What do you want with that Whine? – 100 Word Challenge – Whine – 6/11/17

There was really only one response to this when I found out what this week’s 100 Word Challenge word was. You can thank my child (in part) for my inspiration.

I want to stop for a minute and acknowledge, also, both of my children. Both of which I have had to listen to their whining over the course of their lifetimes.

My youngest (the immediate inspiration for this piece) just turned 12. Some days I stop and stare at him and wonder where the time has gone. He’s going to be taller than me one day all too soon. His voice is going to deepen, that’s going to be something to experience. I hear it with his boy cousins, haven’t having seen them in several months before my son’s birthday party. It made me stop and wonder if my son’s voice had deepened, I hear him every day so I wouldn’t necessarily notice.

Sunday, was my oldest child’s 21st birthday. We’ve had issues over time, trials and tribulations we had to go through. But for the most part, I’m very proud of the adult she has become. She’s not at that final place of completely understanding herself – we never really are, I have to believe, and anyone who says they are, you have to question. But she is doing work to discover who she is, take care of the issues she has, and deal with that which she can’t change in such a way that it’s a positive for her instead of a negative. I can’t express how proud I am of her.

Enough about all that, tho, onto the piece for this week:

“Want some cheese with that whine?”
“That’s so cliché.”
“Takes one to know one.”
Sophia raised an eyebrow.
Patrick’s smile failed to melt her heart.
“You’re opening that can of worms?”
“Now who’s being cliché?”
She threw her hands in the air and left the room.
“God helps those who help themselves.”
“You and god can help yourselves to biting my ass,” she yelled from the other room.
He chuckled and returned to his game.
She returned and flopped onto the sofa.
“I still don’t know what to do.”
His smile melted her heart this time.
“We’ll figure it out.”

I do believe we have yet another storyline developing. I’m excited to see how this storyline will develop, as well as Sophia and Patrick’s relationship (tho I have a good feeling about that 😉 ).


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