Newvember….Each day is a new day!

I know I keep saying, I’m still here, I’m gonna do this….and then I go months without writing on here. But I am still here. And I do still want to do this.

I just end up with so little energy so often. And I’m pretty sure I know what the problem is, because I’ve talked to several people who have had the same problems and once they got it solved, they NO LONGER have the problems anymore. Right down to last night when we went in to a fairly common restaurant chain and it happened to be the one a long time friend now works at instead of the one here, and we talked about her recent hospital stay – which was to stabilize her before they took out what was making her sick….which is JUST WHAT EVERYONE (with half a brain in the medical community….who have seen this and recognized it) HAS BEEN TELLING ME MY PROBLEMS ARE. INCLUDING MY MOM, BEFORE SHE DIED! (Yeah, she watched something on TV, probably something like that Mystery Diagnosis show, and said “I think this is what you have.” And many people I’ve talked to have had the same problem and thus CONFIRMED it.)

Now, 8 years into having this at least monthly, including this morning, puking my brains out for no good reason, and hurting like a mofo to the point where I’m BEGGING my body to stop hurting (because really there’s no other way it’s stopping, until after the puking and hot shower and rice bag and finally just relaxing, but I think the relaxing is simply because it stops flaring so bad), I JUST want to get this taken care of! Before I get to her point! Because that was bad….

But it’s also November. And November means NANOWRIMO! National Novel Writing Month! It’s already 2 days in, so I’m nearly 4000 words behind – BUT, I’ve got a great idea I’m excited about, that I’ve been thinking about in the last couple months, that’s been rolling around my head for, it seems, TWO YEARS. This isn’t the first year I tried using this idea, but it WILL be the first year I’m successful writing something! I’m almost as excited about this as I was for the Tarot reading I did the other night where I’ve been working.

So that’s the other thing in my common theme of “I’ve not been HERE, but I have been around, and busy.”

I have been busy!

I have been working at a local store, where I have items for sale, helping the owner out when she had doctors appointments or other pressing issues, or craft shows.

Because of working there and because I am more than happy to take custom orders, I’ve had lots of custom orders to make. Some are paid, some are barter. All are fun 🙂 I even went out and bought myself some business cards!

So, we’ll see how the word count goes!

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