A quick word before I get to bed.

It’s been a long day. I have been up since just after 5 am, and it’s now just before 11 pm. I need to get up at 5 am yet again, and put myself together better this time!

But before I do, I will let you know about my progress.

The other day, when I become a member of 750words.com, I joined up for the November writing challenge – which means writing at least 750 words just on the site – make that JUST ON THE SITE – each day. With that an NaNoWriMo, that means I will write – just with specifically writing to write alone – at least 3 thousand words a day.

That after I spend a feel 8 hour shift learning about Property and Casualty Insurance. And then, once this is all done – about the ins and outs of selling that for USAA. I’m actually really looking forward to that. But because I have to get up at 5 am again to do it all over (what I did today, only more studying this time), I’ve got to get this over and done with and get to bed! And I have to get to bed sooner, too.


(That was a very good year! 🙂 )

Okay, enough of all that. On to updating on my donation page, and then I’m going to bed!

By the way, there was no knitting or crocheting today, but there was some fingerprinting! I hope to get to the writing a whole lot sooner, and no major driving until it’s time to get my husband from work tomorrow!

All the exclamation points….

Oh, and I’m getting close to a milestone in both followers and posts, and I’m thinking about some kind of contest for one or both of these.

Went to the library and picked up some books in the horror section. Plus, a book on Snowdrops (a type of flower). Why? Research for Dead of Winter on Toasted Cheese.

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