100 Word Challenge – Prefer – 1/7/10

I must get back into writing. As such, and because I’ve got Tweetdeck up on here and I’m subscribed to Velvet Verbosity on Twitter—I figured I’d start with the first 100 Word Challenge of the New Year. Besides, if I get the coffee, the hubs will be happy ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, without further ado—here you go. Another installment in the Clifton Saga, even. I love when they fit so easily! ๐Ÿ˜€

โ€œIโ€™d prefer not to go.โ€ Cynthia said from her pink plastic desk, busy scribbling, her markers splayed out in front of her.

Michelle shook her head. Only six and the oldest, Cynthia acted like a grown up since she could talk. Michelle walked in to kneel next to her daughter.

โ€œSo would I, sweetheart. But itโ€™s your grandma, weโ€™re her only family, and we have to go.โ€

Cynthia stopped drawing and looked up at her mother. The tears in her eyes stopped Michelleโ€™s heart.

โ€œIโ€™d prefer she was still here.โ€

Michelle hugged her little girl.

โ€œMe too, sweetie, me too.โ€

Have done and Got’s to do

I’ve been busy (and/or procrastinating) since the end of Thanksgiving vacation.

What have I been doing?

Playing around on Facebook a lot
Staying up way too late (often playing around on Facebook)
Studying (yeah, I manage to fit that in there)
Writing papers (well, one so far)
Working on a debate (our side is Against Torture)
Returned books for said debate (today—not sure if D has one, I missed it when dropping it off, or it’s totally gone ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )
Knitting – but I’ve completed nothing. A lot of incomplete and frogged projects…for one reason or another (project/stitches falling off needle to an unrescuable extent, etc)
Crocheting – I finished P’s blanket, but I haven’t woven in the ends for that (not going to, didn’t with the one I did for D) or the baby blanket I made for my sister’s baby ๐Ÿ˜

What I haven’t been doing, but got’s to? (I know, bad grammar)

Writing the novel – but for my first try, I got 32K+ words down, and I think that’s good. I’m not going to stop there, I just have to find the inspiration again!
Cleaning – I have a little here and there, but I just haven’t been motivated to do the large bulk of it. I managed to sort through the boxes that were upstairs and P’s box down here over Thanksgiving vacation, but now his box needs straightening, and the 2 riding toys are still sitting in my entry way (I almost tripped over them this morning!)

I’ve got a paper due next week and I’m going to have 2 tests, the other class I’m not really sure what’s up (it says Film #2, I just hope we don’t have to do another reaction paper. @_@). I’ve got to come up with another dilemma for the paper (Ethical dilemma. This is my first.) (Update: Second dilemma will be surrounding the Aberdeen sex scandal, possibly “what if you’re someone who knows what’s going on, do you tell or not?”. I was there, though not when things came down, just when it started. ๐Ÿ˜ I was not involved with any drill sergeants [just my husband])

There are other things in my life that have me on edge. Things are better with D. Things are rocky with T. P is being a normal 4 year old boy. It’s crazy, I’m feeling a bit thinner. Not sure why, maybe I was just bloated a lot lately.

Thursday Thirteen – writing my novel

I haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been working on that galdarn novel. Don’t let my potty mouth fool you—I’m enjoying it! I’ve also been busy with school work and the general busyness of life. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, to keep you entertained, here’s 13 interesting things about writing my novel. There has to be at least 13, right?

1. It’s exciting to watch my word count go up – I average at least 300 words per sitting, because often I have to get the writing done in patches—before this class, between those two (only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, like now), after that one. I’ll sit with the laptop on my lap while I’m watching tv at home, usually I’ll put it on something my kids can watch or I really don’t want to pay all my attention to. Like CNN (which I like watching anyway.).

2. It’s having a definite affect on my other writing – Like there’s also a lot of that going on too. I’ve even turned my attention to the next entry for the 100 Word Challenge, I just have to write it out. Maybe in my next class.

