Yes, I am still around

l have again been busy doing other things. Sadly, no writing has been done in a very long time, I totally missed writing for NaNoWriMo, even though I did have an idea for it (I do, I guess). 
I hope to be doing more on here.

At present, I am writing this post with my new phone, a Galaxy Note 3.  I bought it in part because of the stylus-which means either I write this all out by hand (which is what I am doing) or I use it with swype – much slower, but still a possibility I would consider.  However, this will hopefully mean you will see more of me, despite  the fact that I will in fact be getting busier.

So, what have I been up to lately?  I have been working on building my Market America business, with my best friend, Melyssa.  I have also recently asked another friend to take themselves out of my life-Something that they were rather resistent to, but that had to be done. I think it has already been a good thing for both of us.  I was able to have some amazing epiphanies with comments he made during our fight.

Melyssa and I are also working on an idea for our own store front. We are currently in the middle of getting all the information together to put the whole idea together. Of course, we will be doing as much purchasing through as we can.

On other things, of course there are things I’ve been doing otherwise . . . spiritually, I’ve been exploring Gnosicism. I will edit this when I get home to include a link to Aeon Byte’s Gnostic Radio, and you can also go check out Gnostic Warrior.


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