Day 17 in the life of a novel writing author

I’ve been around, I just haven’t been around here. I’ve got things to do, like write a novel and take tests and do homework and suffer a weekend of MAJOR tooth aches. 😦 That last part wasn’t fun, the rest were.

Of course, with writing the novel, it’s starting to come a lot slower. I think it started last week, because even though I was doing research (on dresses, and hats, and asking the person who originally gave me the idea for what he wanted in the book), it was starting to feel stale. It’s halfway through the month, maybe it will pick up again in the next week or so.

Our counselor told me that it’s bad luck to call a book a novel before it’s published, until then you should call it a manuscript. Well, I guess then I know several thousands of people who are going to suffer from a serious bout of bad luck. I think he only said that because no one picked up his book. Oh well…I’d love to be published, but if all I do is write, I’m okay with that too. I know I have an amazing talent, but sometimes I just don’t feel as if I’m going to be able to measure up.

I know I can measure up okay when it comes to grades. I got 2 tests back yesterday. The first (American Constitutional Law) was only 1 point lower than the test before. The other, I didn’t find out the whole grade, just how I did on the multiple choice (Intro to Criminal Justice) — 29 out of 30. And I was the top person on the first page. Boooya!

Well, I have another class to get to, and I want to get there so I get my seat at the back of the room. I don’t like sitting anywhere else.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow is my 14th wedding anniversary. Seems like forever ago now.

Just over a 5th of the way there!

Yay! I’m currently at (officially) 15,297 words. It’s been fun so far. And it’s still flowing.

The test today didn’t go the way it should have. I don’t know why, but I totally messed up on one question.

And now I’m super tired again. Also don’t know why there. Good thing it’s almost time to get this place picked up and go to bed! I’ve been battling a headache off and on.

Take care, later.

House is not a cure for end of the weekend itis. Sleep is.

It’s been a fairly dull weekend, but I’ve been busy the whole time. What have I been busy doing for the majority of my weekend? Sitting with my laptop in my lap, typing away. I joined one of many who decided to throw all caution to the wind and write a novel.

Yes, a novel. That means NaNoWriMo. And I’m in good company. The person whose participation made me decide to join in was Velvet Verbosity‘s (btw, I’ve got this next challenge’s piece written, I’m just giving it a couple days to stew and veg before I go back and look it over and decide if it’s really the one I want to post. But chances are pretty good it will be, because it’s right along in the flow of the Clifton Saga πŸ˜€ ). I’ve seen other people who are joining in too:

Susie over at Susiej
Jennifer, who is forever writing to survive (though you know, some of us write just so we can breathe, because without it we would die. Or feel like we were dead. Which is something I’m starting to realize…)

Oh heck, ya know, it’s really late, and I’m really tired. I should be doing some studying, but I’ll just check it out later, in the morning at college.

If I missed people, it’s just because I’m tired and I’m sick of leafing through my blogs over at Bloglines.

Currently my word count is 12,367. I’m a bit behind where I should be, but I’ve got things still flowing and scenes boiling around in my head, so it’s not like I’m never going to get there. I think, if I slow down and have some problems on how to jump the short distances to my few background scenes for these boys lives, then I’ll do the big leap and do the big finish, because I do want to get to that too. It’s going to be interesting. πŸ˜€ And I have an inkling that it’s going to be a big portion of this story.

The good and important thing to remember is that editing is for December. For now, I’m just trying to make sure that the names are in the right order, so I know who is in what scenes.

Wish me luck. It’s bed time!

Windy (well, really, rainy…) Wednesday.

My day started with my daughter not feeling well. She got to stay home. I got to go to school. Which is fine, because I enjoyed it. πŸ˜€ As always, it was a good day.

I also managed to do some writing. I’m 900+ words into the novel. I already had 4 pages written, from back when I first started the story.

And I started finding the quotes for the next American Constitutional Law class. This next test looks like it’s going to be better because I’m getting time to study before and we’re into the material more, having already gone through this once.

I found that there’s a knitting group that meets at the store I have items at for consignment. I went to see if anything had sold (no, but I also asked if he was going to do the Farmer’s Market in the winter like last year, and he said yes and would keep me informed), and there they were sitting there. πŸ™‚ I had a project in the car (one of the pairs of socks I’m working on) and so I grabbed it and sat for a while. I’ve got a class when they meet, next semester, but I’ll definitely return next week and when I can until next semester. What wonderful yarns some ladies had brought back from an excursion to Connecticut (some convention or something).

Almost time to get P. πŸ™‚

What a nice day, and it’s a Monday?

Yup, today’s been a good day. And it’s even Monday. I was really productive today. I think it started when we helped my dad do leaves on Sunday. That actually felt good. We did windows too.

You’re going to have to forgive me, I started this in the evening but ended up working on my take home test (finishing it…I did start it last week) until 2 am, because I ended up talking to my sister-in-law for nearly an hour about our husbands, learning things I had wondered about and learning I’m not alone in the world of T and T2 (I’ve used that for my BIL before πŸ˜€ ).

Anyhow, what I’ve done today—made a REAL dinner (pork enchiladas, with peppers), picked up all the clothes in the house (that I have control over), washed was what in the washer, transferred it to the dryer, then washed a load of T’s shirts and hung them up on the rack in the washroom, and then washed yet another load, this time of his uniforms. Collected garbage, walked to the Park and Ride instead of taking the bus after class, and scrubbed one of the walls in the bathroom, posted D’s old bikes on Freecycle (and had who I WANTED come and pick the bikes and P’s trike up), reposted about the treadmill (and had a bite), and posted D’s old clothes on Freecycle too and (of course) had several bites. It sucks when you get more than one bite, and half way down your list resides the person you actually want to get the clothes 😦 This time it’s a guy who says he has 3 girls and needs the clothes.

