Blogging – A to Z Challenge – Day 2 – B

I’ve Been contemplating all day, what am I going to do for B? The more I thought about it, the more things I came up with. I’m not going to turn this into a Bit of a list like I did last night, But I went thru and discarded several different ideas (Bittersweet Memories, which started out as Bad Memories in my head – but I would have liked to the VV prompt that made me think of the Bullet For My Valentine song; Books – Because I love them and have a lot of them…etc etc).

Still, Blogging seems rather natural. I’m not going to make this very long – it’s late at night, I’ve got a headache (why? I’ve got a few ideas, But most important is that I am tired and I do plan on going to Bed quickly. That was another idea, Bed, But I couldn’t really come up with much material on that, so it was quickly discarded.), so I’m going to make the effort to hit the hay Before midnight (it’s a Bit of a race, But I think it’s still possible. 23 minutes and counting…)

So I’m going to let you into a bit of my Blogging history. This isn’t my first Blog. I started over on Blogspot, and I actually really liked it over there. I think the Biggest draw for me is that I was able to go into the actual code and do a Bit of tweeking. But there are a few things I didn’t like either – somehow it doesn’t seem quite so polished, as the Basicness of the Blogging platform allows for some slippage there – and I liked some things I saw with WordPress, so I came over here. I still have the Blogspot Blog, of course, since it’s connected to my Gmail account, But I don’t really often go over there to do anything. I do have a post up directing people over here, though I doubt that there’s much cross traffic.

I really kinda love it over here. But I also have a tumblr. I’m not into it as much as my daughter is – well, I’m not into TUMBLR as much as she is. She gets giddy each time she’s got a new follower, which happens pretty regularly. I know to get any real traffic with whatever it is you are doing, you need to do some work – so that’s why she is getting followers, and I’ve only just hit 50+ on here this morning. (That’s also why I’m not successful yet with my Business – something else I could have posted on, But who knows, maybe we’ll save that one for M – Because I still need to Be very disciplined and do the work, which includes reading – you’d think I’d do more of that – and listening to audios and opening my mouth!)

I enjoy Blogging. I enjoy writing. Why I don’t do more of either? That’s a good question. I love to knit and crochet. I’m currently surrounded with yarn at the moment – a Blanket I’m taking apart to repurpose Because the yarn was all scrap to Begin with; lots of scrunchies, which is what I’m doing with the scrap yarn; a ball of yarn from another old Blanket that had gotten a hole so I took it apart; various extra balls or squares that I won’t be using in a granny square Blanket, but that isn’t really Big enough to do any major projects with. I do that as much as I can – I sit and listen to videos when I’m slacking off and not getting up to do the things I should…I guess Because I truly just love that so much.

I’ll stop there with crochet. That’s not to say I don’t love my Business. But I have a lot to get Back on track with and get disciplined with. I could sit here and listen to Business audios while I knit or crochet – and I do, from time to time. But not as much as I should. And I should take a Break and read, Because the Books are overdue, and I need to get the information into my head. Sometimes repeatedly.

But now, it’s time to gather some of this yarn up and go to Bed. So now I will go to bed. I took roughly 12 minutes to write all of this.

Tomorrow, I will continue talking about Crochet. I’ll probably include pictures, as well.

Until then….Good Night 😀


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