Life is enriched by games, Part 2

So, as I said, the title(s, now), says it all. My boyfriend is pretty much (He says Himself) King Nerd. I loved playing games with my parents when I was a teen. My favorite was Miles Bourne, a French card game that’s basically a roadtrip. I’ve got the copy my parents had, it’s probably older than me. I’ve played a more recent version, and it’s nothing like the original. They’ve changed the rules a bunch. I’m not a fan.

That’s not the important thing. The important thing is I was going to tell you what I’ve been up to. Gaming has a lot to do with it. There’s a gaming convention in this area that we are a part of, my boyfriend has been on the board for years.

And we’re working with a company that develops games. They have one big one, which we are working on, that is a role-playing game without a Dungeon Master. It’s called Myythic (watchout, the site has music, for atmosphere). The dungeon crawl can be done online, the books are for sale in PDF form, on Drive-Thru RPG.

I’m new to role playing games and my boyfriend is an old pro, He’s DM’d for years. We both love this project. It’s fun and engaging for both brand new players and the old bards alike. Some components may be difficult to master for a new player, but it’s the kind of game that allows for the old guard to help a new player learn. Sure, things like D&D and GURPS are wonderful and allow for the same thing – and know I’m not knocking any DM I have met. But this game puts the power to control the game in the hands of the players.

I am working on a comeback. I have so much on my plate – work (same place for nearly 3 years now), a home life (child & boyfriend), kid’s activities (Boy Scouts, specifically, but if he/we come up with more things, well….), hobbies (I will NOT give up knitting and crocheting, despite it no longer being something we can bring into work), things connected to those hobbies (conventions, such as G*A*M*E, and any convention we have a table swap with that no one else volunteered for.), and anything that pops up (for example, most of July. Strep throat for me. Kid & boyfriend didn’t get sick, thank heavens. Then, I pulled something in my hip just over a week ago [as of when I finally post this dang thing. It took like 3 months of intermittently working on this before I finally got it done!]….not fun.). Of course, I pile on more. I have so many interests, so much MORE I want to do (just look at my Pinterest)…and I haven’t written much at all.

I will do my best to do more.

A quick word before I get to bed.

It’s been a long day. I have been up since just after 5 am, and it’s now just before 11 pm. I need to get up at 5 am yet again, and put myself together better this time!

But before I do, I will let you know about my progress.

The other day, when I become a member of, I joined up for the November writing challenge – which means writing at least 750 words just on the site – make that JUST ON THE SITE – each day. With that an NaNoWriMo, that means I will write – just with specifically writing to write alone – at least 3 thousand words a day.

That after I spend a feel 8 hour shift learning about Property and Casualty Insurance. And then, once this is all done – about the ins and outs of selling that for USAA. I’m actually really looking forward to that. But because I have to get up at 5 am again to do it all over (what I did today, only more studying this time), I’ve got to get this over and done with and get to bed! And I have to get to bed sooner, too.


(That was a very good year! 🙂 )

Okay, enough of all that. On to updating on my donation page, and then I’m going to bed!

By the way, there was no knitting or crocheting today, but there was some fingerprinting! I hope to get to the writing a whole lot sooner, and no major driving until it’s time to get my husband from work tomorrow!

All the exclamation points….

Oh, and I’m getting close to a milestone in both followers and posts, and I’m thinking about some kind of contest for one or both of these.

Went to the library and picked up some books in the horror section. Plus, a book on Snowdrops (a type of flower). Why? Research for Dead of Winter on Toasted Cheese.

Restlessly hopeful – ROW80 Check Up (long overdue)

As I sit here, waiting for the day to go by, I figure a post can’t hurt. It’s been almost 2 months since I wrote anything – let alone anything on here. I have 2 hours until I have to get my son from school (thanks to his choosing a double bass for his instrument for orchestra), so I still have time to go somewhere, get some time alone and just write.

General catch up: I’m almost to the point that the idea that we won’t ever go back to that last place in Fredonia ever again isn’t so shocking. I think that last time I had that feeling was when I was filling out the paperwork for my first real job in 20 years.

On that job – it went quickly. It wasn’t really for me – I wasn’t as great of a fit as I first thought, though in theory I like what their goal is very much. Enough said about that – I’ve moved on. I cried maybe 5 minutes, and by the time I got to the nearest temp agency I had registered at (which is maybe a mile down the street), I was done and ready to get back on the horse. So I went in, made another appointment for an interview with them (which ironically I just cancelled. Again. And I’ll tell you why in a minute, too. The first cancellation was for the first job), and called another agency. He said he might have something, but never called back. And I haven’t called them back yet, either.

