Winning a recipe book would be a great way to help myself become raw vegan!

One of my current health goals to become healthier is to become a raw vegan. I know what you’re thinking, but raw vegan recipes don’t have to be (and very often AREN’T) boring.

Raw Cashew and Banana Yogurt - and recipe book giveaway!
Raw Cashew and Banana Yogurt – and recipe book giveaway!

(Picture borrowed from Amanda, who featured the yogurt recipe on her blog)

One thing I’ve been doing in my path to becoming a raw vegan is to find cookbooks with interesting recipes. I found a really great vegetarian recipe book, most likely from a church or social group back in the 70’s or 80’s, with an excellent collection of vegetarian recipes, some amazing ones for things I’ve been looking for!

But I’ve also been adding lots of raw vegan blogs to my favorite blogreader, and I came across an excellent one, who is currently sponsoring a giveaway of her cookbook. So, pop over to Choosing Raw and make a few entries yourself! You can get up to 5 entries by doing simple things that most of us do anyhow – make a comment (by answering the question of what raw vegan recipe you most want to try but haven’t – mine is PIZZA as soon as I get a really good dehydrator!), follow her on Twitter, follow her on Instagram, POST about the giveaway on Twitter, (don’t forget to report back – and you can keep doing this every day – you know what I’m going to do!), liking her on Facebook, and follow her on Pinterest. You know what I did immediately!!! All 5! I’d love this book.

And the recipe she featured from the book uses an ingredient I really enjoy using – RAW CASHEWS!!! I have used them before, and I put them in my granola – but I don’t see why people decided to salt and roast them! They taste great by themselves! They’re probably the fattiest nut, but they are WONDERFUL!!!!



  1. I am not a vegan but some of my friends are and I have already experimented with some raw vegan recipes and I agree that these kind of recipes are not boring at all and actually they are very tasty 🙂

    • I like pretty much any food – I can’t say I’ve found much I haven’t liked – but not all of it likes me, if you catch my drift!

      In my years of dealing with a weight issue, I have gone to Weight Watchers a couple times, and I found that I felt my best when on the Core program. That and several other things helped me figure out that raw vegan is probably the smartest way to go for me, and it is my goal!

      • ooh I am sorry for your issues, it´s awful when you have to give up some type of food just because your body cannot handle it. Some members of my family have food intolerance and that was the main reason why I started experimenting in cooking and I have to admit that it´s not difficult at all or at least how I imagined it before.

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