Thursday Thirteen – Always…things to do, things to do

To once again give you all a glimpse at how far behind I let my house go (insert eye roll here), here’s a list of the top thirteen things I have to do around the house. It just never ends, does it?

Light at the end of the tunnel: T is working on clearing his credit history of all delinquent accounts, which will hopefully enable us to start trying to find our own home, using his credit history. There actually is not very much left for him to do. Heck, clearing up my credit history (other than my college loans) probably wouldn’t take too many months either! I’m kinda sad when I think about the fact that if I had taken the tuition refund and turned it to a savings account to accrue interest (instead of spending it all as soon as I got it or sooner), we wouldn’t currently have this problem. I could have paid of the loans pretty quickly, and/or looked into buying a home. Well, if I have the chance again, because of going back to college, then that is what I will do! 😐

So, without further ado…my list:

1. Send off accident claim paperwork – Not much left to do, just get a copy of the accident report and the invoice from the dealership for the repairs, then stuff the envelope with all that and the forms for the state accident report, and we’re done with this one. Much quicker than the last one. πŸ™‚

2. Dishes – how I hate them. Ran out of the last dishsoap I had day before yesterday, and didn’t like that one much (even though it was that really cool Green Works stuff), because it left an aftertaste on the cups. :-S

3. Pick up all of P’s toys – I went through all of them last night as I was picking them up, and transferred everything he was keeping into a large plastic container. He’s already dumped that thing out. It’s not really as bad as it sounds, though.

4. Vacuum the floor – oh how it needs it.

5. Sweep (and mop?) the kitchen floor – Popcorn is the bane of my existence. There’s popped popcorn all over the kitchen floor. Plus, the floor NEEDS mopped.

6. Fold previously washed clothes – Been digging through the baskets and the tub (not the bathroom tub, but the …. oh good grief) to find things for me and P. No more. 😐

7. Pick up bathroom floor – never ends. More clothes have made their way there.

8. Pick up garbage – UGH!

9. Figure out what is needed in kitchen and elsewhere – grocery list.

10. Go to store – Just when I have enough money, it seems it’s all gone 😐

11. Pick up bedroom floor – didn’t I just do this?

12. Wash more clothes – since that’s the majority of what’s on the bathroom and bedroom floors.

13. Go through things – Just a little at a time will do it, and we’ll be good to go with this place. I think if I have a “deadline” set, much like when we were preparing to go to Colorado last year, then I can go “I’ve got to have the house prepared for ABC by XYZ,” and I’m more motivated. My new target date is June. So I have to have things consolidated before then, so we’re not moving everything out of this house that’s here and that we don’t need. I want to look into a self storage unit as well. The problem is just deciding what things I do and don’t want to part with. A lot of the kids’ old things, like toys and clothes, are really difficult to part with. And some of it, I want to be kind and save for my sister when/if she and her husband ever have kids of their own! Then there’s the stuff (mostly old computer junk) that’s T’s. I wish I knew of a place to recycle computer stuff. Hey, P’s Sunday School teacher works at a computer place, maybe she knows of a place to send computer stuff to recycle!

Come back next week to see if I’ve completed my list. And to see other Thursday 13 participants, go to the new hub πŸ˜€

Wednesday is….the middle of the week, duh!

So, I’ve got a bit of a list in my mind today. Let’s see, I’ve got to:

Get another skein of blue – done
Pick up the floor – done
Vac – not yet
Do dishes – not yet, but the sink is full of water
Wash clothes – actually, did some yesterday, but I found D had left that wet in the dryer, so I ran that, and soon will put the swimming stuff in, then put T’s clothes in the washer, which I have yet to sort out.
Collect garbage – half done

I’m making a list and formulating ideas in my head of everything I’m going to gather and put upstairs before we leave. Don’t know who might want to come in the house while we’re gone, and I want it to look halfway decent while we’re gone. Also, I’m going to be bringing some projects (those dishcloths) and some books with me when we go, from my own collection of books in the living room, so I’ve got to go through all those so I know what I’ve got and I can bring a little of each of what I’ve got–business reading, spiritual reading, and *fun* reading. I’m not going to bring library books this time. πŸ™‚