Because I have other prospects. It feels good to be like “I might even be able to choose!” The best part – one of those is my dream job. I have an interview there tomorrow, another one for a nearly as dream job on Thursday, and if neither of those work out, I am signed up with yet another job that has training that will be starting next month. I’m excited. Either I end up working where I want a lot quicker than I originally thought I might, or I at least end up working somewhere with good pay!

And my husband is working. His job is through the first temp agency I mentioned, and it’s got a block schedule. So a few days on, a few days off, a few more days on, etc. He’s okay with it, even tho it’s not really what he wants to do (he’s still pretty mystified by that, tho), and he still is eligible for unemployment because he hasn’t been hired on full time.

As for everything else, my Round of Words specifically, here you go:

1. Writing Prompts: Nothing since the last time I posted. But, hey, I’ve been busy, so with my life in flux – do I have an excuse?
2. Networking: Not so much with writing, though I am contemplating joining the Springfield Writers’ Guild. The price for membership is doable – and it would give me some motivation, besides!
3. Personal: I have written a time or two in my journal. It’s also part of this afternoon’s plan.
4. Getting my work out there: Nope.
5. Editing: Nothing. Lame, I know.

I’ve got so many other interests and things that need done, so this is that part of the list:

No need to prepare for Missouri anymore. We’re there (here? Moved).
7. Read something: What Color is My Parachute by Richard Bolles. A suggestion by one of my mentors back in NY.
8. Crafting: Working on one of my scarves.
9. Tarot: Nothing since my friend’s reading. My general perception of the world has changed since I started listening to Abraham Hicks, so that might be part of why I’ve really shied away from things like tarot. Not that I don’t still love it!

DAILY – I’m sleeping a whole lot better now. I’m thinking the biggest reason is because of the reduced exposure to mold that I have now. Also, because there is less stress, and I have become more focused on things. My health isn’t bad – but I seem to have an on again, off again problem with my ear. I might be fighting an ear infection right now, there seems to be a clog. I’m working on that. I mentioned last time I’d like to find more salad mixes than what is at Sam’s Club – I have, actually. Other grocery stores carry Dole mixes, and those are pretty good. So my variety went from 2 up to almost 5. I think I’m losing weight, without much effort, just because of more movement and less food in most of the time.

I really think this was a great change. I’m happy about it. My son isn’t always, and my daughter would love her mom and dad back home. But, I know this was a good change for us, things are getting better, and I really think we can make a better life here.

My knee had started acting up in September. I think it was because I had fallen, and because things sorta slowed down and of course my weight, my knee finally yelled “I’m here.” I wore a brace for a while, but in the last few days I’ve been able to go without it, and not worry about the pain all up and down my right leg. I’m still careful, but I think things are getting better, like I said.

I AM still around!

I am still around. It’s just that with all this heat, my blood pressure has presented itself as a real problem. I think…I think it’s the weather that’s made it so evident, because I went to the er with vertigo on July 8th, and then again last night because I had a heart palpitation that scared me. I wasn’t taking any medication before the 8th – it was prescribed, but I had neglected my health enough, smoking cigarettes, etc – and so then the heat hit, and….I’ve spent most of the last couple weeks laying on the couch in front of a fan. Thanks to my wonderful best friend and her dad, we now have air conditioning, plus I still have the 2 fans that we had be using on as well. And water, lots of water. I just want to feel better, but I can’t stop crying.

Please excuse the whining, I’m just letting you, my writing friends, know that I want to be here, I just don’t feel up to par at all. 😦

Am I in trouble? – Health “maybe” (Part 1)

Well, hot damn, I guess this was a great big maybe, now wasn’t it?

However, I am here. I CAN remain consistent with something, and I WILL prove it to you.

For instance, the girls in my Girl Scout troop are getting into doing charity walks (with my daughter, that’s more “being forced by mommy”, but who is counting? It’s a good program, good for her, and she needs the stability. Though there is some of that….we won’t go into it.). Last year they did a local one, the Laurel Run, in July. Myself and one of the other troop leaders/mothers told the girls we’d join them this year. We have just over 9 week (9 1/2, roughly) to train for this—both of us have downloaded the Couch to 5K app, and we should both be done with Week 1 Day 2.

