Clearing the tabs – Link Lovin’ 9/15/13

It’s actually Monday morning already, but I’m just going to count this as Sunday anyhow. And I have to admit, part of this is simply to clear out what I have open so that my computer stops lagging, and I feel better closing things out before I go to bed.

I had a wonderful weekend this weekend. I got to spend some time with my immediate business partner and best friend prior to a very good training in Buffalo. I can not say enough how blessed I am to have that person in my life.

Church this morning went well. I’m looking forward to getting going with the auction, which unfortunately we are still looking for a venue for. But I believe we will get one soon, and it will be perfect for our requirements.

To start with clearing my tabs – I’m friends with the president of the board of our church (his wife is also the one I’m working on the auction with) on Facebook, and from time to time either on his profile or the church’s page, he will post articles about our faith, which I will always click on. I read an interesting one this evening, going over the theology of Unitarian Universalists. I’m happy, as always, to see that I do line right up to the beliefs of this faith path. I’ve considered telling someone that I’d specifically like to join this church – do you think he’ll read this and take this as such? (I don’t know, but I kinda doubt it)

As the summer is ending, there’s one (two, but I won’t go over the other) big problems we’ve had to deal with. Fruit flies. I was able to find again which vinegar it was that they’re attracted to, so I have a recipe for getting rid of them! I have some banana bread to make, take away some of their food in case the weather gets warm again (I hear it should).

I admit to being an introvert, which is odd because I’m a Gemini and mindless chit chat is supposed to be our forte, but really I do a lot of thinking, and while I may be long-winded (you’ve read my posts, right?), and I may go off on tangents, I think there is a nugget of knowledge and amazing in there somewhere. But, being an introvert and having to come out of my shell led me to click on (and enjoy) this article on Matt Walsh’s blog. I’ll have to tell you – I balk at being told all I do is mindless chit chat….:-(

Found this recipe on Pinterest, for Mint and Chocolate Fudge Oreo Bars. Sounds like I might have a new treat for Christmas. Or just because….

I didn’t actually have this open until I went back and looked at what other tabs I have open (most which are going to stay open, like my Twitter and Toasted Cheese and part of a recent prompt for the Mini-Nano – haven’t written since Thursday, but then I knew this weekend was going to be bare. I’m going to have to find a way around that before November!), and was reminded of the amazingness that was the winner for the Mask challenge over on Trifeta. You have to read She Whose Name Shall Be a Blog’s Ode to McTourist. Just read it. All I can say is – THIS! JUST, THIS!

Also, Pinterest, and Raverly, and a crochet pattern (thinking about making it), and Blogger, and NaNoWriMo, and of course Facebook and my Google Calendar….but then I need all those open!

So, instead of bookmarking things tonight, I decided on a link dump to show all of you what I’ve been up to these last few days online.

Tomorrow’s a new day, and I’ve got to get some sleep! Until next time…..

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