Settling in, and starting from square 1 – ROW80 – 8/9/15

It’s roughly a week and a half since we arrived in Missouri. On the getting sleep angle – I can’t tell you that I’m completely caught up – even tho I’m actually sleeping from when to when I want to thanks to being in a house with small children again (11:30 pm/12am to 8 – 10 am), I have years to catch up on, and wow the heat these last few days. I’ve stayed in the house as much as I can during the day, except for the first day and today for church, but it’s still kicking my butt. Because of being out today (not sure if it’s just that or getting lunch as well), I ended up taking a 2 hour nap after we got home. That’s even with having a full 8 hours, and an extra half hour nap before we headed off for church!

And not everything that needs to be complete for transitioning here from NY – registering the car here, switching my driver’s license here and enrolling the young man into school – is complete, but it’s well on it’s way and I anticipate having the majority of it done tomorrow.

But, otherwise I think we’re settling in. We don’t often go off to the storage unit because (1) it’s a good 8 miles or more away, on the highway – I’m not a fan of driving thruway like roads to get ANYWHERE unless I have to, but I do have an alternate route I have’t tried yet thanks to the heat, so hopefully that will go easier next time – and (2) I want to live as simply as I can, and living in someone else’s house with little actual room, I’ve seen, is a great way to do that.

But it’s editing time. Time to clear out old, invalid goals (such as prepping for Missouri or cleaning a whole house – I throw in help as often as I can), and maybe come up with new ones? Not likely, but here we go – pretty much the same list as before, so I’ll just pick up where I left off. 😀

1. Writing Prompts: Not yet, but I’ve got the prompts from Toasted Cheese’s Sunday Brunch open in Twitter in another tab.
2. Networking: Zip. Zero. Nada
3. Personal: Not since we left NY, guess I gotta get that notebook out of the bag, huh?
4. Getting my work out there: Nope.
5. Editing: Nothing. Other than the Writer’s Notebooks and my journal, everything else is packed away into the storage unit, to be honest.

I’ve got so many other interests and things that need done, so this is that part of the list:

No need to prepare for Missouri anymore. We’re there (here? Moved).
7. Read something: I HAVE gotten a library card so far, and I have a small pile of books. Already got through 1 of them, also!
8. Crafting: Finished the Rambling scarf I started back in NY, have cotton yarn for dishcloths, the shawl in my purse, and yarn to make a baby blanket (finally!).
9. Tarot: I’m not ignoring them, but they’re not SCREAMING for attention. Never did a “how are things going to go?” spread before we left (I didn’t want the universe to think I doubted it would go well.), but should do it anyhow just to let them know I still love them.

DAILY – This is the biggest and best thing I’ve done so far, getting to bed at a decent hour.

And to tell you the truth, frankly, I think I’ve inadvertently lost some weight. Even with the heat advisory, I managed to get a walk in yesterday, in the evening after it had started to cool off. Up hill both ways to the store on the corner. Never quite got what that meant. But, my belly feels smaller. It’s a start.

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