Down to Brass Tacks

It’s been over 3 months since I posted on here last. I don’t know if you’ve wondered where I went, but I’ve basically been here – right on the other side of my laptop – the whole time.

I’ve just been lazy. No reason to sugar coat it (especially since some of what I have been doing, honestly, is making changes in my health and diet, too).

There are things I have done – through the help of the medical establishment (and, once again, kicking and screaming if in no other way than figuratively), my blood pressure now seems to be under control. With putting all the pounds I had lost in 2012 & 2013 over the winter (Girl Scout cookies & Cub Scout popcorn sales, what are ya gonna do?), my blood pressure was giving my problems still. Just a touch of what I had gone thru with the vertigo episode last July. But now I’m feeling better, well enough to make a serious attempt at weight loss and exercise. And I’m not yet sure about my sleep apnea (I have yet to go back for the second appointment – come on people, didn’t you notice it was tough enough to get me in for the FIRST ONE?????), but I know I sleep better both with exercise. And maybe because this summer isn’t nearly as hot and humid – I sit here later in the evening with the door still open and a nice chilly breeze coming through. I don’t mind a slight chill – I can’t STAND a hot day! :-\

Another big change – that I feel also affects my sleep – is my diet. Now, I’m still not perfect – but I haven’t had any meat since the end of June. I’ve decided vegetarian is the way to go. I’ve all but cut out wheat and gluten products (I still use flour tortillas. I’m not thrilled with corn ones. But I limit my bread to only occasionally. No more peanut butter and/or jelly sandwiches ALL THE TIME). My mind is clearer, I don’t feel so woozy, I sleep better, I’m making a real effort to keep my house cleaned up and work towards preparing for our move next year….

Our oldest graduated from high school. It’s been a nice long 18 years, and 5 rough years, getting her through to this point, but once she figured out why homework was so important, she nearly flew right through her Junior and Senior year. One more lesson for us not to rest on our laurels (insert eye roll at self here).

With the graciousness of ConAgra closing the company my husband has worked for since literally the day after my oldest was born, we are moving to Missouri next summer. I have never lived any where other than Western New York (although I have traveled to other places, most notably our trip to Missouri and Wyoming last year.), so this will be a BIG change, but it’s most definitely time. The 2 biggest life details that were keeping us here – our oldest being in a particular program in high school (art) and my husband’s job – are basically eliminated, so the three of us plan to leave. That’s me, the husband, and the youngest child, as our oldest will be staying here and starting her life until it’s time for her to move on. I’m looking forward to it, I know my husband is looking forward to it, and our youngest is looking forward to being able to be around his older cousins more often (my sister’s kids are younger than he is). The amount of stuff we have is just overwhelming! And I’m never completely sure what my husband wants to keep or is okay to get rid of (omg the computer stuff alone!)….I go thru my stuff (yarn, etc) often, and try to use it and sell it off somehow…. *exasperated shrug*….I really like the emoticons that Facebook chat has now, it’s kinda hard not to have them when I want to express something and there’s an emoticon perfect for it.

Yes, I still play games on Facebook. But, yes, I’m also still listening to Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio. And many other things – including several Raw Vegan channels on YouTube, as that’s the direction I’m going with my diet.

So, I can’t promise how or what I’ll write about, but I will be making an effort to be on here more often. There’s so much out there, between writing and vegans who are talking about their diets and recipes and health….I can’t tell you what I’ll be bringing to the table, but I will find my niche. Somewhere……


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