I told you I’m coming back, make ROOM for me! – 100 Word Challenge

I admit, I haven’t been doing much writing since February, and any real writing (read: fiction) since November, when I did about 20 Thousand for NaNoWriMo. I realize, I need to find a theme/story for this year’s NaNoWriMo, I’m not going to let it fall by the wayside, I love writing, and I love participating in that, even if none of my other books have yet to come to any real fruition.

I still have to come up with this round’s Round of Words in 80 Days, maybe I’ll hit on that before I go to bed, but I have worked out my first 100 Word Challenge entry in many many months, probably a couple years. To be frank, it does come from a personal place, I have to be able to see other’s point of views in what I do, even tho I have the question of the validity of my interpretation of their point of view. Who, then, is the unreliable narrator?

But, enjoy. I don’t know that it rounds out a real story in these 100 words, but it’s what the entry was refined to after some time and consideration. The first draft was put down Friday afternoon at work, and this is what I finished up with this evening, after coming home from the fireworks.

Worst fireworks display – the one given by the town I watched them in – ever. It’s a good thing that many people surrounding the park were setting off their own fireworks.

Entry for the current 100 Word Challenge:

Even with the clean room process he goes through every day, the feeling of filth was so palpable he could smell it. No amount of scrubbing removes it. Others may just smell old cigarettes and sweat, but he was worried everyone else could smell the filth, too.

The only thing that made him feel clean and whole was now gone, off doing who knows what with who knows who.

Thinking about it just made things worse. She claims to feel fresh and new, but he’s left behind to clean and pick up the pieces.

What will he do without her?

I’ll be back soon with my entry for Round of Words. Have a good week! I intend to be back with other things, too.



    • Well, then I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if he returns next week. He’s a pretty constant in my life, so he might.

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