Mmmm…let’s just concentrate on that…A to Z Challenge – Day 13 – Link Lovin’ & a Tarot Card!

I decided I’ll go with something a little More this one, because I didn’t want to only discuss an M Tarot card (although I could expound just on that). You’ll find the card at the end. I thought I Might throw a fun in and do something I haven’t done for a bit. It’s time for a YouTube Link Lovin’.

I’m going to start with a small guilty (?) pleasure. When I’m down or feeling off, I’ll go and listen to come comedy. I love Bill Hicks – it’s too bad he passed away so early and so long ago (20 years? Really? D: ), but that’s More heady comedy. What really lifts my spirits is British comedy. It’s rather entertaining to hear someone really yuck it up in a British accent of any kind.

One comedian in particular that I’ve enjoyed is named Michael McIntyre. So, I’m feeling down now (or I was a bit ago), and I started looking through my YouTube feed to find something other than Dateline Mystery shows, which I’ve been watching lately. I’ve always liked those, but I think they’ve been affecting my Mindset some, not helping the depressing Mood that’s been creeping up a bit on Me. (It seems to Me that this post is going to be an M gold Mine!) Scrolling through My feed, I found this gem – an M gold Mine in and of itself! I was laughing My butt off half way through! (And it doesn’t help, he’s adorable!)

There’s also this one – not so Much for the M relation (although there is one – it’s MinutePhysics!), but simply because it’s interesting! I was caught by the last line in his discussion.

As for My feeling down and a bit depressed lately. With everything going on in My life, specifically My husband’s plant being closed down (I’m not going to say he’s “losing his job” because I find it a travesty, something that doesn’t need to happen, and is only happening because of a corporation ripping people off for more $$$…More M’s…), but also just everything, and certainly everything having to do with Money because even if he wasn’t going to have to find another job, we’d still have to deal with that in this reality – I’ve just been feeling down. But I will not feel defeated. Sad and frustrated, but not defeated, because we can get through this, and I won’t let them win.

There is one reason I can’t feel defeated. I’ve got the cookie. By that – I’ve got a business that I find absolutely stunning, second to none, and I have confidence that this particular corporation is not like a lot of the others. As Much as the heads of the corporation Might seem dazzling – somehow they seem down to earth, too. I like what I see.

I’m a Market America UFO. Even if I’m not accomplishing the requirements YET, having the Mindset that I am one already, is the first step to becoming one. If you want to know what I’m talking about, drop Me a line. You can find the link to my site in the right hand column. It is a component of Market America, and one of the Many things I love about this business.

The two focuses (outside of and for My family) in My life right now are building this business before we go out to Missouri, and selling my crocheted and knitted items. That should get us through until it’s time to go, that and clearing out this apartment!

Magician - Metatron
Magician – Metatron

Now for the promised M Tarot card. Today’s card is the Magician from My Winged Spirit Tarot deck. He and I have a relationship of sorts – I’m very leery of him at the Moment (even tho I do and always have liked him, and what he stands for) because he would often either represent, or come up in readings for, a particular former friend of Mine. However, when I thought M, he was pretty much the only one who came to Mind, and the only one I could find in My Winged Spirit deck.

Book description (a summary): This angel is Metatron, who was Enoch (in the Bible), God’s beloved prophet, awarded angelship (?) because of his excellence on earth. Note that he is surrounded by all 4 elements of the deck (Wands, Swords, Spheres and Cups), and that he is “crowned” by the infinity symbol, symbolizing the infinite potential and divine spark within all of us – as he was once mortal man, and was able to rise to the level of angels, so do we have such potential.

My Perception: As I said before, he has connotations in My head because of who he represented for Me. But I’m encouraged by the potential he represents – we have the possibility for great depth and great Morality. My views of the hereafter don’t include “rewards”, but very valuable lessons learned on this plain and translated to the next upon our graduation. What that Means, I don’t know. I’m here, not there.

It’s always heartening to get him in a spread. Sometimes a person needs that shake up, reminded they are capable of good things, of morality, of the existence of that divine spark within them. And sometimes they just need that acknowledged – that what they are doing in their life is translating to the world – or whatever audience that Matters – their divine spark. I always need that reminder, don’t you?

Well, until tomorrow….


    1. I have so many pleasures I consider “guilty” pleasures, it’s getting kinda crowded. But they are all good… 😉

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