Low Key Evening

For the most part, not really. I went to the training to become a literacy volunteer, and my son, husband and daughter went over to sign my son up for Cub Scouts. They enjoyed themselves, and so did I. I find it slightly amusing that I was the only one with a notebook, but there were others scribbling notes on their handouts. Then she gave us a textbook (basically) and a binder and notebook – for taking notes – I took that one out of my binder and replaced it with my notebook. Just a college student at heart, I guess. Or a note-taker. I try to always go to things like that with a notebook – we are going to learn, so that we can teach others, after all.

I think these are both going to be satisfying adventures. I’m just the teeniest bit apprehensive, but otherwise I’m pretty sure volunteering for this is going to be a good experience. And I know my son is going to enjoy his adventure 🙂 I hope his dad is able to, right along with him.

I did get quite a bit done today, tho not everything I wanted to. Last night, as I went to bed, I started with notes on my idea for NaNoWriMo, and was surprised when I looked in my purse for gum while I was at the training – I picked up a business card while we were in Wyoming, and the address on it is 321. It’s been there, maybe at the back of my mind, for a while…

I also wrote 828 words towards the Mini-Nano over at Toasted Cheese, bringing my total to 1786. That’s 116 over where I “need” to be. Today’s prompts was to post a writing quote, and considering the story I have started writing with it, the one quote I posted fit right in – I was able (obviously) to write a good piece off of that prompt. Said quotes? “‘Show Don’t Tell’. Best quote and biggest one I use. Not sure if there’s some place it started, but it was the one thing that resonates the most from my college creative writing classes. That, and “In medias res” – one of the best ways to start a story, right in the middle of the action! #TCwq” Taken almost completely from my Facebook post of it, tho I guess you can get it from my Twitter feed at the right, as well. Tomorrow’s prompt is to listen to Mozart’s Requiem – and I’ve already started the wind up for that.

I’m still pondering Trifecta’s post. Unfortunately, it’s not the definition I thought *facepalm* but then I think I might be able to find a way to still work with it. I have a day and a half…..

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