Link Lovin’ #1, Series 2

In an effort to put SOMETHING up, I want to tell you about a website that I have found interesting.

It’s called It’s got little tidbits of information and learning.

You get a daily goal of 8 CQ with the free version (I haven’t done the paid one yet), and it doesn’t take much to earn those. While there are apps that I’ve tried that are supposed to exercise your mind, I liked this when I came across it.

First you get an “interview” to help figure out where to start, and you’ll get pretty much daily emails with suggestions.

I haven’t opened my laptop every day for various reasons for quite some time, a practice I am breaking to keep my email inbox clear, and to write on here again – but it will be there when you want to dive back into the information. And if you click on an email from say a week ago with something that interests you and read or listen to that, you get the credit for those CQs towards your daily workout. Many tidbits are worth 1 or 2 CQs, not many, so you can find out about several different things in a day. You can also do puzzles, like a daily crossword (started one once, I didn’t do well, but I do want to do more to exercise my most important muscle when I’m not working), or KenKens.

So far I’ve learned about a pay phone that used to be in the middle of the Mojave Desert, I’ve got the basics of sewing half watched in another tab, I’ve read snippets of information about the ancients and Napoleon and various words. I’ve learned science things, I’ve heard new words, I’ve been reminded about things I have forgot.

If you use this link, you can get $25 credit for signing up, and I’ll get $5 for the first 10 of you to sign up through my link. Like they say on the page for the share link – that’s a win win, I think.

Do you have any suggestions for me for sites you’ve found interesting this week?

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