3. I rely much too heavily on the auto-fix feature on Word – Because there have been at least 3 instances writing this blog post already that I expect and don’t immediately remember that I have to take care of, the computer’s not going to.

4. I’ve already come up with a cover for the book – Okay, it’s a rough draft, but I like playing around with Paint Shop Pro too, and I haven’t in a long time. So I’ve got one. If you check my profile, you’ll see it under Novel Info.

5. Speaking of my profile—yes, that’s me Simpsonized. I don’t know if they still have that site, but back when The Simpson Movie came out, Burger King had a site you could go to and, using a picture of you head and shoulders against a plain background, it would Simpsonize you. I saved myself a copy. Of Tom too.

6. I’ve got to back up more – I haven’t had a problem yet, but it’s a good idea to backup your work, in like a million different places, just in case say that cup of tea spills all over your keyboard!

7. I got that last tip from the Procrastination Station at the NaNoWriMo site. Interesting stuff. This girl makes cartoons too, those are a riot!

8. I don’t need the Procrastination Station – Not when I have Facebook!

9. My house has actually been looking better since I started writing – At least I think so. And that’s even while I’ve had a cold or something. I hope not the piggy flu, but I haven’t had it checked out, because they’d assume it was that anyhow. And there’s enough people around me who have had it. Classmates.

10. #9, in my opinion, is probably because the increased blood flow to my brain and fingers due to all this thinking and writing and typing – in my opinion. It did for me what going to college and walking there didn’t do. Hmm…

11. I have yet to just sit and stare at the computer for an extended amount of time – oh, sure, for a minute here or 10 minutes there. But, most of the time when I sit down to write, I’m tapping along. Or playing with Facebook which, as I said, is my own Procrastination Station.

12. Research – I’ve actually done some. Had to double check that there were speed boats in the 1930’s, and I needed to come up with some wallpaper from then that was really pretty and elegant, and I needed to make sure what a Victorian bed looked like.

13. Problems with Research – sometimes, when you’re looking for something in the Pre-WWII and WWII era (which is when the story is set), you run into things about people you don’t want to read about. Like things on Hitler and the Third Reich. At modern day Nazi sites. Ewwww….I’m not able to give you that link!

Now, it’s numb…

The way I feel at least. And a bit tired. And I’ve had a headache just over my left eye for most of the last 24+ hours. The only time it goes away is if I take Ibuprofen. Which I do every time I realize it hurts.

The landlord was here, he just didn’t come inside. I don’t know whether he intended to or not. I guess he was just mainly taking care of that heater upstairs—he’s been supposed to be replacing it since last year, I guess that’s what he was doing.

We went to look at the apartment that sorta really spurred me along to looking for a place. It’s my friend’s apartment, from my American Constitutional Law class—with talking to her, I decided it was time to really look at Student Rentals for possibilities. We have an appointment to look at another place, this one near the fire hall, on Saturday. I’m not sure if I would be happy so close to the fire hall, but it’s $495, where as my friend’s landlord would be charging $600. I don’t think it’s really worth that. Maybe the $500 she’s paying, but not really $600. And how would we be able to swing that? I don’t know. I kinda liked her apartment. It did have some sorta nice bedrooms. I’m sick of rugs though. And other than the bathroom and the kitchen, it was all rug. I liked the living room, it was kinda big, and the room off it. I can imagine how we’d situate things if we were to live there—some storage up in the closets, at least the one we’d use as P’s room. I’m not sure where the “garage” stuff would go, other than either at my dad’s or in a storage place. That living room is pretty much big enough that we could keep P’s toys, that and the computer room. I’d probably still feel stuffed. But we’d be off a main highway.

Speaking of my parents’ place though—my dad would be willing to let us take over the payments on their house. It would have to be next month. And dad would have to find himself a place. And we’d have to weed a lot of stuff from both places. But I’d have that garage to store stuff in, even if just for a little bit. D wouldn’t be crazy about the idea, she wants to stay here in town. I’d like to, too, it would be easier in some ways on the pocket book.

