Am I in trouble? – Health “maybe” (Part 1)

Well, hot damn, I guess this was a great big maybe, now wasn’t it?

However, I am here. I CAN remain consistent with something, and I WILL prove it to you.

For instance, the girls in my Girl Scout troop are getting into doing charity walks (with my daughter, that’s more “being forced by mommy”, but who is counting? It’s a good program, good for her, and she needs the stability. Though there is some of that….we won’t go into it.). Last year they did a local one, the Laurel Run, in July. Myself and one of the other troop leaders/mothers told the girls we’d join them this year. We have just over 9 week (9 1/2, roughly) to train for this—both of us have downloaded the Couch to 5K app, and we should both be done with Week 1 Day 2.

It feels good to be exercising again! I started last week. In part it was to “stomp out” some frustration on a personal on-going issue, but also it was finally time to start this training. And so I did, last Wednesday. I didn’t start with the C25K app though. I started by taking a walk first. Several. To get my stamina up, or at least make sure I didn’t get beat up by hitting the ground running without my body being used to moving. So I went for nearly a week of walks—and it’s a good thing I did! Because that first day, where I walked 2 miles, I felt like SHIT (sorry, but who really said this was a family friendly site? Not me!), and I hurt. But by Sunday (Mother’s Day, where I went walking with my whole family), I was feeling GOOD when I walked, and especially after. I was motivated to start the C25K app when the other mother/troop leader started hers, on Monday. Gotta catch up. I’m competitive, sometimes.

Okay, and I have to be honest. Half of why I started when I did with the walking was so I can have the energy to clean this place, and not feel half asleep all the time. Because energy begets energy. Now to be motivated and want to change how the place looks. Hell, I just want to change the place!

Now the only thing I’ve got to do is figure out what my weight is. Today I plan on going up to dialysis (first time I’ll have been there since mom passed) and get my ass weighed so I know where I’m starting from.

What I’m excited about, right now, is that I found a great website where I can log my workouts, see the changes in fitness, improvements in time and what have you—and, I just discovered today, log in all those things that I would keep track of on the Weight Watchers site when I was doing it—food, water intake, etc. I already knew weight was included in your profile, but this makes me happy. The site is MapMyFitness—I was looking for something I could map my routes with, to come up with ideas of where to go, etc, and found this. It’s not just for walking or routes, either. I LOVE the site and the app, though my GPS will give me fits—but that’s okay. Once I’ve completed a workout, I can come home and edit that workout on the site, so it more accurately approximates the actual workout! 🙂

And I’ve called for the follow up appointment for the GI scope. That’s one the 1st. I also have a general doctor’s appointment on the 31st, and I have to make a gynecologist appointment as well. That may be Part 2. I know I’m not done, either with reporting my fitness progress or with figuring out my health problems 🙂

I just know I’m not crazy 😀

It takes time.

Doesn’t it all.  But learning my way around the Ally and WP app is definitely going to be interesting.

Some updates…still not sure what is going on with the daughter.  I still think it is ADHD, but people need to be called again. 

I’ve not yet got a diagnosis as far as this recurrant pain in my back.  I think it’s my gall bladder, and a sonogram came back saying there are stones but the doc wanted to “double check” with yet another CT scan (added to the 2 in 2009 DURING ATTACKS), and since they (again) saw nothing there, the doc doesn’t believe that’s what it was.

With the holidays and new year, I got myself acrylic nails, am going to make an effort to take better care of and better appreciate myself, which once again includes makeup, and have made only 1 new years resolution.  I don’t usually make them, but this is a special situation, and something I know I can do something about.  In light of my keeping some things very close to the vest (which I should have done with this to begin with, it would have turned out differently. 😦 </3 ), I will explain no further.

100 Word Challenge – Rotten – 09-08-2010

This is the latest entry for the 100 Word Challenge, for the word Rotten. And, thankfully, it is a Clifton Saga episode. I do so love them! Enjoy!

Michelle sorted the kitchen. Her heart sank at the clumps of food left on the fine china she remembered from holiday dinners at Phillip’s grandmother’s when they were kids.

Seeing the bottom of the now empty sink, she moved onto the fridge. She almost passed out at the assault on her nose from the rotten food. It wasn’t the only thing to bring tears to her eyes.

Seeing Phillip as he had been over the last few months, not knowing where his mother was, had broken her heart. She did this because she knew he couldn’t.

She didn’t regret it.

100 Word Challenge – Nervous – 1/13/10

This is my entry for the newest edition of Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge. When I sat down here tonight, this entry didn’t even exist! I love how it fits again into the Clifton Saga. Will the magic never end? (I hope it doesn’t, and that I didn’t just jinx myself!!!) Enjoy!

Phillip stood at the door to the sanctuary, surprised at his nervousness. He looked inside again, where his and Michelle’s families milled around quietly.

A knot formed in his stomach wishing his dad had lived to see this.

The hand landing gently on his shoulder made him jump.

Behind him, Lee chuckled. “Nervous, son?”

Phillip slowly released a deep breath. “Absolutely.”

Lee put an arm around Phillip’s shoulder. “Things will be fine. She’s a fine young lady, and you’re a lucky man.” Lee patted him then went to take his place up front.

“Love you dad,” Phillip whispered to himself.

And now the author can go to bed, smiling hauntingly to herself. For various reasons 😀

So far this week, I’ve completed…

Many things. Below, you will see the list from my last post, with the completed tasks appropriately marked. I have to say, I’m pretty proud of how well I’ve done, at least when it comes to the house! 🙂 I’m working on the things for class too, but have not made the progress I’d LIKE. But I have made some, and that’s better than nothing.

