I AM still around!

I am still around. It’s just that with all this heat, my blood pressure has presented itself as a real problem. I think…I think it’s the weather that’s made it so evident, because I went to the er with vertigo on July 8th, and then again last night because I had a heart palpitation that scared me. I wasn’t taking any medication before the 8th – it was prescribed, but I had neglected my health enough, smoking cigarettes, etc – and so then the heat hit, and….I’ve spent most of the last couple weeks laying on the couch in front of a fan. Thanks to my wonderful best friend and her dad, we now have air conditioning, plus I still have the 2 fans that we had be using on as well. And water, lots of water. I just want to feel better, but I can’t stop crying.

Please excuse the whining, I’m just letting you, my writing friends, know that I want to be here, I just don’t feel up to par at all. 😦

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