My sister also said she’d ask her landlord if he has any places down here. That might be nice, who knows?

But, yeah, other than that headache, now I just feel numb. I’m kinda sad, because I was thinking earlier that the only area I feel successful in is school. I told my mom that, and she said “yeah, because it’s the only thing you can control.” That and my writing…it always gets good reviews ๐Ÿ˜€ Now if only I could SUBMIT stuff.

And when I was walking by the day care director’s office door on my way to my second class today (if I go up the elevator just outside that door, it comes right on the classroom for my Ethics class), I overheard her talking to someone on the phone. That she told she’s going to be at a conference for the next 2 days, but she’d give them her cell phone so they could talk about “Allison”. It made me wonder. Should I worry? Are there other Allison’s she’d be talking about? I think I might have seen one volunteer whose name is Allison, and she could always be giving a reference….but it still makes me wonder. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I just feel empty. Numb. Lost. Worried. Responsible. Sad.

I want out of here so bad. And I feel like we’re in this big hole, and I’m the only one who thinks there’s a problem with that fact, I’m the only one who wants to get out, and I’m the only one who thinks we should do something about it.

So tired…..

Finally…the internet!

Finally, we have the internet at home. And what am I doing? Sitting at COLLEGE and doing all the things I plan on doing on the computer when I get home. Or now can do at home whenever I want with my little laptop. Oh well, it’s not like I’m accepting the last gift I’ll ever be able to accept on Facebook. Or putting the last fish in my fish tank (over at Fish World). Or accepting the last neighbor for whatever game I play.

And totally blowing off any reading for at least my first class of the day. I’ve got a test in it on Tuesday. I’ve been poking at the study guide here and there. Just things I know off the top of my head, what have you. I’m going to have to borrow my daughter’s highlighter and go through my notebook with the stuff I need to know.

I’m sneezing up a storm. Not sure why. Probably another bout of some sickness.

And I’m tired. Someone stupid was up until 2am. The kids were asleep. Before midnight, at least…or close to that.

And, as a closing comment, I’ll send you to a blog with a very accurate accounting of how I feel about the whole health care reform issue. I think there are a lot of people who have neither their head nor their heart in the right place. For the majority of those on the “no reform” side, it’s either about ignorance (they have never had to worry about where the money to pay for those doctor bills is going to come from) or money. Mostly about money. Pay special attention to her bullets. ๐Ÿ™‚ Really, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m just lucky, I’ve only been without health insurance for about 2 years of my life, maybe 3, but the quality of coverage we’ve gotten from my husband’s employer has dewindled significantly. It was one of the biggest reasons they went on strike during the contract negotiations nearly 9 years ago!

Finally figured out how to use the webcam on here. I might, sometime. We’ll see.

Later, gotta jet to class!

Criminal Justice degree Day 4 – Still lovin’ it.

It’s still going good, I’ve just got 2 unrelated things that are really bugging me.

1. I’m not feeling well. I don’t know exactly why. Maybe I’m coming down with something. Yesterday when I got home from classes and getting P from day care, I went in to lay down and do some reading, and instead ended up taking a nearly 3 hour nap. I’m still not feeling right at the moment, I feel sneezy (you know, when you want to sneeze, but it just kinda sits there not happening…), I feel blah, no amount of anything, drink, food or otherwise (other than sleep, which I really can’t do) is going to help me any right now.

2. There’s this girl who looks like one of my best friends from my first time around here. She was even at our vow renewal, which you should know was a year after I got done here. I haven’t heard from her in a REALLY long time. She’s subbed as a member of the crochet group I own, but we haven’t heard from her in a really long time and I have no way of being sure that if I email her she’ll respond. She’s plumper than my friend was, my friend had worked pretty hard to get rid of some of the weight she held, but then again she also had a kid, so I don’t know. I’ve seen her twice now, this last time we were both alone (she was sitting with someone the first time), and I’m pretty sure she saw me if it’s her, but I just don’t have the guts to get up, go over and talk to her ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Chicken, aren’t I?

