Link Lovin’ – Preparing for the end of vacation – August 21, 2013

So, in anticipation of what I will be doing once vacation is over and we return to our “normal” family routine of dad going to work and mom staying at home, I started looking at what there is out there for me to do writing wise, to get the juices flowing.

First I checked up on Velvet Verbosity to see where the word is – this week it’s Bough. I may not make this week’s, but I will definitely be starting that, and every other word prompt challenge I’ve found, as soon as possible.

Looking at the blogs I read here through WordPress, I found some other challenges I’m going to try.

First there’s Ketchup With Us – so called because it’s a word you need to write 57 for. Like Heinz ketchup’s 57 ingredients, which I like that play there…

Next there’s Studio 30, which I’m going to sign up for, but it just looks good!

Well, that’s it for now, as both my computer and I are tired….

See you for sure when we get back home!

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