Waiting and Restess

I am indeed waiting. We are on our return journey home from visiting my husband’s family in Colorado (his mom) and Wyoming (his dad, and where we spent the bulk of our time there), and are taking care of routine maintenance on the car at our stop in Missouri, at his brother’s house, before we finish the final leg of our trip home. 12+ hours in a car, even with fairly frequent (2 hours or so) stops is not my idea of fun. But we committed ourselves to it, so it has to be done. I’m not sure I’m ever going to want to do it again – I said the same thing last year, after driving down to North Carolina with my best guy friend and sponsor in Market America. It’s funny how, after some amount of time after a trip, you forget the hardship, and remember only the good times you had. I know one thing – driving at home is a whole lot easier than driving anywhere else. I suppose I could get used to it – but I don’t intend to any time soon. I like it at home.

I am looking forward to the fact that, in about 48 hours, I will be home again, able to sleep on my own bed (or couch, as I have been), and I know I will have few places to go – to the store shortly after, to get some food, and to my best friend’s house to get my car, but other wise, I have few places to be. And the kids will be starting school soon – here in Missouri, and I do believe in Colorado and Wyoming, they have already started school. Things are going to be tight when we get home – but I can be creative!

I will be posting a Link Lovin’ post shortly. I have several pages I want to talk about, that have been sitting in my tab queue for most of the day, and some yesterday. Some are repeats, some are new.

Have a good day, and my next major post will be Friday or Saturday, after we have gotten home and gotten some rest! And probably unpacked!


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