Well, I’ve got class, and it’s one I’m looking forward to, so I will speak atcha later!

Thursday Thirteen – Water—or lack of access to that there of.

My village recently had a water main break, which the village government and the county are concerned may have compromised the water system (due to it’s lowering the water level, etc). In an effort to avoid whatever…things…might infest the system, they have put a 4 day “boil water advisory” on the town. So I’m going to challenge myself to see if I can come up with 13 things I (we) am (are) missing because of this.

1. A shower in my own bathroom – thank goodness my parents DON’T own a house in this village. Or else we might not have had a place to take a shower! We went up to my dad’s this evening ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Drawing a glass of water any time I want – I try to drink a lot of water, nearly every thing I drink is water. Or water based somehow. I can’t—I’ve got my tea pot full and a pot of water full of boiled water. I have to put it in the fridge before I can drink it. Or else it’s warm when I do. I’ve got to get some water from the store (gonna do that tomorrow!).

3. Washing my hands after using the bathroom – I just try to be really careful…or use the bathroom in the next town over (which is directly adjacent to our village.)

4. Washing clothes – yeah, I’ve got a load of T’s uniforms in, but I’m not going to be washing anymore…and I’m thinking I should go in and take those out. But then I’d have to touch them…ugh. How am I going to pull that off???

5. Washing dishes – OMG, I can not believe I just said that! Because I can’t stand doing dishes. But, again, it would be prohibitive to boil the water just for this. Though if I use one of the gallons of water I get from the store for that…I should be good to go, so it’s not too hot. Right?

6. Mopping the floor – Okay, I don’t ACTUALLY plan on mopping the floor today or even this weekend. But I can’t if I wanted to (because I have thought about it), because then I would, again, have to touch the water.

7. Drinking fountain drinks from any nearby store – because they run off of the village’s water supply and…do I really have to explain this part? Somehow I never got that the water used in the fountain machines was town water. Interesting.

8. Washing my face – I don’t do it often (and, actually, would use a diaper wipe more often than the sink and/or a washcloth), but I can’t now.

9. Brushing my teeth – we can still do this, but it means getting a glass of that boiled water…and most of the time it will be warm or have to sit in the fridge.

10. Preparing bottles – actually, this is more of a concern for whether or not my neighbor is able to prep the formula for her newborn son. But I see her bringing cases of water home, so I hope she’s already using that anyhow. I’ve meant to ask her for a while.

11. Cleaning – in general. I thought of mopping first because I’ve actually been pondering it, but I’d like to wipe down the windowsill behind me, and maybe my kitchen table. And my bathtub/shower needs cleaned too.

12. Eating salad or any vegetable – because you need to wash them.

13. Making other drinks – like Kool-Aid (okay, hadn’t planned on that) or fruit juices from concentrate (I think I have a can of apple juice in the back of my fridge).

1 thing I can still do with ease – Use the toilet! I mean, I don’t have to touch the water to use it, now do I?

To join in, go to the new Thursday 13 hub!

Proverbs 31 Ministries: Daily Devotions

Proverbs 31 Ministries: Daily Devotions.

“For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again, but the wicked are brought down by calamity.” Proverbs 24:16 (NIV)

My walk with God is not always easy.ย  No true walk with God ever is, all we have to do is look in our Bible.ย  However, I have to say that while today’s Devotion had a request to it, I look at this passage today in a different way.ย  To me, it tells me that, while I fall often, while I find things hard, I am a true follower because every time I fall, I get right back up.ย  I continue to look up, even if once in a while Satan’s influence starts to creep in and pull me down, and I know that somewhere down the line, things will be brighter.ย  God has given me my place—though I’m not totally sure I’ve found it or am fulfilling it—and things should end how they are supposed to.

