Day 5 and doing well.

It’s day 5 of a NaNoWriMo, and right now I feel like I’m doing really well. I’ve come up with something of a routine for my daily writing, where I get myself out of the house and go elsewhere to write. I go where my best friend works, even though she hasn’t been working while I’ve been there. My best friend works at the local Dunkin Donuts, and I buy myself a cheddar cheese twist bagel and medium hot chocolate with pumpkin. Besides liking them, (loving, in the case of the bagel) the bill also comes to $3.21, which is the major thread running through my story – it’s got details having to do with the main character’s dad, her abusive significant other, possibly when she woke up at the beginning of the novel, the accident she was in that sent her to the hospital….

I get here, order my little bit, then set myself up with my laptop, my notebook with notes, my phone close by, and a project for the moments when I have a lull in the typing. I pull up a playlist of Blue October, which is my soundtrack for this novel, and I’m on my way. I play around on Facebook and that too, but I’m working, and it feels good! I truly need to do this more often.

My daughter and I had a discussion last night about the creative process. You work and you work on it, sometimes you put working off though because there are times and many reasons you don’t want to do it – it’s great working, it’s great creating, it feels great when you’re done, but also kinda bad because you know, that high is gone, but then you also are never sure you can do as good the next time……so that’s why I’ve been putting it off for a while. The high and instant gratification is easier to achieve when knitting or crocheting than it is with writing. Then there’s the let down of knowing not everyone is going to enjoy what you write. Heck, not everyone is going to enjoy a piece of fine crafted needle work, either, but there’s a whole lot more people that enjoy those than there are that enjoy a good piece of writing. Plus there’s a ton more editing with the writing – really, all I have to do with a scarf or hat is cut off and weave in a few ends, ya know?

By the way, this week’s accompanying piece is a baby blanket in Baby Ombre, a custom piece, done in my favorite pattern, Gentle Breeze. This is the reason I will be up LATE the next couple nights, as I have to get it done by Friday, and I’d like to wash it before I bring it over to the store.


Last bit of happy news – my current total is 9,039, which is roughly 700 more than today’s predetermined goal (8,330 is today’s suggested total goal), and I’ve done much more than the daily suggested goal of 1,667 over the last 2 days – I think yesterday I wrote almost 3,000 words, between my visit in the morning to Dunkin Donuts and last night when I sat down for a bit to write. There are many more things I need to write, for instance I need to get back into doing the 100 Word Challenge with Velvet Verbosity…but I have SO MANY things to do, I need to pace myself a little bit! And I’m chronically up late, so I sleep in late chronically in the morning.

Whatcha gonna do?

Well, right now I’m going to go home and tackle some cleaning.

So I hope the rest of you have a good day. Happy writing!


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