Link Lovin’ – Stuff I Just LOVE – A to Z – Day 12

I’m going to take a quick break from the Tarot cards, and show you a few things I just LOVE. So we’re going to have an authentic (albeit short) Link Lovin’ on this one.

This one is just sweet:

The Science of Love:

Something (that “starts” with L) that I Love:

I LOVE British Comedy – but it’s about the accent, and this man’s accent makes me swoon even more. I LOVE CRAIG FERGUSON!!!! (Okay, he annoyed me when he was on The Drew Carey Show, but after that….OMG!) (It’s come to my attention – I didn’t make it clear – this Scottish man’s accent is even better than a British accent!)

This doesn’t start with an L (like the other ones did), but I still love it – it’s my favorite blog reader 😀


I think that’s good for now. Short and sweet 🙂



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