What I’m up to – Fractured MMO

I have still been around, I just haven’t posted anything. Been a little busy, but truly not enough to keep me from posting anything. Sorry.

I’ve been keeping up with Curious and the crosswords there. I like the tidbits of information you can get, but playing the crosswords is a sufficient mental exercise to make me feel like my brain is still working properly. I feel like I’m so filled with adrenaline with work, and it all drains away when I get done, that I do worry about my mental acuity when I’m not working.

The other thing I’m up to (and that I mentioned in the post title) is the online MMO Fractured. I don’t get involved in a lot of MMOs (I was going to say “I don’t get involved in a lot of games,” but I literally have the 2 phone games I play pulled up with me right now, one on my phone and the other on my tablet, and there’s a reason why I won’t play Pokemon GO – because it would take over my life). I think the last one like this that I played was Envoy (?) some 10 to 12 years ago, but my boyfriend has been into this since he contributed to the Kickstarter way back in 2017, has been playing it, plays it on his Twitch channel when our house internet isn’t taken over by me working, and he’s gotten not just me, but his sister-friend before me into it.

It’s in Alpha testing right now, and you have to have a certain level of package, or a testing key to get into it, but we can talk about it (hence why he’s playing it on his Twitch channel every single chance he gets), show it off, and recruit people for it.

Besides just linking both things I’ve mentioned today, I’m going to specifically link my recruiting links here:



I hope the rest of you have a happy weekend, and I will do my best to return again soon!

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