Good news. Well, today T was searching for our copy of the Windows XP disk, so he could send it to his brother so he could set up his computer, and he found my Songs 4 Worship Country CD, and now it’s on my mp3 player (which I’m listening to in one ear. That way I can hear what P’s up to in the living room). I’m wondering it it’s possible to connect this to my radio in the living room. It’s got an auxiliary setting to it. πŸ™‚ That would be cool πŸ™‚ Sure enough, works like a charm. There’s a “line in” hookup on the side, which is perfect for the headphones part of the mp3 player, and there you go. Bet you can do the same with T’s friend E’s mp3 player, which is the whole reason I went looking for one to begin with! 😐 LOL! There are some 151 songs on my mp3 player. I know that, because the window on my radio says 151. That’s a lot.

So, is there anything else? Not that I can think of. Good news—Velvet Verbosity should have last week’s 100 Word Challenge entries up today, at least she said she would. I’ve written some today too. I’m planning on also bringing some old sheets of prompts and my notebook with when we go out, so I’ve got prompts to work from, and paper to write on. Since I know I’m not going to be at a computer much. I’ll also bring my jumpdrive, for when I’m near a computer and maybe I can print things out! Or look at them!

That’s it. I’ve got an afghan to go finish! πŸ™‚ And pompoms to make!

Thursday’s Pace…


Why is it that any time I spend a good portion of the day outside of the house, that I don’t have an easy time of getting things started when I get home? Well, at least on any day other than a MOPS meeting day? It may not help that I didn’t get to bed until 2 last night (AGAIN, UGH!), or that I bumped my head on the bottom corner of a CD rack that we mounted to the wall after P was born—right on the forehead, and it hurts—always when I poke at it (it’s like a tooth with a toothache), and often when I’m not poking at it. It’s interesting to feel, because I have this little bump at the spot where the very corner connected, and a bit of a line where the rest of the portion that connected…uh…connected. It makes me wonder how much P’s head must hurt each time he bumps it, and makes me even more afraid of all the damage that could be done, not to mention more afraid of him hurting himself again. 😦 He’s my baby!!!

I’ve been thinking about restructuring, reformatting and redecorating around the blog. It looks so plain and dull sometimes. I mean, sure I want the focus to be the content and not the context, but it’s got to look nice too, right? I’ve done a lot of stuff around here—I write my own html for the content in the sidebar (one place I need to clean up), and I’ve put in the pictures for the header myself. I figured out how to put the picture the header was created from up as the header on my Blog365 profile page. Go me—I did that a while ago, but still. I’m going to go through my bookmark folders too. What I decide is going to stay there will end up in my links sections. I’d love a pull down menu so visitors can visit my favorites, instead of having to scroll down forever to find the site they want to look at. Okay, they’ll have to anyhow, but that’s not the point. I’m going to make my site look pretty, that’s all.

Got any good, decently priced options/advice?

I’ve even got dinner planned. It’s getting late in the evening now (6pm), so it’s good it’s a quick dinner—taco salad. D’s been asking for it off and on.

I’m going to make up a list to make myself accountable:

Dishes (there’s not many left)
Pick up clutter on floor

That’s it for now. Back later.

Relief is…

A clean countertop. It felt so good to wake up this morning with almost all the dishes done (I had another bowl to wash, then T used something this morning), and the counter and table cleared. So, there’s not too much to do today.

We went out to the bank (actually got there this time, LOL), and to grab a few things for stuff like the cookies for the church’s Christmas in the Park tomorrow. I’d really like to help with the gift bags too, but with having to juggle kids, it’s better that we just do the cookies, especially since I’m going to have to deliver the Penny Saver’s tomorrow instead of Sunday.

There’s still the inside of the fridge and the bottom shelves and drawers to do in there. Maybe that’s what I’ll go do now. Sometimes it’s kinda hard to get things done after going out first thing after I get up, so it’s a good thing I don’t have a huge pile of dishes to wash anymore!