Wash clothes – done. And brought them to the laundromat because the clothes HAD to be washed like NOW because of a small mishap with thawing the turkey, and the clothes in Mt. Washmore were the only things to soak all the water up (the towels too, but the clothes helped A LOT!).
Pick up floor – done
Pick up garbage – done
Vacuum – done
Sort P’s toys – done (I’m proud of this, it’s usually the kind of thing I DON’T get around to!)
Sort and bring down old toys for my nephew (to be) – done (same as above)
Fold clothes – done! I swear, I’ve never folded clothes faster than I did at the laundromat!
Get rid of game consoles
Dishes, dishes and more dishes – down to a few things from today, plus the glasses!
Weave in ends of baby blanket
Work on response paper – some—a start on part 1, not sure WHAT I’m going to do for the rest. I’ve got to find a way to watch the movie!
Research for debate on torturing terrorists – started! yay!
Do Social Statistics exercise

Also, I managed to:

Make a good grocery list for food
Go get groceries
Bring paper to be recycled
Bring sorted toys not to be handed down to Salvation Army
Make up the brine for the turkey
Make 2 apple pies

I think that’s it. I’ve been busy. I think my house looks pretty good 😀 I plan on taking the rest of vacation, after Thanksgiving, doing work for class.

I haven’t written anything since Monday night. It makes me sad. I hit a wall, which makes me feel real sad. But I’ll get through it. Sometime soon I’ll be able to make up all those words! I know I will! 😀

Windy (well, really, rainy…) Wednesday.

My day started with my daughter not feeling well. She got to stay home. I got to go to school. Which is fine, because I enjoyed it. 😀 As always, it was a good day.

I also managed to do some writing. I’m 900+ words into the novel. I already had 4 pages written, from back when I first started the story.

And I started finding the quotes for the next American Constitutional Law class. This next test looks like it’s going to be better because I’m getting time to study before and we’re into the material more, having already gone through this once.

I found that there’s a knitting group that meets at the store I have items at for consignment. I went to see if anything had sold (no, but I also asked if he was going to do the Farmer’s Market in the winter like last year, and he said yes and would keep me informed), and there they were sitting there. 🙂 I had a project in the car (one of the pairs of socks I’m working on) and so I grabbed it and sat for a while. I’ve got a class when they meet, next semester, but I’ll definitely return next week and when I can until next semester. What wonderful yarns some ladies had brought back from an excursion to Connecticut (some convention or something).

Almost time to get P. 🙂

Still trying to work through it all

Yup, I’m still working on figuring this getting out of this apartment thing. Most of the day I contemplated moving into my classmate’s apartment when she leaves, but I haven’t made that phone call yet. What phone call I did do was calling a Realty Management Company that my upstairs neighbor told me about, that she had actually used to get this place. I’m going to stop over there sometime soon (hopefully tomorrow between classes) and check it out, plus maybe a couple others.

My day went pretty well otherwise. My classes were interesting, and I even spoke up with my own views in my Intro class. The Judicial Conference (and especially the professor) in my American Constitutional Law class this morning was good for a few laughs.

I finally folded all those clothes that have been sitting in the washroom—washed, in baskets—this afternoon after I came home. Now P’s drawers are stocked with pants (because yesterday around the time I did the rug, I also sorted through our bedroom—no, that was the day before—and the boxes I had with his extra/winter clothes in, now one of those boxes has his shorts and sleeveless shirts in it) and shirts. I also went through the one cupboard in the kitchen that wasn’t closing because of all the stuff in it. P had commented on it the other day—I don’t remember what, but I told him it wouldn’t close because mommy has to sort through it. So she did. When I did our room, I also sorted my clothes and have a nice size box of clothes to donate. I’ve got to go through the trunk of the car sometime soon, hopefully when it’s not raining out…LOL!

Something else I’m proud of—I think I have my entry of the most recent word for VV’s 100 Word Challenge already written! That feels kinda good—now I just have to sit down and really work on the take home test for my Ethics class. Due to the democratic process, the due date for that was pushed back. Now it’s due on Tuesday. I’ve poked at it, and basically have what I want to put down, I just have to flesh it out.

I have at least 4 inches worth of the sock done. I work on it mostly in between taking notes in class, LOL!

Okay, I’ve got to go to bed, so I can get up tomorrow and start this all over.

I’ve got to measure that window, too, so I know how big of a window to get.

Take care 🙂

Criminal Justice degree Day #3…no sushi…

Another good day in class. I sat in the chair in the same spot as I did on the first day in my first class, and I seemed to fit in the seat better. But then I was probably bloated or something on the first day, or it was a different chair altogether anyhow, LOL!

Not much to report other than that, really. I’m going to definitely enjoy that first class. It’s American Constitutional Law, and it’s all very interesting. I’m so happy that I am getting this PCOS treated, because now I can think clearer. Definitely something I’m going to mention to my nurse practitioner next Thursday.

Another I wanted to mention—I ran into the woman who was my immediate supervisor at the library when I interned there. If you don’t know that background (many probably don’t, I doubt I’ve ever really mentioned it), I interned at the Seneca Nation Library for part of the summer before and part of my final semester for my last degree. My minor is Native American Studies, and so I was lucky enough to be able to get that as my internship, which has given me my only real official experience in a library. It was also the first time such an internship had been established (with the library I mean). As such, now I have friendships with the ladies who worked there. Only ladies worked the library….which I find a bit interesting. Anyhow, the director while I was there is now the Native American Consortium Chairperson at the college, so I go in there and say hi to her once in a while. I ended up showing her some privacy settings on Facebook. And she posed a question to me, which I still need to look into.

Okay, now other than THAT, I don’t have anything else. Tomorrow’s another day, and I’m definitely looking forward to it now 🙂

Take care!