Absence – A to Z Blog Challenge – Day 1

Thanks to my good friend Cindy, over at Here, There Be a Writer, I’m taking part in the A to Z Blog Challenge. This is where I post during April, except on Sundays, which gives me 26 days to blog. On those days, we blog with the letter of the day. Today is the first day, so of course it’s A (my favorite letter, btw 😉 ).

You think this might be easy for me. Frankly I’m tired and so this is going to be a small one. I’ve really got nothing at the moment, which is why essentially, today’s topic is Absence. Because my A topic is Absent.

There are a lot of A topics I could write about.

I could write about me – either as Angelgal, or as Allison….nah, that’s no fun.

I could write about Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio – but really it would be better if you would go over there and visit Miguel at The God Above God. And no, I’m NOT Agnostic – I’m Gnostic, which is entirely different, and probably what I will use for G. Or F and G – explaining my faith, and why I identify as Gnostic….

I could write about how Amazing my life will be when I have built my business. For starters, you could check out shop.com – earn cashback on any online purchases, and improve your life in so many ways. The possibilities with that site are endless – I haven’t found all of them yet, and have even forgot some of them!!! We usually have such a small amount of time to catch someone’s attention with the business, it’s hard to know (early on at least) what will catch people’s attention the quickest. This will be an exciting bit of education. I love all kinds of education (even the sucky parts, when I go back and examine them 🙂 ).

I could write about…..see? Today I’m at a loss.

I had started to Apologize, because I sat down without much of an idea of what to write about. But I guess, instead of having an Absence of a subject to write about, I came up with things. So, I guess the lesson you can take from that is that even where there seems to be an Absence of something, you can actually find out A lot About stuff or someone, even yourself. I’ve found that to be true in my life, as I’ve seen some friends come and go – I had 2 best friends at the end of last year (well, just at the beginning of November), but as time has gone on, it seems I no longer do – the one I kicked to the curb, the other….it’s just kinda petered out… :-\

While you’re here, take a look around. There are many different subjects that I write about – you can check out my entries for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge (which I also have to get back into, and maybe here and there I can work that into this – and it seems now, I’d send you to her site, but it seems to be done D: ), specifically my Clifton Saga (tab at top or here) story line. I write about knitting and crocheting – most of my posts on Instagram (at right) are projects and/or pictures of me. I’m also selling things I make on Etsy – I have to post more items for sale. I have a plethora of scrunchies that I’ve been making, I’ve got so much scrap yarn it’s great for making those!

See you tomorrow, for B….


    1. Thank you very much. I truly sat down with about an hour left in the day, rather tired (quick second wind at the moment, but I’ll still be going to bed soon), trying to think of a cohesive topic to write about. I guess this post could be more called Introduction, but I isn’t until next week! 😉

  1. Nice entry to begin the challenge, in spite of the topic being absent. 🙂 maybe I’ll do this challenge someday.

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