Home Sweet Home

It’s still to early to really tell how this will go, but so far things look like they are going to go pretty well, as long as we all remember to be adults about this.

We’re in our new home, which is already my brother in law’s and his family.

That means our trip 1/4 cross the country is complete. Picking up threads and tying up loose ends has yet to be done, but I will get to all that. Today is basically a bit of a decompressing and making ourselves at home in someone else’s house.

I’m appreciative of how welcoming my in laws are. I know they’ve been in a place like we are now, so they understand how we feel. And thanks to the girls, I’ve been in their place as well. So I need to take my lessons from that, and do my best to be respectful of them and their home.

So far what’s ours here is the storage unit full of items we brought here with us in a 17′ Uhaul truck and my car. That was an experience – threading the needle when we got to Missouri, once we got through St. Louis, where it all got hairy.

I’ve never liked going through St. Louis (since we did it twice before, coming here 2 years ago to visit his family and continuing on to Colorado and Wyoming), and now that’s just going to be a swear word while driving.

But otherwise, things went well. The motel and hotel before St. Louis were nice, the one after was a Budget Inn and not that bad either. I now have a Dominos account, so I can order online, which I did in Indianapolis. Breakfast there was good. We went to The Tattooed Dog, an eclectic restaurant in Wentzville, where we bedded down outside of St. Louis, with my cousin. I had my first portobello burger.

I’m looking forward to all the rest of the changes we are going through. What I’m really looking forward to is more creativity because of less items to juggle. I guess getting of Facebook and games would help – but one thing at a time, and today I’m relaxing and decompressing from a nice long trip.

Hopefully more posts will be coming.

Also, I’ve got an idea I’m cooking up. This is post number 900 (though I think it might be 899, as there is one that’s private). So that means just 100 more until 1000. There has to be a way to celebrate that. Maybe a contest? Something knit or crocheted – maybe that scarf I’m working on?

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