All that matters is that this isn’t the End of my Time in this Challenge!

Wow, I’m having yet another hard time finding the topic for today’s Entry. It doesn’t help that Every time I sit down to write, I End up getting very tired, very fast. I don’t even have anything Else I’m writing, so I can’t give you an Excerpt (thank the mouse on the laptop accidentally scrolling down for that idea). And I don’t want to bullsh** you, dear readers. I have ideas for F, R, and a few others – but nothing for E.

I could talk about the Ends of things. Mostly, I’m thinking about the Ends of friendships. Sometimes you see them coming, you’re having a hard time dealing with your friend and their actions, or your friend seems to be having a problem with the friendship, or they’re having a hard time with their lives in general.

Of course, I’m also thinking about the End of my husband’s time at his job. Thanks to the wonderful decisions of the powers that be who decided to buy his company, he won’t have a job anymore after the End of this year or the very beginning of next. I suppose it had to happen one day, but I always hope that having to leave places such as this don’t have to be such that we’re forced out of where we are. It’s amazingly Easier talking to my landlord, for Example, than I thought it would be, so hopefully we’ll be good there, as long as I keep the lines of communication open.

The End of my daughter’s childhood is quickly coming to a close. In just 2 months she’ll be 18. I can’t believe it’s so close sometimes – at other times, her leap into adulthood can’t come fast Enough. And quite the leap it is, she’s planning to move all the way across the country shortly after she becomes an adult. I don’t really know how I’m going to deal with it once she’s gone. I haven’t had my child further away than a few towns or so – 30 miles(ish) is really the furthest she’s been (Even when she’s run away). And soon she’ll be 2000 miles…I don’t know if I can even fathom that right now.

But the title is right. All that really matters right now is that thanks to this Entry, this isn’t the End of my time with this challenge. I suppose in some ways, Even in the End I can End up pulling something out of my brain to post on here….Yes or No?



    • I think we’ve already got a really good relationship, and she gets me and my reasoning for a lot of things really well, but this will definitely change things some. I was really close with my mom for many years after I got out of the house, after I had gotten married and had kids of my own. Life hasn’t always been easy being her mom, but I think there’s respect and love both ways, and I think I’ve imparted as much to her as I can, so I think she’ll do pretty well when she gets out into the real world. It’s not going to be easy to have her gone, but it’s all a part of life.

  1. Good on YOU! It is difficult but I think if you don’t focus on the actual letter and concentrate on what you actually want to write about you can find a word that sums it up in that letter. Does that make sense. Anyway you did a great job on E! Visiting from A-Z Challenge 🙂

    • Thank you.

      I try to think about the letter and find a word I’m inspired to write with each day. I don’t always get it – and for some reason despite the fact that I think about it pretty much all day, I don’t end up sitting down and writing about it until the last hour or so of the day. I’ve got F started in my mind, and I think I’ll have it started sometime tonight, and I’m actually pretty interested with it. For this month, it was really kind of obvious, but that will be discussed in the entry 🙂

      Thank you again, I hope you come back again!

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