Things to do:

Inside of fridge
T’s clothes
Make Christmas cards list, maybe start addressing them
Bring D to Girl Scouts by 6
Dishes (what few there are :-D)

That’s good. And in there I will also work on roses πŸ™‚

Fwd: Thursdays’s Trek

What can I say? I just have a thing for alliteration! :-S

Today I plan to:

Put away the clothes I folded last night
Put P down for a nap
Finish the dishes
Start cleaning out the fridge
Work more on some roses
Do more of T’s clothes
Change the Penny Savers on the floor
Write the rent check
Make a SHORT grocery list (I know we at least need garbage bags!)
Throw dinner in the crock pot (salsa and pork chops)
Take the garbage down to the dumpster

Well, I think that’s it. I’ve got to wrangle a little boy down for his nap!

Wednesday’s Plan

Dishes (of course!)

27 flings around the house, of both varieties

Fold whatever needs folded, and put away
Sort things on futon
Pick up the floor
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc

Start Advent project with kids
Clear mantle
Figure out dinner

I didn’t get very much done yesterday—I folded one bit of clothes that needed to be folded, and I made dinner, and went to Weight Watchers (where I learned that I gained nearly 2 pounds, oh well). But I was another one of you who were tired. I didn’t go to bed as early as I intended to (I had all intentions to go to bed when I put P down, but then I got back up and worked on a few things), but I did go to bed at a much more decent hour than usual and got up, officially, at about 10. Since then I’ve been working on my dad’s scarf, and I will start doing the list again at about noon. πŸ™‚

Tuesday’s Territory Transformation

Here’s today’s PODA:

Dishes (of course!)
27 flings around the house, of both varieties

Fold whatever needs folded, and put away
Sort things on futon
Pick up the floor
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc

Start Advent project with kids
Clear mantle
Figure out dinner -split pea soup or salsa and pork chops in the crockpot, or even chicken and salsa in the crockpot.

I’ve still not figured out where we’re going to put the tree. 😐 There are few places it can go that it’s not right in someone or something’s way :-\ I’m not feeling very motivated either. I went to MOPS the morning then to see my mom, and I’m just not wanting to do much of anything. But, they only way it will all get done is if I put one foot in front of the other, so that’s what I’m going to do!

Finally, the PODA

So, I promised someone a PODA. I’m sure you just want to see the dones, so after I get done writing this out, I’m going to take 2 ibuprophen (my head hurts and the lower half of my body isn’t far behind thanks to walking on those sidewalks yesterday—because of my bad ankle I’m hyper conscious of walking on slippery pavement, and those boots are heavy! I’ve had the same pair for the last 3-5 years, and they are so good and sturdy that I’m not going to go get myself a new pair any time soon! I LOVE these, and at least if I was going to get a new pair this year, the same place I got them still sells that style! They’re guy’s boots, not womens, but I LOVE them because I’m not one for the fancy boots they sell in the women’s section), then start to work on this list. I’ve already called the leads that Mary sent my way. No one is ever home, etc. :-\ I think I’ll start with D’s clothes…

Sort through the baskets of D’s clothes in the living room
Clear off and move the computer desk that used to be sitting under where the ceiling is leaking (I’m going to put it by the door and use it to house the shoes and as a place to put things when we come in the door. I’ll keep it clear!)
Dishes (of course!)
27 flings around the house, of both varieties
Wash P’s and my clothes
Move what’s in the washer to the dryer
Fold whatever needs folded, and put away
Put the iron-on letters on my bag (a bit of an advertisement, it’s the bag I not only use as a purse but more importantly carry candles in. It’s going to say “Makes Great Gifts”)
Sort things on futon
Pick up the floor
Sort/clear off this desk of all the papers, etc
Start Advent project with kids
Clear mantle
Bring down Christmas stuff (maybe some of the stuff on the old computer desk can go upstairs too, after D gets home)
Decorate with said stuff

This is a bit ambitious and I’d really like to take a nap, maybe when I put P down, but I don’t think I’m going to get to. I need to do too much around here, it’s my own dang fault, and I’ve lazied around enough lately. Some of this may bleed into other days, but I’m going to start now. 15 at a time.

