Let’s try this again – a little of this, a little of that, – and yes I’m still around – Jan 19, 2014

Well, Happy New Year, friends and foes. And an interesting happy new year it is turning out to be. My health (as usual) is running up to nip me in the butt. I’m working to keep my blood pressure med schedule in check – 7 AM and 7 PM every day, plus 10 AMish for the other.

Also, I’ve been on quite the spiritual journey since the beginning of November. As I mentioned last time, I let go of a friend then, and it has resulted in several epiphanies. I’m also going to a group setting thru my church that allows for some of the same kinds of epiphanies with other catalysts.

I’ve had some very interesting dreams as of late – most have been very good, involving someone I know thru certain channels, tho one included previous said friend yelling at me like he used to. One of the more recent ones is paired, in my waking mind, with a previous one I had, where I was pregnant both time – this time i was further along than the last time. If I recall correctly (I did not find a bookmarked page tho I think Melyssa sent me one that she got this from) Melyssa and I decided the pregnancy was referring to a spiritual expansion, not an action pregnancy. I lifted up my shirt in the dream and saw little feet pushing out (something impossible, really, considering the layers of muscle, fat and organs involved), which to me speaks of small bits of proof that I am transitioning. Now, whether this transitioning is simply spiritual thoughts and epiphanies, or if it also refers to variants in my health being transitions of my full spectrum of soul development, I don’t know. My ideas and ponderings deeply on this remain mine alone, spoken about with close friends, and written out in my Journey to Self Acceptance and Self Discovery “journal”. The most interesting moment in my dream last night was that, while in the dream I had actually laid down and rested, at the end, I lay down again. I was thinking to myself, why am I laying back down? I’m fine. I don’t need to sleep more. But I said back to myself, we’re waiting for something, we just need to lay down to do it. And that’s when I woke up.

I’ve done a lot of listening to things on YouTube. Lots of Aeon Byte and Gnostic Warrior. Alan Watts and Abraham. Bashar, Sam Vaknin, esoteric items, and on and on.

And cleaning. Back before Christmas, I had a scare in that I thought we might have a gas leak. We did. Unfortunately, I think we have for a while and, since I’m the one that spends the majority of their time in the house, I think I got the brunt of it. But I know I’m healing. My blood pressure still isn’t so great. But my energy is up, mostly. I’m wondering if I’m suffering from some adrenal fatigue just in general, but I’m cleaning the house. A lot. Places and things I just let be before the gas leak (which was in our stove top, which is a counter stove top), I’ve blown thru. Even the washroom (I think that’s my current project. And it’s all just going to get better around here. Yay! I’m hoping this also means I’m getting prepared for a transition – a good one – as far as our living situation goes. I’m hoping we can buy a house by the end of the year. We shall see.

I have more I want to do. I want to get back into writing. I’m building my Market America business. Melyssa and I have plans for another business together. Life will get better, I will make it so. No more looking at life as a bunch of disappointments:

Also, as always – knitting. Infinity Scarves seem to be the theme for this year.


If you like it, or the idea of it, you can have one, too – just $10, shipping and handling, and give me a little time 🙂 There’s always one on the needles!

Anyhow, good night. I’m beat. But happy with what state of cleanliness my house is currently in.


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