All Is Actually Alright With The World

You won’t be seeing me very often on here (yet), but I thought I’d pop up and let those who care (are there any?) know that everything IS actually alright with the world for me right now.

I know I mentioned a boyfriend before. Things are still going well with Him. We’ve been together 4 1/2 months now. We are planning for Him to move in soon – not sure exactly when, but He IS here pretty much every day, so it’s almost like He already has. It’s going to be challenge getting His stuff in here, too, but the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is having His bed in my room – it’s a HUGE bed, it’s not PERFECTLY comfortable – mine has a pillow top, His does not – but I slept over there last night and for the first half an hour that I was on that bed, I did not want to move.

Speaking of moving and His moving in with me, I had to move in the middle of November. I found a nice little trailer that suits me just fine – I’ve got to get creative about storing stuff, there’s a lot of boxes still around and stuff that has yet to come from the storage unit – but I like it, and it’s got MY name on the lease and I’m using MY money to pay for it. So I’m happy.

As for NaNoWriMo, well – that book isn’t all the way to 50K, I’m pretty sure I made it to 20K again this year tho. And I’m not done with it, it’s still the main piece of writing I’ve got up.

We don’t have the internet here yet. I’m just fine with that, although other people aren’t so much. My boyfriend uses His phone as a hotspot (that’s how I’m getting on right now, as I make probably the first meal I’ve ever really made for Him – Swedish Meatballs – ever, and one of the first I myself have made in this house. He’s the main cook), but that gets difficult quick. You know how that is.

I’ve been creative the last few months, especially in the last couple weeks. I made my favorite tree ornament for many of my co-workers and friends – and frankly I’m not done yet! I have a bunch more I have to make up, as I’ve got quite a list of people I want to have them. I make the tree ornament, this year in green but it’s been other colors like red and even blue before (that one was for my son), and then stitch each person’s name on them. I don’t just do them for my co-workers, but family members as well, and offer to do them for others that I don’t already know about – some people I just outright ask them for names of their family and let them know they will see soon.

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