It feels good to be exercising again! I started last week. In part it was to “stomp out” some frustration on a personal on-going issue, but also it was finally time to start this training. And so I did, last Wednesday. I didn’t start with the C25K app though. I started by taking a walk first. Several. To get my stamina up, or at least make sure I didn’t get beat up by hitting the ground running without my body being used to moving. So I went for nearly a week of walks—and it’s a good thing I did! Because that first day, where I walked 2 miles, I felt like SHIT (sorry, but who really said this was a family friendly site? Not me!), and I hurt. But by Sunday (Mother’s Day, where I went walking with my whole family), I was feeling GOOD when I walked, and especially after. I was motivated to start the C25K app when the other mother/troop leader started hers, on Monday. Gotta catch up. I’m competitive, sometimes.

Okay, and I have to be honest. Half of why I started when I did with the walking was so I can have the energy to clean this place, and not feel half asleep all the time. Because energy begets energy. Now to be motivated and want to change how the place looks. Hell, I just want to change the place!

Now the only thing I’ve got to do is figure out what my weight is. Today I plan on going up to dialysis (first time I’ll have been there since mom passed) and get my ass weighed so I know where I’m starting from.

What I’m excited about, right now, is that I found a great website where I can log my workouts, see the changes in fitness, improvements in time and what have you—and, I just discovered today, log in all those things that I would keep track of on the Weight Watchers site when I was doing it—food, water intake, etc. I already knew weight was included in your profile, but this makes me happy. The site is MapMyFitness—I was looking for something I could map my routes with, to come up with ideas of where to go, etc, and found this. It’s not just for walking or routes, either. I LOVE the site and the app, though my GPS will give me fits—but that’s okay. Once I’ve completed a workout, I can come home and edit that workout on the site, so it more accurately approximates the actual workout! 🙂

And I’ve called for the follow up appointment for the GI scope. That’s one the 1st. I also have a general doctor’s appointment on the 31st, and I have to make a gynecologist appointment as well. That may be Part 2. I know I’m not done, either with reporting my fitness progress or with figuring out my health problems 🙂

I just know I’m not crazy 😀

Fear not…

I am still around, and working on various things. Life is not boring.

I am writing. I’m currently going crazy over a story for the PARSEC Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Contest. I PLAN on participating in Toasted Cheese’s Three Cheers and a Tiger contest later this month. I have to get back on the Velvet Verbosity 100 Word Challenge train. I try to work on prompts from Toasted Cheese’s web calendar—one of the prompts inspired me to take out a story I wrote in college, so I can type it into my laptop and start expanding on it (I have yet to do that, but…). I LOVE the process of writing—from the creation of the original story to the editing (I had a FLURRY of editing this evening on the PARSEC story), to one day hopefully the thrill of entering (again. I did once then chickened out on any others…for Toasted Cheese. Once….blah 😛 ). Next I will have to get critiques on my story. It’s due out in a month and 1 week! EEK! Better get on that!

Last year I hit a pretty low point because of a few things. The things with home life both seem to have worked themselves out some, and will forever be ongoing. The other thing that threw me for a loop has hopefully moved on to a chapter in which I no longer have to worry or hurt, but that I can live and be happy. I am so far, I just have to remember that things happen for a reason, and since life isn’t over for me yet—there is always hope. But not to hope too hard. At least right now.

I learned one thing with my mother’s passing, that has made me quite happy in some ways, and in another works into that other thing. It’s not a good idea to shun someone out of your life permanently.
– Unfortunately, that’s what happened between my mother and her sister—I did not see her sister from the time I was almost 5 to the day my mom’s body gave out.
– With my mother’s passing, a girl who had been my best friend for 13 years before I cut her out of my life for 7 contacted me through her sister, and we have been talking since (not, like, every day, but often).
– There was someone I cared a great deal for that I cut out of my life last year—but I reviewed both the instances I’ve already lived through and this one and—-holding them up to the light, I can see more facets to the lesson. Sometimes (like with my ex-ex best friend), you have to allow for that time. If I had been there through all of her trials, it would have hurt me worse than letting her go it alone (hey, I would have at least liked to have been there for her wedding!!!). Maybe that’s how it is with this other person—because right now while they are living in the situation they are in, it hurts to know they are going through it, because I care. Or maybe it just wasn’t meant to be anything, no matter how good some of it was. I don’t know. That’s not a lesson I know has been completed yet, and I’m just going to have to wait to be able to look back on it. All I know is that despite the venom I spouted for a few days last week, I still made sure to put them up in prayer at church on Sunday.
– Finally, and this one I often overlook even in my head when reviewing things, sometimes…sometimes if you put someone out of your life for a period of time, they are not going to make the choice to come back in your life when/if you do extend the offer. Yes, that has happened to. I’m good with that one, because I guess I came to terms with it a long time ago. She never really was THAT interested in being my friend….

