Reupping ROW80 Goals and Looking to the future.

Life is going as it will now. There are days when I feel better than others, for various reasons. But I do try to stay as motivated and as positive as I can. I’m looking forward to when things are once again clicking along. I also very much look forward to having our own place again, but that will come when it does. Hopefully soon.

NaNoWriMo is going to be a big focus one day very, very soon. In order to keep me motivated and accountable, I started a donor page, so that people can sponsor me and support the cause of supporting other writers. You can find that link here.

#1 – I have already donated. Because this is important to me.
#2 – You can give as little (their smallest amount is $10 – and yes that’s what I gave, because that’s what I’m able to give right now. I plan to be able to do more soon.) or as much as you are able. Every little bit helps.
#4 – I will post updates both there and here as we move towards the month of November, and as NaNoWriMo progresses. I know 1600 words a day is doable – I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. I’ve got 16 more days to get into some kind of writing routine, to get my muscle flexed and ready before then.
#5 – Also, be aware that no money goes towards me, all money goes towards the cause, including if I’m eligible for any sort of donor packages. As I mentioned, I’ve already donated. And when I did, I paid for the processing fee – so,
#6 – I encourage you do to so as well.

More about NaNoWriMo. You can go to the site and read about it (my author page is here), but I’ll explain it to you a bit. The biggest and most important information you need to know about it is that it is a big writing goal – to write a collection of 50,000 words, in an effort to make them all congeal into what looks like a novel. I’ve already mentioned what the daily goal is – all it really takes is writing roughly 1,600 words a day. Personally, this is my 4th attempt at this, the other 3 resulting in novels that are unfinished, up on the shelf as it were. You can find the descriptions and even an excerpt or two of those here. Last year was the first time I managed to make the goal, and then some, with well over 70,000 words. I do not have a solid concept for this year’s (as you can see by the already established page for this novel), but how has that ever stopped me from writing before (okay, don’t answer that…..), but I’m making serious changes in my life and looking to start truly achieving the goals that are important to me, and publishing is one of those. I can’t publish if I don’t write! And I won’t write if I don’t make a commitment to sit down and do it – and do it! And I’m hoping to use this as a way to meet more people in this area. I’ve already added the local Write-Ins to my calendar (Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? Click Click Click and you’ve done so very much!). I’ve commented a lot on the local region’s forums. I’m sure people will soon get sick of me….until I inevitably just drop off the edge of the earth. I really need to stop doing that. Also, if I haven’t mentioned it before – please do go to my donor page and support the cause. You never know who will come across the site and, because of the encouragement and support you can get from it, become the next J.K. Rowling!

On to establishing new ROW80 goals.

1. Writing Prompts: Daily writing prompts, either with Toasted Cheese or elsewhere, before and after NaNoWriMo, maybe even during. I need to write, period!
2. Networking: Join Springfield Writers Guild. Start going to Write-Ins for NaNoWriMo, and local workshops.
3. Personal: Write at least once or twice a week, and get the junk out of my head. Also, manifestation descriptions.
4. Getting my work out there: Participate in challenges, edit past stories, find contests to submit to.
5. Editing: Edit past stories. Edit current stories. Just edit!

I’ve got so many other interests and things that need done, so this is that part of the list:

7. Read something: Find 1 hardcover/printed book a week to read. Read others blogs, read and clear out email, read interesting things.
8. Crafting: Put stuff up on Etsy, Ebay, find shows to sell at.

DAILY – I’m sleeping a whole lot better now. Time to start working towards becoming a vegan. I found a post by someone, recently, about being vegan on $1.50 a day. I’m loving how I am eating. It’s not all salads all the time (tho there’s nothing wrong with salads and I did find some bag salads I like), I find interesting ways to eat well. Most of the time.


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