Focus on Writing – Link Lovin’ 09/09/2013

Today’s installment of Link Lovin’ does just as the title says, and focuses on writing. It’s what I plan on focusing on – not just for the next 2 months, but for the rest of my life. I write in spurts. I don’t like that. It feels good to write, I know that deep down – and if that’s the primary way I intend to make my way, then I have to do it, right?

So, what tabs are open in my browser, and what have I been doing today? Today I was actually rather productive. It boggles my mind that I would be productive at all today – more so than most of the time – because I got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night. I got to bed late. Nothing bad, just helping someone and then winding down. But I surprised myself at how productive I was. Housework was a big accomplishment, but you don’t want to hear about that. You want to hear about the writing. I also managed to get some work done with the other projects I’ve got on my burners – the newsletter for church and the auction for church. Those were intertwined.

I thought, for a moment, about why it was that I was so productive. It occurred to me, I didn’t ponder long on what I wanted to do or how I wanted to do it, something I often get wound up in – yeah, that thinking and ego thing again. No, I didn’t think about the stuff long – I just did. I just went and did the laundry, I just went and did the bedroom floor, I just went and made more laundry detergent. The critic (ego) that usually resides in my head (and, to be honest, was having a small fit this morning, but was defeated at one point) was so tired, it just gave up the fight for a while. I’m not going to stay that tired – but it is interesting to understand that. Now to keep it at bay so I can get more work done tomorrow!

What will I be tackling tomorrow? Well, during the day I have some things planned – more housework of course, but things I will be sharing with you now as well. Intermittently, there will be work on the auction and the newsletter, there will be knitting, and there will be writing…

For one, there will be writing for the Mini-Nano Challenge at Toasted Cheese. This is in serious preparation for NaNoWriMo (as always – angelgal3376) in November. I don’t know if they have anything set up for October (though I will be looking), but I think it would be a great idea to take the month of October, and increase my efforts 5-fold. Actually, and I know I can do this, if I keep up the count I did today – it will be easy to do 1000 words a day. I’ve done it before, I will do it again. Today’s word count? 959…

The next step, of course, is what will the novel be in November? I’m thinking it has something to do with 3…2…1….

Next is VV’s most recent blog post, introducing the next word – Faith. Interesting choice (didn’t read the whole post, I will go back and do so in a minute, tho), because isn’t that something that’s an integral part of one’s spiritual journey, of which we are all constantly on? I’m sure I can work fine with this one – the stirrings in my head say Clifton Saga is possible, but right now I want to branch out into other stories!

Next to last is Trifecta, and the post talking about what the current word is. If you haven’t been over to Trifecta, it’s a great community that has 2 challenges each week – one with a word, of which your entry in reaction to it is to be 33 – 333 words based on the 3 standard definition of the chosen word for that week; the other is a weekend one, posted on Friday. This week it’s Mask….hmm….I see something fun and….maybe an early Halloween theme. Definitely a coy woman looking from behind a mask – but I doubt she’s as coy as we think! 😉

Finally, what is in the last tab that I find so interesting? A series from a favorite YouTube channel, Spirit Science. This series is called Pair O’Dime Shift, taken from (and probably read by the writer of) this blog (not mine, the one in the link). My favorite so far? Not the one about Words (which happens to be the first), but the one “About ‘Time'”.

Now, after I am done here, I will be off to slumber land, as I’ve got a full day anticipated tomorrow – with not only everything I’ve listed here, but some training to become a literacy volunteer, and my son signing up for Cub Scouts (although, that’s his dad’s job this time around, I’m going to be at that training 😀 ).

Until next time….

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