100 Word Challenge – Prefer – 1/7/10

I must get back into writing. As such, and because I’ve got Tweetdeck up on here and I’m subscribed to Velvet Verbosity on Twitter—I figured I’d start with the first 100 Word Challenge of the New Year. Besides, if I get the coffee, the hubs will be happy 😀 😉

So, without further ado—here you go. Another installment in the Clifton Saga, even. I love when they fit so easily! 😀

“I’d prefer not to go.” Cynthia said from her pink plastic desk, busy scribbling, her markers splayed out in front of her.

Michelle shook her head. Only six and the oldest, Cynthia acted like a grown up since she could talk. Michelle walked in to kneel next to her daughter.

“So would I, sweetheart. But it’s your grandma, we’re her only family, and we have to go.”

Cynthia stopped drawing and looked up at her mother. The tears in her eyes stopped Michelle’s heart.

“I’d prefer she was still here.”

Michelle hugged her little girl.

“Me too, sweetie, me too.”


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