Just Do It! – A to Z Challenge – J – Day 10

You are going to get a small onslaught of posts here. I have a few saved up, I Just didn’t post them as I wrote them to catch up because they were a bit out of order. Here is the next in the series….

That’s really all there is to it when you want to get something done (whether you want to ask others or not, because with kids there’s promise it will get done) – and that is, you Just go and do it. I recently had a large bag of yarn come into my possession – I’m going thru it, bit by bit. I’ve got a business to build – I’m on the ground floor of this, but when it doubt, blurt it out. So that’s what I’m doing.

And finding the Joy and freedom and peace in it.

Anyhow, in looking for a Tarot card to use for J, I had a couple alternatives from my Winged Spirit deck. I didn’t really like either of them – too negatively slanting in my reading of them, and I Just want to be positive right now. Good thing I have 2 decks, isn’t it? I went looking in the other one, and found one that would work perfectly. I was able to find the image for this card from the artist who drew the images for this deck, Katherine Skaggs.


Book description (paraphrase): She’s here to remind you of the Joy and gifts of bliss all around you.

My interpretation: You know, the book’s definition isn’t really what I’m getting at here, doing this. My own interpretation is. You can go out and find out the book definition for these cards, if you so desire, where as the only way you know how I interpret the card and/or what it means to me is if you ask or I volunteer and tell you (which is, of course, what I’m doing here).

I always find it interesting when a card speaks to me. Either (like with this one, which this doesn’t happen very often, but) I go out and find it, or it presents itself to me (like with the Illusion card).

This is what I know I need. I need to find the Joy in life. Now, finding the Joy in things, like finding true Enlightenment, does not me you do not suffer, it does not mean you don’t feel bad, it doesn’t mean you do not hurt. It does, however, mean that you find levity in all of it, that you find each events place in your life (not very easy and I’m not going to tell you that I’ve figured out every little thing in my life. Despite the next post, I’m not even sure about my husband’s place in my life all of the time), that you understand that (even if you don’t know EXACTLY what it is) there is MORE to this life than Just you. There are more view points, more ideas than you have, more eyes of the Divine experiencing and interpreting life in it’s own way, the views of the Divine are as numerous as there are …. strings in the universe. I recently crashed – not in a way as bad as it could be (or has been before) – but I got to a point where I was so stressed I Just wanted to explode. I didn’t, but I got close. I had to step down and relax myself. Not completely there yet. But I am finding my Joy again. I’m playing in this amazing pile of yarn.

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