Have a Safe and Happy Fourth!

This is what I’ve been saying at the end of pretty much every phone call for the last few days, for obvious reasons. I like that the people sometimes stop and listen to my little bit of closing – thanking them for being a member, thanking them for their service (if they served), I also include if they are part of law enforcement or other first responders (I’ve had firefighters. Have I ever mentioned I have a soft spot for them? Probably not), and I will wish them a good day. And they thank me for it, and sometimes for my service. Because you know, it is serving doing the job I do every day, making sure they are taken care of, sometimes going and doing more than just servicing an account.

I have sat down and actually done some writing. This week, I’ve taken my journal to work and taken at least one break to write for at least 5 minutes, sometimes more. Sometimes less I’m sure. And not just about guys. I’ve also found that Velvet Verbosity has relinquished the 100 Word Challenge to Tara at Thin Spiral Notebook, and I’ve written my first entry. I want to write more. I had planned to do the Sunday Brunch Challenge on Toasted Cheese today, I even have a document open for it.

But I spent most of today sleeping. It’s either because I’m sick, or just because of all the energy and emotion I go through at work all day.

Things I will do this weekend (probably tomorrow now):

Round of Words in 80 days goals post.
100 Words Challenge post
More sleep! (of course!)

The good thing is, the cold I had at the beginning of the week is pretty much gone. I was starting to worry I had strep, because my son had it just before his sister, her wife and their traveling companion showed up. Their traveling companion has already headed off to his own adventures, their taking him along was just the catalyst for it. I have to admit, I do miss him a bit, but I’m happy to see him living life and growing in his experiences.

I very much enjoy the Facts. channel on YouTube. I find a couple of the people on there cute. I’ll let you guess which one(s). 😉


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