S’More Reading

The only real difference to this list is that it’s going to be “S’more Reading” (as in I’ve already got a ton to do already for classes, but hey why don’t I add on some more, personal reading? Sounds like fun to me!). I figured that sounded close enough to the original to be kinda funny. Since I didn’t read them when I wanted to.

I’ll be reading them in no specific order. I am however grouping them by topic and author. I figure it’s not a bad idea to start getting my brain used to lots of reading, in different directions, and especially with “exercises”. So I’ve got a nice stack of books ready to go! And what a better way to share, but in a Thursday Thirteen post, too (though this is the only way you’ll know, LOL!) I’ll be back to edit it as well! If you’d like to read along, just click on the name of the book ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’m not getting anything from it, it’s just to show you what the book looks like!)

So, here you go:


Stormie Omartian:

1. The Power of a Praying Woman

2. The Power of a Praying Wife

3. The Power of a Praying Parent

4. Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On

Cynthia Heald:

5. Becoming a Woman of Faith

6. Becoming a Woman of Purpose

Joyce Meyer

7. The Confident Woman

8. Look Great Feel Great

Debbie Macomber

9. Knit Together

I’ve got several other Debbie Macomber books, but they are her fiction ones. Since I plan to ALSO be reading fiction along with all these, I’m not going to include them here. I didn’t mention that? What, you don’t think I can do it? Just you wait and see. I’m also working on reading the bible (as I joined a Read the Bible in 90 Days bible study group at church).

10. Faithfully Fit – Claire Cloninger and Laura Barr

Flylady (since her movement, she’s a subject on to her own. Plus she’s a real person, so she fits under the author sectioning):

11. Both Sink Reflections and Body Clutter


12. The Meaning of Wife – Anne Kingston

13. The Second Sex – Simone DeBeauvoir (NOT in the original French)


The Mommy Diaries – Tally Flint, Ed.

Thursday Thirteen a day early—follow up!

To participate with your own Thursday Thirteen, go to the hub! ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Pick up and collect garbage, put new bag in kitchen garbage can. mostly done

2. Eat something. โ€“ done

3. Take vitamins โ€“ never took them yesterday, though I took the bp meds, but I’ll go do them for today now! ๐Ÿ˜€ – done

4. Pick up things on floor โ€“ done, so I could put him to bed last night!

5. Vacuum โ€“ gotta hurry up and do this before someone makes another mess! – done. Now he’s making said mess.

6. Pick up clothes โ€“ bathroom, bedroom, and anything in between (because, sadly, there are some in between!) โ€“ done

7. Dishes โ€“ Pretty much done, other than last night’s dinner dishes and a couple other things. ๐Ÿ™‚

8. Make dinner โ€“ Italian Sausage with some rice thing somehow. Donโ€™t know the whole deal yet. โ€“ Based it on a recipe I found, but it wasn’t quite the same. The bulk of it was just things from other things I’ve done, off the top of my head. It was good. Usually, when I make things from “scratch” like that, they turn out really good. How does that happen?

9. Clean bathtub, floor and counter in bathroom.

10. Make laundry soap โ€“ homemade. Itโ€™s the only kind I use anymore! Gotta get some soap to use. Had to discuss this with T first.

11. Get to bed by 11, so that I can get up at 7 to bring my dad to yet another doctorโ€™s appointment! – ha ha, yeah right. Got up at 7 am, though I went to bed about 12:30. Thank goodness I went to sleep right away (but we won’t mention the fact that I got up at 6 because D’s friend called her, and I had to deal with D, who insisted upon walking to said friend’s house before school).

12. Sort and wash clothes โ€“ Sorted, just have to transfer when things are done, etc ๐Ÿ™‚

13. Get blood work (for GYN) taken โ€“ thatโ€™s one thing 11 is going to help…uh, I guess this is for tomorrow then.