First ROW80 Check In. Slow progress is still progress, yes?

This will be my first check in while participating in ROW80.  Hey, I think I’m even going to check in on time!  Well, here goes – slow and a little bit of progress is still progress, right?
1. Writing Prompts: Haven’t trying a writing challenge prompt yet.  But I’m brainstorming some on something from the action related to #2, and I’m opening up a tab for Velvet Verbosity‘s site right now.
2. Networking: Thanks to Cindy at Here, There Be a Writer encouraging me, I joined in on the #writestuff chat last evening on Twitter.
3. Personal:    No personal journaling yet this week :-\
4. Getting my work out there: Haven’t looked anything up.
5. Editing: All old stories are still packed away in the closet.

I’ve got so many other interests and things that need done, so this is that part of the list:

6. Preparing for Missouri: Sorted one box of old bills and paperwork.  Between that and the sudden change in the weather today (it’s winter still, it getting colder shouldn’t be such a surprise.  But as I understand it, I think it was a bit of a drastic change), I think that’s the reason for my headache this afternoon/evening.
7. Read something: Haven’t picked up a book yet, but I need to pick one for my purse (which will only make it heavier.  Oh well), and one to read around the house.  I’m thinking of restarting The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene.
8. Crafting: I have but I haven’t finished WIPs.  There’s a scarf that I’m almost to the end of (Rambling, on Ravelry), a hood that I’ve just got to edge and add the button (The Canyon Cowl, probably for my daughter, also on Ravelry, but a pattern I had to buy), and lots of soap savers.
9. Tarot: Haven’t done much interaction with my deck, nor do I have the spreads I’ll use for the Valentine’s Readings I may or may not do at the store on the 12th and 13th, but I did draw the cards for the year ahead reading (using the 13 Moons spread).  I just have to interpret it.
9. Cleaning: Haven’t done any 15 minute rounds lately, but with my daughter’s friend, I did work on cleaning the living room and computer room some, which led to me sorting the box of bills, and her rearranging the living room.  I picked stuff up off the floor, she vacuumed and moved things, getting rid of a ratty chair.
DAILY – Make it to bed between 11:30 and midnight.  I’m not yet in the range yet, but I’m working on getting closer to midnight!



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