ROW80 Check in 1 since moving to Missouri

I think we seem to be settling in some. Our son started school last week. It’s both a good and bad thing for him. He’s in 5th, and they’re giving them more independence, but it’s not at the middle school yet, so he doesn’t get blown away by the full experience. They didn’t have that for us when I was his age – I went to the same school he was going to before we moved, and they were going to do the same thing for them, really, that they do here, only the kids know that place way better because they’ve gone there forever. But, that’s okay. Back then, middle school was 6 – 8. Now it’s 5 – 8, and in 5th they’re really not that ready. Here, middle school and elementary school aren’t in the same building. We’re in a place with enough people and children to have multiple districts! Mind blowing!

My husband and I are looking for jobs. I have my resume brushed up and cover letter worked up for my dream job, which there happens to be an opening for locally. I’m not going to say much more than that. My husband is kinda going “what do I want to do?” As one might imagine – he doesn’t want to clean for his whole life! But that’s what he’s got the experience (13 years worth!) in! On top of all that, his brother is now also looking for a job. But this family always lands on our feet, so I know everything is going to work out for our best! 🙂 ❤ I have faith in the 4 of us adults, and the universe!

On to check in:

1. Writing Prompts: The tab that I had open with Toasted Cheese prompts? Resulted in a story that is still developing, and 2 days of writing this past week (hey, from nothing to 3 whole days altogether? That’s not bad!)
2. Networking: Yes! I participated in the #writestuff conversation on Tuesday! And I plan on doing so again this week!
3. Personal: Not since we left NY. But it and a pile of other things is on the table next to our bed/my head. That’s a start.
4. Getting my work out there: Nope.
5. Editing: Nothing. Other than the Writer’s Notebooks and my journal, everything else is packed away into the storage unit, to be honest.

I’ve got so many other interests and things that need done, so this is that part of the list:

No need to prepare for Missouri anymore. We’re there (here? Moved).
7. Read something: Working on Moon Spinners by
8. Crafting: Working on a baby blanket.
9. Tarot: Did a reading for a friend, have to finish interpreting it.

DAILY – Some days I get to bed at a better time than others. But damn I still feel tired. Working on drinking more water – but that does mean peeing more! And I found some salad mixes at Sam’s Club that I really like. Wish I could find more, but I guess I could try to work on my own, creative person that I am! Drinking water usually helps wake me up, at least for a little bit. It’s so hot and humid here!


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