He Really Is My Knight In Shining Armour (Already) – A to Z Challenge – Day 11

Often my understanding of a card comes from how they have presented themselves in a reading for me. Several of the Court Cards have connotations because of their appearance, and this card is no different.

Knight of Spheres
Knight of Spheres

Book description (direct): A powerful angelic fiure lifts a large sphere. The Knight of Spheres symbolizes the second stage of financial security, the humble laborer. The Knight may appear as a simple but comfortable an who works hard every day. We should look at our ability to perform the less than glamorous tasks necessary to achieve one’s goals.

My perception: When this card comes up, it signifies one of two things to me: one, I have to buckle down and work on those “less than glamorous tasks” to get what I want, or my hubby. He truly is the person the description paints a picture of, going to work every night to take care of his little family that he loves so much.

And the title – he wants to collect a costume for Halloween of a Knight in Shining Armour. But really, he already is. As much as he makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes…he’s it, I can’t deny that. He is my Rory ❤ (because OF COURSE I'm Amy 😀 ).

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