And signed up for NaNoWriMo. Do I need to add more things? I just need, now, to figure out what to write about. Would it be bad to work on the Why, AZ book now?

A new day, a new dawn.

I feel better today. Not sure why. I don’t think I’ve really caught up on my sleep like I should. You know how I am about sleep. πŸ™‚ You don’t? 😦 I love to sleep, but I also like to stay up late at night. 2am is a good time to go to bed. But it’s also rough on the body, rough on the mind, and not good to day for multiple days on end. Some times when I stay up that late, I start getting paranoid towards the end. That’s the best way to describe it. Sometimes, if I haven’t had enough sleep, it’s tough to think straight or get myself motivated, or get things done I want done, or think straight (yeah, that’s right, it DESERVES to be mentioned twice). Sometimes, if I stay up that late, I can go right to bed. Even get up at our usual time (between 8:30 and 9am, with and without the mechanical alarm clock. P’s a great alarm clock on his own!). Sometimes if I stay up that late, I’m groggy and can’t get the slug out of bed. I suppose everyone’s like that, huh? Sometimes, if I’m up that late, my mind’s going a million miles a minute. Some of the entries for VV’s 100 Word Challenge were done that early in the morning (not all of them. In fact, I just about have the one for Place complete, and I was just working on it. I feel really good about it. There’s even some history to it—you’ll be let in on that when I post it :-D).

The test in Social Statistics today feels pretty good. I even took the time to celebrate it. A few of the questions took a couple tries and a couple examination, but once I got them, I was good. And I had a brain fart at least twice. But I got that too.

I think going down a couple needle sizes is going to help with the socks. I just was not satisfied with how they were casting on 😦

I think I have Place in place, so I’ll give it a few hours to stew and then see how we are later tonight. I anticipate posting it this evening πŸ˜€

Criminal Justice degree – Day 7 – some relief is on the horizon!

Because tomorrow D goes to school! Yay! Then I won’t have to worry about T being up all day (like he has been the last 2), and I’ll be able to stay before, between and sometimes (at least MWF) after class and not worry about where she is when. πŸ™‚

Still enjoying classes. This week starts the “real” work—we have a quiz tomorrow (in American Constitutional Law), I’m going to have to do some REAL work for Social Statistics, which is due next week but I’ve started working on tonight. The in class activities in Intro to Criminal Justice don’t really count count, because they’re…normal. Started the second day of class. Ah well. Or was it 3rd. Anyhow, no big, though I’m going to start being a whole lot better about taking notes on the reading. I thought the other day when I was doing the reading for Monday’s class that maybe I should take some notes—didn’t, and what do you know, but the very things I thought “hmm…I should be taking notes on this” was what the question was about, and he didn’t let us use our text! 😐

I finally have a cell phone. T told me on Saturday or Sunday that he’s getting me one. It’s still just a prepaid “until we get a contract” he says—when his credit history improves more. I have to say, I’m not so sure if we’re going to be buying a house now, I’ve kinda lost hope and am kinda starting to come to grips with the thought that maybe we’re going to live in this slum house for a while. I don’t like it, but I’m going to have to deal, right? I just want out though.

Anyhow, the cell is so that I can stay in contact, at the very least by text, with everyone when I’m at the college. It’s easier than talking to T over Facebook 😐

I need to turn in soon, so as soon as I’m done with editing that “Summer Reading” post to “S’More Reading”.

This weekend…

Has not gone by uneventful. It’s been full of dealing with a certain 13 year old. I suppose all my days shall be full of dealing with this child, at least for the next 5 years. Then we get a 4 year break, and see what it’s like with the little guy.

Also, I’m working on doing the cleaning I’ve been wanting to do for the last 2 weeks. Not totally sure why I’m not up to it, but I’m just not as up to it as I’d like to be. But I’m finally doing it. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to the main event yet—that’s what I plan on dealing with when I get up from here. I have to keep from sitting down a lot better, that’s what slows me down.

I am starting to wonder if there are certain things that are starting to affect her with our condition. I would not be surprised at all if she also ends up suffering from PCOS. Her mood has gone down, her concentration ability has gone down, and she’s got acne pretty good. What’s a lot and what’s not a lot when you’re a teenager?

Criminal Justice degree Day 4 – Still lovin’ it.

It’s still going good, I’ve just got 2 unrelated things that are really bugging me.

1. I’m not feeling well. I don’t know exactly why. Maybe I’m coming down with something. Yesterday when I got home from classes and getting P from day care, I went in to lay down and do some reading, and instead ended up taking a nearly 3 hour nap. I’m still not feeling right at the moment, I feel sneezy (you know, when you want to sneeze, but it just kinda sits there not happening…), I feel blah, no amount of anything, drink, food or otherwise (other than sleep, which I really can’t do) is going to help me any right now.

2. There’s this girl who looks like one of my best friends from my first time around here. She was even at our vow renewal, which you should know was a year after I got done here. I haven’t heard from her in a REALLY long time. She’s subbed as a member of the crochet group I own, but we haven’t heard from her in a really long time and I have no way of being sure that if I email her she’ll respond. She’s plumper than my friend was, my friend had worked pretty hard to get rid of some of the weight she held, but then again she also had a kid, so I don’t know. I’ve seen her twice now, this last time we were both alone (she was sitting with someone the first time), and I’m pretty sure she saw me if it’s her, but I just don’t have the guts to get up, go over and talk to her 😦 Chicken, aren’t I?

Well, I’ve got class, and it’s one I’m looking forward to, so I will speak atcha later!