Hidey Ho – Hidey Ho – Who’s that Hiding in that Hole? – A to Z Challenge – Day 8

Mea Culpa – I Had fallen behind in the A to Z Challenge, with a lousy post for G, However – Inspiration Hit – something I Have to sit down and “play with”! If I can be forgiven, that is.

For the majority of the rest of the Challenge, I will be doing my posts on Tarot Cards. I now Have 2 decks, my original Winged Spirit Deck and The Mythical Goddess Tarot. I will draw from both as much as I can, finding common cards/comparable cards as often as is possible. I really love my Mythical Goddess Tarot deck, so I really Have to thank my friend Melyssa for giving it to me. That doesn’t take from my Winged Spirit Tarot deck, we’ve Had a long connection, not just this physical deck, but one before it as well.

I’m going to start with H, and with a post I Had already prepared over on tumblr, I just Had never published.


The Hermit has been going round in my head. This is the representation in my Winged Spirit deck. Here you will find multiple examples of The Hermit in other decks.

I find this card very striking.

For one, I’m reminded of a time I drew it for a former friend, and shortly after a period of solitude and withdrawal from the world was a reality for that person. Not only did He end up spending time alone for a while – but, much like the angel (Orifiel) depicted in the card, my friend’s period of solitude was spent in the wilderness. And His “wings” were bound, again as in the image depicted Here, in that He had to depend on me for transportation in or out of the wilderness.

Also, part of the reason I was moved to post about it is that our fried Orifiel (the angel representing The Hermit) is not Holding the mechanism of light most closely associated with Him. Upon browsing the site I included for examples of other incarnations of the Hermit in tarot decks, I found the the large majority of them, from the traditional Rider Wait to the The Enchanted Deck, Had some form of light in the depiction. The large majority were lanterns, but other methods were employed – torches, orbs, Heavenly bodies. However, this one does not. Even so, thanks to my experience with it, I’m fully aware of the illumination The Hermit provides. As it says in the description, there are things that can only be revealed or learned while one is in solitude. I know what they were for myself, which were my limits and patience (things again mentioned in the description).

This is where my prepared entry ends. And where, dear readers, I shall tonight. However, I will start with I and J tomorrow, catching up and having some nice conversations with/about my cards. I think I may already even Have an idea about which cards will join me. 🙂

Until then….


  1. I’m involved with several team blogs. We initially started with five blogs on the A to Z. Two dropped by the wayside early on. We’re still doing three. One of them is Poetry of the Netherworld.
    The whole A to Z thing ain’t as easy as it sounds! Well, maybe for some. I don’t think it is.

    1. It definitely isn’t as easy as it sounds! But then, the reason for a challenge is something to aspire to – and in my business, if you’re doing the items in the challenge, your business is growing! So, challenges are a good thing. Challenges (in my view, and when I’m the one working with them, my view, at least as far as it comes to my head, is the important one, right?) have a positive connotation – not as good as opportunities (which they are), but still pretty good 🙂 So, I have to start doing them! (In general and as it pertains to my business)

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