Catching up – Starting with I – A to Z Challenge, Day 9

I Intended to do all of this yesterday, however I became overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of EVERYTHING I had to do, and so said forget It….These next 3 posts (because I’m not going to do them all together) will be my catch up posts for the A to Z Challenge.

Following with what I said In the last challenge entry, the subject of these will be Tarot Cards.

Today’s Tarot Card comes from my Mythical Goddess Tarot. When I thought about and had set a reminder for myself as to which cards to do for the next 2 days, I had a card all picked out. However, when I went to the deck to find the card, a totally different card drew my attention. That’s the one I will be going with today.

The card I am writing about is Illusion. It’s from the wind “suit” and number 10.


(Card borrowed/clipped from a picture found at )

The way things will (hopefully, mostly) go during a post about a card will be a brief summary of the book description, and then what I feel about the card/why I am drawn to it.

Book’s description: “This silly girl is armed to the teeth against the furious imaginary rainstorm she percieves to be lashing her from above. In reality there is just a tiny rain cloud passing overhead, and it’s a beautiful sunny day.” It goes on to say that things aren’t really how we see it – we need to see the humor in the situation/our perception of reality, that there is a bigger picture than what we see, and that there is very likely a vast difference between what we perceive and how things really are.

My perception: First, I took note of the cards’s aspect, Moon In Gemini. My moon Is In Gemini. My sun Is also In Gemini, but when I saw that, something clicked In my brain. She also seems to me to be someone making a whole lot more of things they they really are – almost a “look at me, see me, see how bad things are.” Pondering It, part of why I feel the card drew me to Itself Is that, yes, there are places In my life where I may not be seeing the reality, or I’m concentrating on or making the worst of what really Isn’t all that bad. I fully acknowledge the message she Is trying to Impart, even If I’m not fully able to articulate It or wish to describe to everyone how bad I think It Is. Tho, much like the feeling I get from her – yeah, no, I’ll tell everyone how bad I think It Is. I definitely had that problem today, tho there are other things I’m working hard not to feel the worst about It, too…in my life.

I know I need to move away from this. I don’t like the idea of expect the best, prepare for the worst, because I feel if I completely prepare for the worst, I’m doomed (almost) to obtain it.

The period this covered was Interesting – In the days between when I was so strongly drawn to her and when I finally sat down here and wrote this passage, her message can be seen very strongly. Things truly never are as bad as we my feel they are. There Is a great big beautiful world out there, the storm clouds – while often present (we had a nice rainy day today), are not as bad as we might think, and will be gone soon enough. So I guess the post truly comes full circle – I start off by telling you I felt overwhelmed by all I have to do (I still do, to an extent), and end by acknowledging that I’m may be making more out of some things than is really there. Interesting.

Sometimes I get chills about how accurate the cards are when they talk to me.

That’s all for this letter…

Until next time….


    1. Thank you very much.

      I went over and checked your blog out as well – I’m definitely going to enjoy yours! I’ve only read one (about his finger – it was the Schwan’s push pops – my son loved those when he was younger!), but once you said he grabbed the knife – I gasped! It looks like those are going to be good! I’m definitely going back to read the rest later!

      I’ve got some catching up to do still!

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