Truly Feeling the Freedom – A to Z Challenge – Day 6

So with this new blogging challenge I’m doing, every day it’s an interesting process to find a word or theme to Fit the letter. Today’s letter, F, was easy to Figure out.

At church each month there is a theme For the month. This month’s theme is Freedom, and because I am both the newsletter editor and in a Soul Matters group – basically a spirituality discussion group – I know what the theme is by the beginning of the month.

So I’ve been thinking about this word For a little while. What I’ve come up with….

Now, other than getting into certain situations where not having physical Freedom is a matter of circumstance – I think the mindset of Freedom is a choice.

You can choose to let a situation get you down, make you Feel bad about yourself, and you can choose to look at a situation as a problem and a detriment, or you can look at a situation as an opportunity.

I don’t Feel as if this is simply a thought experiment For me.

I was at a point about 2 years back where I Felt very trapped, that I had no direction I could go, that things were impossible. But in the last 2 years, the only thing that has really changed is my mindset.

And I believe that famous civil disobedience movement participants – Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela – are all perfect examples of the truth of this. Freedom From worry or allowing the mental to remain unbound despite despicable circumstances does not mean that you don’t acknowledge the reality of the situation around you. It simply means that you do not let it control you, shape your demeanor or that you give into the idea that it’s the end all be all of your life.

Humans are so much more than their surroundings.

I’m sorry, I’m again very tired while I am writing this. I’m going to have to start doing this earlier.

See you tomorrow, for G 🙂



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