Love and Light

That’s what I feel flowing through me at the moment.  Despite things that would make me feel miserable (woman things, staying up late last night because there was a fire down the street and I wanted to see when the fire trucks returned home, and just a long day), I’m feeling wonderful.  I went to my Literacy Volunteers training this evening tired, and left feeling great.  I looking forward to this, helping others, helping my son with what I’m learning, and spreading my love of reading to others.  

I’m enjoying working with an awesome new pattern.  Within 24 hours, TWO people posted this link to my Facebook page:

The first was my best friend, and the other was my tattoo lady.  When my best friend posted it, a friend of my sister’s saw it and asked me to make it.  Then, about 8 hours later, my tattoo lady posted it and said it would go over great at her work (a tattoo parlor, of course), and not just with Halloween coming up, but year round.  And both think it would go great as a blanket – when my tattoo lady said THAT – I just had CHILLS!  🙂  I was already working with it, now I think I’m going to get very used to it!  🙂

As you can see, I did not get Trifecta’s most recent challenge completed – I didn’t look hard enough to see which definition it really was (yeah, yeah, I know, the 3rd, but what is it?  Well, now I know…), and it was still feasable to do what I was thinking, but I didn’t sit down and do it.  

What I did continue working on Toasted Cheese’s MiniNano.  And I got a spectactular surprise after commenting with my total the other day – Toasted Cheese is now following me on Twitter!  I don’t use Twitter much, but it makes me feel good that they would!  😀  I’ve been following them FOREVER!

I’m still looking forward to NaNoWriMo.  It’s just about 1 short month and 2 weeks away!  It’s going to be fun.  I’m planning on working on character sketches during that time.

Well, my delayed start of sleep is starting to catch up to me – still feeling good tho – and it’s nearly time for my blood pressure medication.  The sleepiness means my brain isn’t working, and while I have plans for the next 2 days, I want to spend some part of that writing, too.  Sleep will help it flow easier.  

Until next time my friends….


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