Coming back with a bang (hopefully)! ~Theme Reveal (kinda)~

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, if you’ve come over for a visit, what exactly is going on? There are a lot of ways that question can be asked, and at least as many ways it can be answered.

For one, what is it, I’m coming back? – Well, yes, I hope to be. It’s been years since I blogged consistently, I enjoy the interaction with other likeminded people, and it keeps my creative juices flowing. I like creative juices flowing. So, when I was going through old emails the other night (seriously, just in my main inbox I sifted through no less than 8 years worth of emails. Tossed a lot, I went from over 1100 to just 47 over the course of a few nights. I went through a lot of my labels and filters, too, clearing things out and closing out labels and filters for things I wasn’t getting emails from. I still have a lot of work to do, but considering goals and plans, I’m picking up a few things, too), I came across an email from a challenge I used to do way back when (2014 was the year the link was from), so I figured – perfect! It’s the A to Z Challenge, a challenge many participate in during the month of April. You can read everything here (too), but the main gist is that there are 30 days in April, 26 letters in the alphabet, and of course 4 Sundays. Thus, you get to write 26 days out of the month, and a break on those Sundays. So, to get me into writing again, for me it’s the #atozchallenge all month. I’ve already got ideas for about 5 days, and I’m working on more.

And this is my Theme Reveal for the Challenge – I have no theme. Unless you mean catching you all up on what I’ve been doing (providing it fits in, which some should at some point), talking about not exactly random things during the course of the challenge, and writing whatever pops into my head to fit the letters.

Well, I look forward to engaging in this interesting path. It’s been awhile since I blogged regularly, and almost as much time since I wrote regularly, so I hope to improve on both accounts with this challenge.

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