled something in my hip just over a week ago [as of when I finally post this dang thing. It took like 3 months of intermittently working on this before I finally got it done!]….not fun.). Of course, I pile on more. I have so many interests, so much MORE I want to do (just look at my Pinterest)…and I haven’t written much at all.

I will do my best to do more.

Life is enriched by playing games

I told you before that I would let you know what I’ve been up to lately.  Really, the title says it all.  I’ve told you I’ve got a wonderful, nerdy boyfriend.  Well, His 2 favorite things are karaoke and gaming (even before me, I’d say.  Which I get because He’s known about them longer.)  His absolute favorite thing is Dungeons & Dragons.  He’s been playing since He was 7.  Which makes 40 years, as His 47th birthday is coming up fast.  A 6 year old interested in that….well, He IS thr King Nerd!

Little does anyone know, but I love playing games of the board and card variety myself.  When I was a teenager, some of my fondest memories are of being around the kitchen table with my parents on a weekend, playing things like Scrabble, or Monopoly, or my favorite, Miles Bourne.


To be continued

Further observations on my life.

I love the thrill I am once again getting with writing to work on.  It’s always there any time I write, no matter when it is.  orld my boyfriend that I am going to beat His word count. Easily. Not because I am trying to beat Him. Because of who I am. Because this is what I do.

What I don’t like is that I don’t treat writing like I should. I should treat everyday like it is NanowriMo, that’s how I will get published. Put all my thoughts and wishes down on paper. Down on a screen. Paint my world for others.  Plus, there is so much else I want to do.