PG Content – 100 Word Challenge – Storm – 6/7/17

Just under the wire (I hope!)!

(Further editing – links, etc – to come.  It’s late and I wanted to get this in here in what I thought was a timely manner!  But it’s up!)

I love storms.  I love when the clouds gather at the edge of the sky and rain is in the air.  One thing I actually love about living in a trailer is hearing the rain on the roof (though not when it pours down the walls in my bedroom, over a window and in my closet.  Yes unfortunately I’ve had that, but it seems to be fixed!).  I don’t love that we live in Tornado Alley now, and it’s as if a trailer is made of matchsticks in a tornado.  But I have heard tornados are rare in the town proper, within the city limits, and we are inside them.  So far so good.

Things are starting to shape up around here. I’m happy. I have been wanting to get back to writing, as it is a goal for my boyfriend and I to get published (Him again, me for the first time). I’ve loved doing the 100 Word Challenge, you can find several examples of my previous work, when Velvet Verbosity was at the helm, by going to the Clifton Saga tab. I’ve even decided to take a story out from way back (my first good attempt at NaNoWriMo) and edit it to submit to Daily Science Fiction, a website my boyfriend has been actively submitting stories too (several, He has yet to get something published there, but before you know it…..). I’m going to branch out after that, and we’re talking about many different ideas for me to branch out. But I’m coming back to my roots, back to the format I started with way back when.

When was that? Back in college, actually. I took a series of Creative Writing classes, from the Intro to an Advanced one for Fiction Writing.
When I thought the storage unit my ex and I started renting when we first moved here might no longer be in our possession, my biggest worry was about the works I had stored – Why, AZ (as story from a college class and the catalyst for many things that came after, including my minor in college), the paper I wrote for my Critical Reading class, my books, etc….

But, one of the things the peaked my interest was flash fiction. I was excited when I found 100 Word Challenge, and to get my palette cleansed and things restarted, I always come back here. Even if everything is only in spurts. So, here’s another….uh……let’s leave that there…..

Sophia nuzzled his chest as lightning lit the room.
“Scared?” Patrick chuckled, thunder rattling the open window.
“Not at all.”
The rain-kissed wind cooled their skin.
“Maybe you should be,” he said, his mouth smothering her gasp as his fingers closed on her nipple.
When they heard a crash from the other end of the house, Sophia sat up.
Patrick pulled her down with him by her hair.
“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.” He kissed her again, fingers of one hand still laced in her hair.
She was too distracted to notice as the sound of rain got louder.

I thought about this being another installment in the Clifton Saga. But Patrick and Sophia insisted this was their story. And trust me, it is. I hope you enjoyed, and I hope to see you again next week!


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