Coming back. I mean it….I’m going to come back.

I need to open up. I need to write, to express, and I enjoy having an online community. I’m going to be looking at going in a lot of different directions, ways I’ve been thinking about and things I’ve been working on over the years.

I intend to start back with the 100 Word Challenge, which has moved from Velvet Verbosity to Tara’s Thin Spiral Notebook. I’m working on writing in my journal daily at work. I have yet to get back to writing on, but I’m still paying for that subscription monthly, so I had damn better (it cost me $31 this month. Whoops). I want to get things up on my Etsy. I want to start on other personal tangents, branching out with my alter ego as well.

I want to continue to get well. I had a change in blood pressure medication which seems to be a great help, and I have to get things in order with my diabetes medication – stinkin’ high prices of medication in the US.

Prepare for changes. Prepare for me posting more. I need to prepare for me posting more.

More. Yay!

Especially wine. But that’s for tomorrow.

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