Friday’s Fiascos?

My Friday really isn’t all that bad. I just wanted to title it in kind. I really would like to change my blog title though. I see so many clever ones during the Thursday Thirteen, I really felt rather ashamed. But if you look in my comments, I guess I made some impressions on some people, so it’s not so bad πŸ™‚

When I first sat down here, about 4 hours ago, and opened up my main browser to look and see if I had anymore comments on my TT post, I felt really good. I mean, sure I’m not wonderfully super popular (I never expected to be), but at least SOMEONE read SOMETHING on my blog and found it interesting. I don’t want a lot of people commenting on my blog, that’s really not what it’s for (and there are certain people I point towards my blog that I REALLY don’t want commenting on it), but I always did wonder who and/or how many people read my blog. Mine’s a listed blog, but I doubt a lot of people like to “blog surf” like I often do, with those “next blog”, “last blog” buttons, and come upon mine. But I wouldn’t know either, now would I, if I don’t leave my comments section open, huh?

Now I feel kinda low. I don’t think the headache that, when I went in to put P to bed (at 11, ugh!), I realized I’m getting helps any. This time my teeth definitely are NOT to blame. I think this stinkin’ place doesn’t help any. It’s not nearly big enough for 4 people, possibly adding T’s mom would just be CRAZY, and I CAN’T STAND IT because the place is LITERALLY falling apart!!! Yes, the leaks in my ceiling still exist and, even though I wanted to call the resident manager at least twice today, I didn’t get my phone, fingers and my ear to work together towards that goal at the same time. Sometimes I had the phone in my hand, sometimes I was thinking about it, but not ever at the same time, and any time I asked people to get me the phone no one really did, and now it’s kinda too late to inquire about what the last thing he did about it was. He told me something about how he was going to get a new pipe for the water, since the one that has been there gees who knows how long and was getting no water pressure but now is (what difference does that faucet make in water pressure? He replaced that the other day up there) is cracked. I hate having the constant sound of water dripping in this room, it smells funny…I think I will be taking the fellow Girl Scout mom (who happens to know some other tenants here in the park) up on her offer of getting my landlord and resident manager (even though I’ll tell ya I think he really is a good guy deep down) in some trouble with the state. Actually, what I would PREFER is just to get out of here. Right now our credit is so HORRIBLE that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to buy a home, even if we wanted to do it here.

But, through it all, all I’m trying to do is turn it to Him. He’ll get us out of here when and/or if we are supposed to.

A short time later: I recently got done talking with my wonderful mentor with the candle biz. I found a house nearby in the rental ads that I know is on the market. I talked with her about different things, including how much I can’t stand this place. Sometimes I wonder what it is that’s holding me back—me and my expectations or me and my fears. I wonder often if it’s not the latter. I have big dreams.

At the base it’s to take care of my family. Often I may not live up to that, spending too much time on things like the computer, things that center my time on myself and not the rest of the family. But I want the peace of mind of knowing my bills are paid (most of them are, the basic heat, water, electric are, plus phone and cable especially now that they are forever again linked, but there are a few bills that people keep bugging me about that I didn’t realize at the time would grow so big—20% insurance multiplies easily, and 20% of an $80 bill is a lot different than 20% of a $2000 one. 😦 And those bills have existed since 2005. Yeah, guess what’s it’s from?). It’s part of why I started the candle biz. But I question how much I really want it…

I question a lot of things. My faith sometimes. I believe, but do I believe enough? I want to take care of the family, clear away the bills, but do I really give all of the time I need to to them? Really, right now I want to curl up in a little ball and just weep for a while. Even though it’s 2 in the morning, that’s not really an option. I need to go to bed. I’m going to do the candle thing next Saturday. I’m a bit depressed because this house is a mess and that stupid hole in the ceiling doesn’t help one bit 😦 The last thing I want to do is come to God with a greedy heart, asking Him to do for me when I’m not even sure I do for him, and expecting something in return when I do. That’s part of what’s holding me back with tithing….am I putting what I put on the check because I want to give back to Him and thank Him for giving us what He has, or am I giving back in expectation of getting more back in return? It freezes me and just about brings me to tears.