Oh well. I’ve got a lot of great friends who have helped me through a lot over the years, cheer me on when things are going well or I am being authentic, and point out to me when I’m being a total douche or a total tool. 🙂 I LOVE my friends!

I’m knitting too. Currently I’m working on the shawl using the patterns from Knitted Lace Triangles that I used for the shawl my mom will wear for eternity (damn it, they put it on wrong! Oh well, it still looks beautiful!). I’ve messed it up several times and restarted it, but I have until July. Also, I’ve got purse kits that have been sitting collecting dust. I’m stopped where I did before with the first one, but I do plan to go back! I just love the lace triangle patterns so much!

Don’t go away…

I do plan to have more, shortly. My mom died at the end of January, and my grandpa died back in September. I’m contemplating what to post about my mommy dying—it’s gonna be a long hard road dealing with that, but I’m not going to write a post on the fly and post it—I’m going to make this one special, there’s a thought that’s been knocking around in my head that I want to do justice to.

I’m working on another big story, based specifically on myself and someone I care a great deal for. I may never submit it for publication EVER, but it’s a story I need to get out to work through yet ANOTHER issue—so it’s taking up my writing time.

The house is slowly getting back to where I want it. I work bit by bit every day—it had gotten pretty messy during January, but it really went to pot with the week that was after my mom died.

There is also a knitting project on the needle—a circular one, so it’s only one needle 🙂 I’m again using Knitting Lace Triangles—I made one to practice on, then I used the Leaf and Flower patterns to make the last item I will ever make for my mom—a shawl in a nice Royal Blue yarn I got from my grandma (I wonder if grandma noticed that when she looked at mom at the funeral home?). I’m using those same two patterns for another shawl, this time in 3 yarns I bought about 8 years ago (they are very thin, so I’m putting them together for this) and I’m going to enter it into the Chautauqua County Fair. I’m going to call it “June’s Blossoms” :-D. The Leaf pattern, the one that I use first and as a base, will be long enough to cover my shoulders, then I will keep going with the Flower pattern for a length. I work on it bit by bit every day 🙂

Of course, you know, I’ve still got all those projects I finished, I just need to weave in the ends. Well, I’d better get on those items. Unfortunately, the shop I had been selling things at on consignment closed…good thing I didn’t have much left over there…just a few items I think, but I have no idea where to go asking if I was really that worried! I need to get on them soon, because my bamboo needles are in there, and I love using them to make hats 😀

With mom’s passing—here I thought that Aimee’s passing was going to be the only one I get to mark at the end of January. But now I also have mom. She and Aimee are in the same cemetery (though not as close as I thought from dad’s description), and so I can go visit both of them! And they aren’t NEARLY as difficult to find as Mom’s parents!

Otherwise, I will do my best to keep this up (though some of you no longer need to come here to find updates. You know who you are!), I’ve got to get back in to the 100 Words swing of things. Current word is Engages. I’ve got to catch up some too, I also have 2 on the back burners.

Defining my dreams.

There have been many things I have said I want to do with my life here on this blog before.  I think where I need to start first is with my health.  And I believe I AM, by getting this possible gall bladder issue taken care of, and fighting with my laziness in dealing with my PCOS.  Why I am not proactive and energetic with dealing with and understanding that is incomprehensable…but the only way to go on from here is to define what I want and go after it.  If I listen to my horoscope (which I shouldn’t because of my Christian beliefs but frankly am anyhow since I check the app I downloaded at least once a day), defining it is the first key to achieving it.  And I can do anything I want to if I put my mind to it.  Which I already know about me without the help of some silly app or horoscope writer. 

So it is time for definitons. 

My ultimate goal is to either get over something or at the very least have that something feeling damn sorry.  And I am already such an awesome woman, that something should already be on that road.

But more so, I want to be a success.  For me.  In my own right.  So my mind, my eye, should be set to my goals and be set to working on them.

As I said before, the first thing I need to deal with is my health.  Over and above working with the health establishment…I need to get into an exercise routine.  One I have interest in and gets my heart pumping…in more ways than one!  I have one already!  One that ties in not only with my health stratedgies and interests, but also with a goal we have as a Girl Scout troop!  That is, last July we participated in a local charity run.  The girl who lives upstairs participated in it as well.  That weekend, she and I discussed what we would do in order to train.  I have to admit, I did nothing and continued to wallow in the funk I was in, smoking at least half a pack a day.  If I exercise, I know from previous experience that I do better in a variety of other areas, including housework (which needs to be improved upon, not a surprise).  At our last meeting doing the charity run yet again was loosely discussed.  I talked specifically to the main troop leader about a goal I’ve been contemplating re: just that issue.

