Decisions, Decisions – A to Z Challenge – Day 4

So, yet another day, yet another post. And as I thought about what word or topic I might use today to write a post about, it struck me what I was Doing. Odd how that happens – it occurred to me, I was making a Decision. And while it had started out as simply looking for a word to fit a letter, I began to ponder the very nature of Decisions. There are a vast number of things about Decisions I could write about, but I will try to keep this short and sweet and only touch upon a few, the ones that struck me the most. As I Didn’t write Down any of the thoughts, I will trying to recreate them to the best of my ability.

A lot of times, I think, when someone thinks about the word Decision, what comes to mind are the really big, often stressful moments in our lives when we have to make the “Big Decisions”.

Are we going to go to college after high school, or are we going to go into the military?
Maybe we should take a year off, live life, and just work for a while, to gain some “real life experience”?
Do we want to marry that person, or are we going to stay single?
What are we going to chose for our major?
What sort of job Do we want to Do when we’re Done?
Are we going to talk to that guy who seemed really friendly even though, truthfully, we Don’t know anything about each other and his attention seems a bit too much, too fast?

You know….the BIG DECISIONS.

But as I got to thinking about this subject – well, for one thing, as I got to thinking about this subject, the number of Decisions we make with little thought could have overwhelmed me, at another point in my life. Now I just recognized it and moved on, in the general sense – but realizing that there are so many Decisions we make that seems small but, really, could turn out to be very big can be almost mind-boggling.

For instance, I remember hearing all of the stories of people who were either Delayed somehow or Decided to make a change in their routines on September 11th, that resulted in them not being at work on that particular Day. Or, what would have happened if you had turned right instead of left this morning when you left the Driveway (if you had that option – I Don’t know your life, so it could be that you really had no choice BUT to turn right – or left – when you Did)?

And for some people, what might seem like a simple Decision to one person, has life changing or life altering affects.

For instance, that Decision as to whether or not to talk to that particular guy I alluded to in the last question, to some just Deciding whether or not to talk to someone would be of no real significance – you meet a Different an interesting person for a few minutes or hours, and then go on with your life. For me, it had a pretty Definite affect on my life.

For another person, what they eat this morning might Do a Doozy on their system – they could be a Diabetic, so how that food is processed is severely Different for them than it is for you (I’d say me, but I have PCOS and that can lead to Diabetes among other serious health issues. I may Discuss that with H.). They could have celiac Disease, not be able to eat anything gluten. They could have a peanut or strawberry allergy, and on and on.

So I don’t think a simple Decisions are as simple as we’d like to think they are. Each Day when we roll out of bed, what our Day hold is Dictated by small Decisions that we make, that for a very long time in our lives, we’re not even aware of. Decisions others, people we may not even know, whose paths we may never cross, affect our lives every Day – through laws, crimes, and just small Decisions such as who turned the corner 3 cars ahead of you.

It can be very scary to realize how much one little Decision can change our lives. But I have made the Decision that I’m not going to let it completely Define my life. Through the (poor, self serving) Decisions the people at the head of the company that now owns my husband’s company made, our lives are changing Drastically. I love that I have something at my Disposal that could completely change other people’s lives for the better, and I feel it would be almost a crime for me not to make sure it’s in their hands, somehow.

What’s more, personally, I have to come realize how much time I have been wasting. And I have made my Decision to focus on those things I can Do that will most Directly affect and help my family. Everything else is under that umbrella – of taking care of my family and taking care of myself. So, I have Decided to focus on selling my crochet and knitting items, and I have Decided to focus on growing my Market America business. Both of them will serve to take care of my family – one can easily feed into the other (I can use the money I make from selling things to buy things or fund my Market America business until it’s paying for itself, I can buy things for knitting and crocheting that will give me the Business Volume I need…etc etc).

And the biggest Decision, I think, is to be EXCITED about all of it. Because of the changes that will be brought about with the Decisions the big wigs at the company made, things could be awfully scary, and not all of it will be easy. But I (and I think my husband) refuse to let it get me Down (for long!)


    1. Over the last few years, I’ve been forced to confront the impact of many decisions I’ve made over the years, both more recent decisions and decisions from much further in my past. The good thing is that I don’t often have detrimental repercussions from my decisions – but it is definitely mind-boggling to look back and realize what lead to what, and what prevented what from what, and when. I say I never regret anything, because I made the best decision for myself at the time with the information I had, and for the most part I think I’ve done pretty good. There are certainly things I wish I’d never done, but they are what they are, and I think I’ve got a pretty good life as a result 🙂

      Thank you for visiting my blog, and please come back again 🙂

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