Well, I guess I’ll spend the rest of this weekend deep in prayer, even while I go around and do other things. I should write down what it is in a new apartment that I feel we need.

  • 3+ bedrooms, more rationally 4 so his mom can move in. Looks like we’re the ones that will be blessed with that.
  • 2 baths (I mean, really…she needs her own. We can handle using the same one :-))
  • laundry hookups—I’ve got the machines
  • hardwood floors—I can’t stand rugs, even though I don’t mop in the kitchen often. But that’s a bit of a hassle, you don’t know my kitchen floor—I can’t really tell where it’s dirty and where it’s not a lot of the time (see the evil pattern? Picture courtesy of my 2 year old. Yes, sometimes we let him loose with the camera because he just loves the whole thing of taking the pictures, with the noise it makes and the flash. I’m his favorite papparazzi subject, according to T):

  • 2 floors. None of our apartments have had 2 levels.
  • somewhere to STORE things we don’t need 24/7 right out in the middle of everywhere. So a basement would be nice. Craft stuff may or may not go down there—if we can have 4 bedrooms plus at least one room or a good amount of space that can handle the computer—something like the cubby hole at the house we went to the estate sale at today would be good, looks like once it was a little closet or something (hey, THAT house would
    be cool, even! ;-))—it would be nice, then I can stick things out of the way and have my VERY OWN, PERSONALLY HOSTED HOME PARTY!!!!! In my OWN HOME!!!!!
  • open floor plan. I’d like to be able to look from my living room into my kitchen, and especially vice versa
  • safety. I don’t want to worry about the little guy toddling out a door easily. I want that open floor plan bad—I want to be able to see the main living areas from each other.
  • dry basement. This would be the best place to store thing we’re not using. And maybe turn part of it into her bedroom for the time she’s with us. Or not. But I want a basement.

On a fairly positive note, here’s something pretty to even out the possibly bad mood I put you into. The first 14 flowers (5 yellow, 5 pink, 4 purple. Count them :-)) I’ve made for the workers at mom’s dialysis unit….

Today’s Journey

Not too creative right now on my post titles. Oh well 😐

Today wasn’t too bad. P and I had to wait until nearly noon for T to get home from work. Missed him terribly. Ended up intertwined with him this evening, so that more than made up for it! But I was crabby up until he got home.

I have to apologize, I just got done reading a lot of other people’s Thursday Thirteens, so now I’m a bit tired because of how late it is, and I forgot about half of what I wanted to mention. Let’s see if I can remember something….

I managed to get a few things done today. Some dishes, folded some clothes, gripped to the resident manager about the water coming from our ceiling (:-( Which hasn’t stopped, I’m going to call and complain tomorrow, again), took a SEVERAL bags of garbage that T was supposed to but just hadn’t yet. That got me to decide to sweep up the leaves that had collected in our little “patio” area. Here’s a look at the pile:

That’s all of them collected up. We’ve got our own pile! But don’t go jumping in them because it’s on asphalt after all!!! We’ve got more down the side of the house, but I’ll probably just leave them alone until spring.

I took a picture of the sky while I was out there, but it looks darker than I remember. It was still nice to see a bit of blue peeking out of the clouds.

Tonight’s going to be another late night, but not completely because of P. He went down fairly easily tonight. But it was later than I wanted (which is always 8). I didn’t finish dinner until after 8, but then that’s in part because of being intertwined with T. We were cuddling for at least an hour—but no need to ask where the time went!

I played around a bit again with Paint Shop Pro earlier today. I made the new banner you see under my description, and the new plug button too. It’s not how I really wanted it, and I think I might revise it, but it did about what I wanted anyhow, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Oh, but when I pasted “plug” it was still a bit of a surprise.

Can’t have anything other than water now. I haven’t had anything to eat since dinner, which is only possible because of the horrible medicinal taste from the stinkin’ mouthwash they prescribe when you have dental problems like T and I do. 😐 My mouth still hurts from yesterday, but at least I have my “picket fence” back, right? I’m going to try to work really hard to keep it!!!!