So what is my goal?  To achieve a 5K run/walk by July.  To do that I want to start with Couch to 5K.  I don’t want to put it off until spring, I can foresee starting the work this week.  Or at the very least just as soon as the college kids come back.  So I can use the college’s facilities.  As an alum! 

I mentioned last time that I want to write again.  I got down, at that point, 2 100 Word Challenge possibilites.  That I liked.  And I have options for looking into any of my writing dreams.  I just have to put my key in (my mind, making that first step to finding what’s out there and DOING IT) and turning that key.

As for finding a way to contributing around here…before I manage to publish, I still have options.  Things I’ve done before and can do again.  Applications to fill out (some again). 

My options are open, the sky is and has always been the limit.  I AM better and would be an upgrade for ANYONE.  Isn’t my hubby the luckiest?

One interesting unintended aspect of a recent event is this…I’m starting with a clean slate with many things.  Right down to my hair, which I decided to cut short short short.  It looks GREAT, better than a professional cut I got some years ago, and this time my hubs did it :-D.  I’d show you, but I can’t get a good shot of myself, LOL!

It takes time.

Doesn’t it all.  But learning my way around the Ally and WP app is definitely going to be interesting.

Some updates…still not sure what is going on with the daughter.  I still think it is ADHD, but people need to be called again. 

I’ve not yet got a diagnosis as far as this recurrant pain in my back.  I think it’s my gall bladder, and a sonogram came back saying there are stones but the doc wanted to “double check” with yet another CT scan (added to the 2 in 2009 DURING ATTACKS), and since they (again) saw nothing there, the doc doesn’t believe that’s what it was.

With the holidays and new year, I got myself acrylic nails, am going to make an effort to take better care of and better appreciate myself, which once again includes makeup, and have made only 1 new years resolution.  I don’t usually make them, but this is a special situation, and something I know I can do something about.  In light of my keeping some things very close to the vest (which I should have done with this to begin with, it would have turned out differently. 😦 </3 ), I will explain no further.

Well, I….

need to apologize for any of my faithful readers (I’m sure if I had any, you’re all gone by now…). I’ve been lazy as of late. A lot that has gone on over the last year or so, I’ll be frank, I just didn’t want to share with the whole world. But, also, I’ve no longer got my own working computer (power/motherboard issues, not going to pay the money to send off to someone else to soder (sp?) the board back together)—I’m on my husband’s at the moment—and I’ve been in front of the computer but a slacker. No writing (I prefer to do it on my own computer, I’ve got so much saved there, and it’s MY work), just a lot of Facebook (FarmTown, some FarmVille and FrontierVille thrown in there. Oh yeah, and a lot of talking with one of my bestest friends from college :-D). I haven’t even been reading the blogs I read (until tonight, I just decided to put the password what-all in the browser here I use on my side of his computer, which I figured I’d better start writing on my own blog too.), either, so I’m just a horrible blogger and webcrawler. 😛

I’ll leave you with a wonderful song I’ve recently found. It really hit home the first time I listened—I literally started bawling, in part because I KNOW I was SUPPOSED to hear it when I did. The day I first heard it, I had a gynecologist appointment—I thought it was scheduled for 9:30am, and about 15 minutes before the appointment time, I jumped into the car and headed off. The song that was playing ended, I think maybe the djs or radio identification came on, and then this song. It’s so our story. It’s us when we met (at the beginning of the song—but we’re both the same age, as our birthdays are 5 days apart—we were both 19 :-)), and it’s so us RIGHT NOW. We are going through some interesting trials in our marriage, our 15th (which we hit 15 years on November 18th 😀 ) has definitely been the hardest, but frankly I think it’s also been the best in it’s own way. We’ve refound each other in some ways—some beautiful, some interesting, and some surprising. I’ve learned things about myself and my husband over this year—again, some beautiful, some interesting, and some surprising—and we’ve both grown incredibly. And I can definitely say I love him more than I ever have before. But I also know we have SO MUCH FURTHER left to go, mostly to bring this family and certain parts of it back together. But the commitment we made, and the relationship we were given by God is so special…through it all, I wouldn’t rather be facing all this in anyone else’s arms. No one knows or understands this man like I do, or ever could no matter how smart they might think they are (in their field or otherwise).

And, as a side note—my appointment wasn’t until 1:30, which is why I KNOW I was SUPPOSED to be in that car ONLY to hear that song!