Day 3 & Day 4 – Moving right along.

I would have to say that progress for NaNoWriMo this year is moving right along. Day 3 was actually date night with my boyfriend, so instead of doing any writing, I went to see the sneak peek of Doctor Strange. OMG, perfection. My boyfriend’s favorite Marvel character is Dr. Strange, and He is RAVING about how amazing it was!!! I am, too! 🙂

Today ended up going nice and relaxing, and I’m getting words out and surpassing the daily and overall goal – and probably mind, as well. I’m thinking 7000 for that.

Today’s overall goal:
Today’s total:
Overall total:

For the most part, despite things I have to work through, I’m loving my life and I’m in a good place. Sometimes things get me down, my thoughts and worries and concerns and have to’s get me down, but I know I’m going to push through, and I have a goal, a feeling I want to get to, a place of inner peace.

It won’t be much of a spoiler, but I can say there were parts of the movie last night that perfectly illustrate what I have inside and what I’ve experienced on some levels. Things I KNOW are out(in) there, but can’t explain or prove to anyone else. And ya know, sometimes you don’t have to. In the end, your answers are what matter, even if they make no sense to anyone else, and you have no way to prove everything.

Still, this year I’m moving right along with my book. I might not have written anything yesterday, but with my work the 2 days before, I was already at my goal. And I keep stalling (I’m at a scene that’s all too real for me on a personal level – natural, since there’s a lot of this year’s story that’s at least abstractly going to be based on my life – so, yes, I’m stalling. But I know it will get to a good place.), but I’m going to get to the goal this year.

As always, I have a calendar (okay, that I just put up on my computer) that I found online for NaNo. This is the one I found. (follow link, it’s not my property so I won’t post it here.)

I have a wonderful yo-yo baby afghan moving right along that I mostly work on at work. I’ll post pictures once I’m done. 🙂

Graphic fun (the word up there) for today:

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